The 6 easiest moisturizing blind spots_1

6 easiest moisturizing blind spots

I thought I had done enough moisturizing, but have you overlooked other details that should not be forgotten?

For example, occasional peeling of the nose and eyebrow?

Is the neck rough?

With these questions in mind, let us answer the maintenance work of the 6 most overlooked parts of the body, so that the whole body skin is smooth and smooth.

  Moisturizing blind spot 1: Eyebrow symptom: Peeling cause: Eyebrow and eyebrows are the most easily neglected parts of our cream. Over time, peeling often occurs due to insufficient care.

  Reason: Avoid applying eye cream around the eyes, don’t forget to take care of the eyebrows and eyebrows, especially the eyebrows can be applied several times.

  Moisturizing blind spot 2: Eye symptoms: Causes of wrinkling: To see through a person’s age, choose eyes.

It can be seen how weak the skin is in this area, and it is the easiest to comply with environmental impacts and dry lines.

  Countermeasure: It is important to choose the right eye cream, and massage with the ring finger of both hands. The strength of this finger is best for massaging the eye.

Make eye mask once a week.

  Moisturizing blind zone 3: Nose symptoms: peeling, redness, headache and itching Cause: The most dense part of the sebaceous glands in the whole body, even dry skin will secrete oil here, but in winter, it will be dry due to excessive care.

  Solution: When applying the moisturizing mask, you can focus on the nose, and the wings must be applied in place.

It is necessary to add more water to balance the oil and water and reduce peeling.

If too much oil is secreted from the nose, an oil-control moisturizing lotion can be used to enhance the care.

  Moisturizing blind zone 4: Symptoms behind the ears: Tightness Cause: The skin is very sensitive here. When you try cosmetics, you can only choose this place to test the degree of allergy, so it is easy to tighten the facial skin due to dryness and produce discomfort.

  Measures: Don’t forget to apply some moisturizing cream around the ears after facial maintenance, and then gently massage with both hands, it also helps to soothe nervous nerves.

  Moisture blind zone 5: Neck and neck symptoms: Rough cause: Like the eyes, the neck will also be the secret of the first age. The skin here connects the face and body, which is key and special.

  Preventive measures: Choose a special neck cream and follow the bottom-up manual massage therapy to effectively avoid skin sagging and horizontal lines.

Especially in the autumn and winter season, insisting on using massage can completely relieve fatigue, and also help to cause blood circulation, firm skin and improve contours.

Obviously, it is expected that the skin is thin and the elasticity is poor. The movement must be gentle during massage, and the intensity should be moderate, otherwise it will cause a moderately adverse effect.

  Moisturizing blind spot six: elbow and knee joint symptoms: cleft palate cause: regular activities, friction with clothing affects the skin’s normal breathing, and becomes dry.

  Measures: Select a high-quality body moisturizer and apply it repeatedly. Massage repeatedly and gently to strengthen the penetration of nutrients.


Minimize the use of soap products to clean the skin, because the oil on the surface of the skin has a protective effect. Washing the oil too thoroughly will naturally cause dryness and cracking.

In cold weather, the number of baths should be reduced appropriately.


Wipe dry immediately after washing and apply moisturizer.

There are many moisturizing creams such as vitamin E cream, petroleum jelly, glycerin, etc. produced by the hospital, which can prevent cracking.