Han Lan Environment (600323): Proposed 2.

600m shares acquire Shengyun’s 5 projects under construction, solid waste production capacity is expected to continue to expand

Han Lan Environment (600323): Proposed 2.

600m shares acquire Shengyun’s 5 projects under construction, solid waste production capacity is expected to continue to expand

Company status The company announced the progress of the acquisition of Shengyun environmental waste incineration power generation project.

The US $ 600 million acquisition of five Shengyun Environmental Protection totaling 4,300 tons / day of waste incineration assets under construction, after the acquisition, the company will continue to invest in construction.

Prior to April 2021, Shengyun’s environmental protection copyright project repurchase rights.

The two parties have reached agreement on plans for asset acquisition and other plans, and they intend to sign the Asset Transfer Agreement.

The current agreement is subject to internal approval by Shengyun Environmental Protection.

Comments The acquisition involves a production capacity of 4,300 tons / day, and solid waste production capacity is expected to continue to expand.

According to the agreement, the assets acquired by the company are Haiyang (500 tons / day), Jining Phase II (800 tons / day), Xuancheng Phase II (1000 tons / day), and Ulanqab (1200 tons / day)(Day) Day) and its Huaian Phase II project (800 tons / day), with a total capacity of 4,300 tons / day, and the earlier framework agreement 杭州桑拿 reduced the Mengyin project (500 tons / day).

The transaction price of assets under construction for 2 projects.

600 million yuan, about 5% over its book value.

If the acquisition is successfully completed, the company’s waste incineration capacity (including under construction and proposed) is expected to increase by 15% to ensure future performance growth.

The solid waste production capacity reserve is sufficient to create a closed loop of the solid waste industry chain and add new growth momentum.

In the second half of the year, we expect the Zhangzhou South Project and the South China Sea Incineration Plant No. 3 project to be completed and put into operation, which will increase the company’s operating waste incineration capacity by about 16%.

This year, the company has developed rapidly in the solid waste 深圳桑拿网 sector. 1) In terms of hazardous waste, it has acquired innovative environmental protection (total capacity 3).

(1 each year), the business cuts into the Yangtze River Delta region; 2) In terms of sanitation, it acquires Guoyuan Environment to create a closed-loop solid waste industrial chain from front-end cleaning to harmless disposal at the end.

We believe that the company’s solid waste industry has sufficient order reserves, and it has begun to make arrangements in the entire solid waste industrial chain. In the future, hazardous waste, sanitation and other areas are expected to add new growth momentum.

Estimates suggest that we maintain net profit for 2019 and 20209.

3.6 billion and 10.

04 trillion is unchanged.

The current priority is 15.

3 times 2019 P / E ratio and 14.

3 times 2020 price-earnings ratio.

Maintain Outperform Industry Rating and Target Price 22.

5 yuan is unchanged, corresponding to 18.

4x 2019 P / E and 17.

The 2 times 2020 P / E ratio has 20% more upside than the current merger.

Risk of project landing, policy risk, market financing risk.

AVIC Hi-Tech (600862) 2019 Annual Report Forecast Commentary: New Material Business Accelerates Growth, Real Estate Business Strips and Thickens Results

AVIC Hi-Tech (600862) 2019 Annual Report Forecast Commentary: New Material Business Accelerates Growth, Real Estate Business Strips and Thickens Results

The company released the 2019 annual performance forecast: the company expects to realize net profit attributable to its parent of about 549.73 million yuan, an annual increase of 245.67 million yuan, an increase of about 80.

8%; net profit after deduction is about RMB 234.5 million, with a decrease of 36.14 million yuan, a decrease of about 13%.

The new materials business accelerated its growth, and the transfer income from the real estate business significantly increased its net profit.

The main reasons for the increase in the company ‘s reported net profit are: (1) Reported that the actual net profit of Zhihao Real Estate’s distribution and consolidation merger was approximately 2.

500 million.

The company’s non-recurring profit and loss in 20193.

15 trillion, a significant increase from 3341 million in 20182.

8.2 billion.

(II) The company focused on its annual business goals, and the investment income of the equity-joint companies of the headquarters increased by approximately 17 million yuan; the revenue of the new materials business showed a steady growth trend, and net profits were realized2.

