Investment big coffee: Market stress test is basically completed without having to spend two bottoms

Investment big coffee: Market stress test is basically completed without having to spend two bottoms

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  Reporter Qu Hongyan ○ Editor Sun Fang Yesterday, the Shanghai Stock Index opened significantly lower, but it rose steadily during the session, and finally closed at the 杭州夜生活网 Zhongyang Line.

The pressure from the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still on the market, but “smart funding” has actually made a choice.

Most of the private equity investors interviewed by reporters recently believe that the current internal and external stress testing of A shares has been basically completed, and there is no need to worry about the second dip.

  Dan Bin, Chairman of Dongfang Harbor, believes that even in the next few Mondays, a large number of migrant workers will return to work. However, due to the strict preventive measures in various places and the people’s awareness of self-protection, the probability of resumption of work will not bring about a high probabilityNew fluctuations.

The growth rate of the capital market has already stopped the internal and external stress tests including the epidemic.

At this point, the stress test has been completed, and investors should be determined to go long, without having to bother too much with the second dip.

  Xingshi Investment also believes that last Monday, the A-shares were basically adjusted in place. For example, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index fell to the level of July and August last year, and the GEM Index once dropped all the gains in January this year.A pit comes.

Although the main task at present is to fight the epidemic, the reorganization epidemic is gradually controlled, and at the policy level, there may be a bottom effect of changes in rhythm and speed.

  Wanli Fidelity believes that although the current index has rebounded, the current estimated level of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index is less than 13 times PE. The short-term epidemic does not affect long-term economic indicators and the slow movement of stocks. This is the reason not to be pessimistic.

  In the opinion of professionals, the impact of the epidemic is a one-time impact on a stable business, which only affects the current performance and has little effect on the intrinsic value of 杭州桑拿网 the enterprise.

Mali Fidelity believes that the psychological impact of this epidemic on investors is short-term.

The capital market is always accompanied by “black swan”, and investors with reverse thinking are good at taking “risks” intelligently.

At this time, the ability of outstanding fund managers to identify and tolerate short-term market fluctuations is the key to their success.