880,000 yuan, an annual increase of about 78 million yuan, an annual increase of 37.

14%; the machine tool business actively explores the market, strengthens control of costs, reduces about -5699 million yuan, and continuously reduces losses of 11 million yuan.

(3) The number of reports. The consolidated value-added assessment and amortization amount will decrease by approximately 12.48 天津夜网 million yuan each year.

The narrowing of the scale of the real estate business affects the net profit after deduction.

In 2019, the company’s net profit after deduction is approximately 2.

350,000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 36.14 million yuan, a decrease of about 13%, mainly due to the narrowing of the scale of real estate business income, the exit has been completed by the end of 2019, and the consolidated net profit is about 1.

52 ppm, a reduction of about 1 a year.

2.6 billion (net profit in 20182.

800 million).

2019Q4 net profit increased significantly.

By quarter, according to the performance forecast, the company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in Q4 20192.

110,000 yuan, an increase of 194 in ten years.

4%, an increase of 138.


Calculated based on the overall performance 杭州桑拿网 forecast value, the net profit forecast ratio for 2019Q4 is 38.


We adjust our profit forecast and expect net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.



880,000 yuan, EPS0.



35 yuan / share, corresponding to PE30 / 41/34 times the closing price on January 21, maintaining the rating of “prudent increase”.

Risk warning: the growth rate of the composite material business is less than expected; the machine tool business is less than expected

The 6 easiest moisturizing blind spots_1

6 easiest moisturizing blind spots

I thought I had done enough moisturizing, but have you overlooked other details that should not be forgotten?

For example, occasional peeling of the nose and eyebrow?

Is the neck rough?

With these questions in mind, let us answer the maintenance work of the 6 most overlooked parts of the body, so that the whole body skin is smooth and smooth.

  Moisturizing blind spot 1: Eyebrow symptom: Peeling cause: Eyebrow and eyebrows are the most easily neglected parts of our cream. Over time, peeling often occurs due to insufficient care.

  Reason: Avoid applying eye cream around the eyes, don’t forget to take care of the eyebrows and eyebrows, especially the eyebrows can be applied several times.

  Moisturizing blind spot 2: Eye symptoms: Causes of wrinkling: To see through a person’s age, choose eyes.

It can be seen how weak the skin is in this area, and it is the easiest to comply with environmental impacts and dry lines.

  Countermeasure: It is important to choose the right eye cream, and massage with the ring finger of both hands. The strength of this finger is best for massaging the eye.

Make eye mask once a week.

  Moisturizing blind zone 3: Nose symptoms: peeling, redness, headache and itching Cause: The most dense part of the sebaceous glands in the whole body, even dry skin will secrete oil here, but in winter, it will be dry due to excessive care.

  Solution: When applying the moisturizing mask, you can focus on the nose, and the wings must be applied in place.

It is necessary to add more water to balance the oil and water and reduce peeling.

If too much oil is secreted from the nose, an oil-control moisturizing lotion can be used to enhance the care.

  Moisturizing blind zone 4: Symptoms behind the ears: Tightness Cause: The skin is very sensitive here. When you try cosmetics, you can only choose this place to test the degree of allergy, so it is easy to tighten the facial skin due to dryness and produce discomfort.

  Measures: Don’t forget to apply some moisturizing cream around the ears after facial maintenance, and then gently massage with both hands, it also helps to soothe nervous nerves.

  Moisture blind zone 5: Neck and neck symptoms: Rough cause: Like the eyes, the neck will also be the secret of the first age. The skin here connects the face and body, which is key and special.

  Preventive measures: Choose a special neck cream and follow the bottom-up manual massage therapy to effectively avoid skin sagging and horizontal lines.

Especially in the autumn and winter season, insisting on using massage can completely relieve fatigue, and also help to cause blood circulation, firm skin and improve contours.

Obviously, it is expected that the skin is thin and the elasticity is poor. The movement must be gentle during massage, and the intensity should be moderate, otherwise it will cause a moderately adverse effect.

  Moisturizing blind spot six: elbow and knee joint symptoms: cleft palate cause: regular activities, friction with clothing affects the skin’s normal breathing, and becomes dry.

  Measures: Select a high-quality body moisturizer and apply it repeatedly. Massage repeatedly and gently to strengthen the penetration of nutrients.


Minimize the use of soap products to clean the skin, because the oil on the surface of the skin has a protective effect. Washing the oil too thoroughly will naturally cause dryness and cracking.

In cold weather, the number of baths should be reduced appropriately.


Wipe dry immediately after washing and apply moisturizer.

There are many moisturizing creams such as vitamin E cream, petroleum jelly, glycerin, etc. produced by the hospital, which can prevent cracking.

White-collar fitness helps eliminate fatigue

White-collar fitness helps eliminate fatigue

The following describes some supplementary and easy-to-exercise exercise methods, which are suitable for white-collar workers in the office to choose when they are resting or studying fatigue.

One to four joints and shoulder exercises should at least eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, maintain a healthy posture, and also be an effective means to prevent cervical spondylosis.

  Tilt your head down and lower your chest firmly, then tilt your head back, stop for a moment, and call it a degree of soreness.

If your hands are crossed behind your head, pull hard forward, and your head and neck lean back, it will work better.

  Shrugging the shoulder is an important part of the head, but usually there are not many opportunities for shoulder movement.

There are three types of shrugging activities: one is to repeatedly lift one shoulder up and one shoulder to fall; the other is to shake both shoulders upwards at the same time;

  The body turns and sits, and the upper body turns slowly to the left or right.

  Flex your head and flex your head to the vertical. If you feel some soreness, stop for a while, then flex your head to the other side, and stop for a while.

  Head around the ring The head is forced forward and slowly around the ring along the front, right, back, left, and then along the front, left, back, and right.

During the exercise, the cervical spine can often be heard.

This action is good for strengthening muscles.

  Sit with your legs raised, straighten your calf straight up and lift it forward, keep your feet straight, stop for a moment, lower it, and lift it again.

If possible, you can also leave the seat and contract your body as much as possible, stop for a while, and then extend it after recovery.

  The knee clamps the two hands with fists, the fists and the eyes are sandwiched between the two knees, and then the two knees squeeze the two punches from the axial direction.

  Sit back and relax in your seat, relax your whole body, close your eyes slightly (or look at the white clouds in the sky), clear your mind, seek calmness in the midst of trouble, and naturally breathe deeply.

  Relaxing is easier said than done.

People are mainly in a state of tension in daily life, and they are accustomed to maintaining this tension rather than consciously. Therefore, the whole body muscles are relatively stiff, and all internal organ systems are relatively tense.

The easiest way to relax the body’s inner body is to relax in sections, that is, to meditate on the head and brain to relax first, then the neck and shoulders to relax, again to relax, and to relax the internal organs such as the heart, lungs, and stomach.Wait.
In this way, the silent harvest partially relaxes from head to toe.

Experience has shown that training relaxation can make the whole body’s nerves, blood vessels and muscles relax, blood circulation is unobstructed, and the metabolism is strong, which can eliminate fatigue and prevent many diseases.

  The above exercises are simple and easy to do, and they can be done at any time. The effect is remarkable. You can practice them all or choose according to your needs.

The amount of exercise and exercise intensity of some exercises should be done step by step, so as not to feel muscle soreness.

In addition, the practice must be persisted for a long time to be effective. Once it is effective, you should continue to exercise and the brakes will maintain the effect for a long time.

Want to prolong life and ask about the details of life

Want to prolong life and ask about the details of life

“What’s wrong with me? I just got a cold in winter. I have a bad headache and stuffy nose.” “My body is getting worse and worse, why do I keep getting cold?” . When winter comes, the cold begins to “ask” white-collar physiques.

Experts give them “the pulse” and seek the winter health treasures, which is actually very simple: health conditioning needs “four three two one”, that is, “maintaining a good mood of at least 40 %% at least” and “30 %% of time needs to move”At least two meals a day must be matched properly “,” only 10 %% may require cooperation such as medicinal supplements. ”

  Keeping in a good mood for more than 40% of the day “Poor mood” is considered a “catalyst” for all diseases.

There are many reasons for “poor mood” in white-collar workers, heavy work tasks, heavy criticism from leaders, unsatisfactory personal performance, low income but not high happiness index, and some social influences.Psychological gap and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that this is the so-called poor mood, the liver qi is stagnation, depression and fire, long sleeves directly lead to physical decline.

  Therefore, we must learn to adjust our own mentality and emotions, highlight the state of the mind, and people can change their external environment by changing their state of mind. We must pay attention to the power of the mind, timely relieve the troubles and unhappiness in our hearts, and learn to be optimistic.

The first thing to do in winter is to keep at least 40 %% of your time in a good mood every day.

Pay attention to psychological adjustment, treat various things and contradictions correctly, cultivate a variety of interests, and make yourself have a healthy and good mood.

30 %% of the day needs to be active.

  White-collar workers live in high-rise buildings for a long time, often with poor indoor air circulation, high indoor temperatures, and relatively dry conditions, which can easily cause hot sun.

Doing more outdoor activities can help improve the multiple functions of modern urban people with brainpower as the main body, stabilize or improve the “internal environment”; at the same time control weight, consume energy, and reduce the occurrence of a variety of modern diseases.

  Experts suggest that “30 %% of the time needs to be active” every day, exercise more to improve physical fitness, the conversion from brain power to physical strength, relieve stress and relieve human fatigue; it can also keep warm from the cold and eliminate the source of the disease.

Many diseases are caused by not paying attention to temperature changes. Eliminating fitness can avoid cold, effectively prevent recurrent respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, cervical spondylosis, chronic gastritis, and intestinal disorders can also be effectively improved.

  To be orderly and insist on effective aerobic exercise, sweating slightly during exercise, few shortness of breath, and muscle aches, can you regulate metabolism, improve cardiopulmonary function, and improve the body’s resistance to disease.

Exercise can regulate emotions and air ventilator.

The ventilator is unobstructed, and there is a degree of lift in and out, the human body will be healthy and will not get sick.

Pay attention to the necessary entertainment activities, vent your own pressure, smooth your emotions, maintain a peaceful mind, effectively work, enter your life easily, keep your body in a good state, and prevent the invasion of pathogenic factors in the cold environment.

At least two meals with reasonable white-collar workers are a special group. Due to occupational characteristics, working conditions and other factors, they often have repeated colds, severe insomnia, intractable headaches, bowel dysfunction, and menstrual disorders.

This is related to their pursuit of sensory stimulation, excessive consumption of spicy food, and their physique gradually changed to yang hyperactivity.

  Winter health also needs to start with diet adjustment.

“At least two meals a day must be reasonable.” Diet and health methods should be light, eat green leafy vegetables, especially cooling vegetables such as celery, malantou, basil and so on.

Initially add essential vitamins to the body.

If there is a manifestation of internal heat, you can eat some clear food.

In addition, eat more calcium-containing foods and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Diet should be moderate, not overeating, usually light diet is appropriate.

  It is a good habit to often drink a light green tea or flower tea that year, it also has anti-depressant and anti-cancer effects; regular consumption of some nut foods, such as pine nuts, cashews, etc. also has good curative effects.

Only 10% of white-collar workers may need medicine.

  Experts point out that supplementing the winter season is a way to keep in good health.

White-collar workers have a lot of stress and labor intensity, mental stress and overdraft, meanwhile, many entertainments, excessive tobacco and alcohol addictions, chronic lack of sleep and rest, cause a large change in the physiological functions of the human body, and reduce the disease resistance, which makesThe body is in a sub-health state, so you can take a traditional Chinese medicine cream for a comprehensive and overall conditioning.

  However, “only 10 %% of white-collar workers may need to cooperate with medicinal supplements” to master their physical characteristics and correctly substitute advanced nutrition products such as ginseng, cordyceps, and bird’s nest.

Follow your doctor’s instructions and do not use blindly for long periods.

You can also go to the hospital to prescribe an ointment. Taking it for a winter, you can get the essence and keep the benefits for the coming year.

Foot care tips throughout the year_1

Tips for foot care throughout the year

Tracing back to Chinese cultural traditions, many exercises in history are related to “foot”, such as “walking green” in the Qingming season, going “climbing” on the Chung Yeung Festival, and “climbing” in the spring and autumn.

Without the foundation of your feet, there is no health.

Martial arts practitioners pay attention to “a root at their feet.” Martial arts schools are divided into “Southern fists and northern legs.” Ancient medical books say: “Bamboo dies from leaves, and people grow old from their feet.”

Step by step every day, there is no need to find the drug store.

“Everything shows the importance of feet.


hzh {display: none; }  “足不运则不健”,足部距离“第一心脏”最远,位置又最低,容易出现“气滞血淤”的情况,所以有“未老腿先衰”,” People must protect their feet when they reach old age “and other sayings.

  As the old saying goes, “Thousands of miles begins at your feet.”

The soles of the feet bear the full weight of the body and help us to travel around and walk around the world.

In addition, it has a clear relationship with the overall health of the human body.

Each part of the human body forms an organic whole, and the foot is like the terminal or key of this whole.

Therefore, the motherland medicine has long been said to “remove disease and take down all diseases to cure the foot.”

  Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the root of the body’s essence.

Of the 12 meridians in the human meridian, 6 are passed through the foot, and in the 8 odd sutras, 3 are passed through the foot. There are 33 acupoints on one foot. Most of these points areSpecific points.

By stimulating these special points on the feet, the stimulus signal will transition to the whole body along the meridian channels, thereby dredging the meridians axially, improving visceral function, and preventing and curing diseases.

  If the foot is soft, it reflects that the peripheral circulation is very good, and the circulation is good, and many diseases can be reduced.

If the feet are stiff and even have tenderness points, they are medically called positive reactants, such as small nodules, small particles, or some cord-like things. Compare the foot reflex area to know where the body is.problem.

  Modern medicine believes that there are abundant blood vessels and nerves in the soles of the feet, which are associated with nerve centers and organs in various parts of the human body.

Due to the consumables of the foot tissue, its own thermal insulation performance is poor, and the feet are located farthest from the heart, which is prone to blood circulation obstacles.

  ”Keep trees and roots, keep people’s feet.”

Whether from the frequency and intensity of foot use in daily life, or from the perspective of traditional or even modern medicine, proper foot care is very necessary.

Foot care mainly has the following methods: The main points of foot protection in the early spring: The soles of the feet are covered with spider web-like micro blood vessels and nerves.

In the winter, due to the cold attack, some people cannot protect their feet. Frozen cracks may occur, which can cause blood to flow, or even frostbite, which affects walking.

When spring comes, foot protection is very important. It is mainly to increase friction to stimulate nerves and blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and also cause kidney strengthening and lower back pain.

  The main points of foot protection in the early spring are as follows: ① Stick to feet.

As the old saying goes, soaking your feet before bed is better than tonic.

Early spring is not without the coldness of winter, but the blood circulation is still weak. Sticking feet in hot water every night can clear the meridians and relieve fatigue.

If you can rub your feet with both hands after soaking your feet, the effect will be better.

Applying skin care to your feet will also prevent dry skin.

  ② Keep warm.

Because the feet are far away from the heart, the microcirculation is weak.

Keep your feet at a proper temperature, and cover yourself with a quilt at night. Don’t stretch your feet out of the quilt and keep yourself cold.

  ③ Stick to foot protection.

The feet are the fulcrum of the strength of the whole body. Every time you walk, the weight of the whole body falls on your feet.

Therefore, you can take good care of your feet.

In order to prevent damage to your feet, you should gently lift and walk slowly, and try to avoid dangerous trails or steep slopes as much as possible to prevent collisions, distortions, stepping pressure, and jumping.

Take care to prevent injuries and limbs.

  ④ regular foot training.In the early spring, you should insist on regular foot training. The best way is to take a walk twice a day, morning and evening.

  In rainy weather, do not interrupt, it is best to take the road of stones to rub the nerves and blood vessels of the feet to stimulate the blood circulation.

  ⑤ Heal foot problems.

Your foot is injured, twisted, sprained, athlete’s foot, or cracked. Don’t take it for granted. Instead, take care and treat it promptly and seriously. If you sprain your foot, ask your doctor for treatment as soon as possible.

Cleft palate or athlete’s foot should be taken seriously, and methods such as applying ointment and medicine to soak the feet can be used to improve the status quo as soon as possible to relieve symptoms.

  Summer foot protection method Summer is a season of high incidence of foot diseases.

The high temperatures in summer can not only cause the body to swell and retain fluid, but can also cause the same situation on the feet.

This means that if the shoes are worn too tightly, too much sweat on the socks will cause problems in the human foot, which will create a favorable environment for reproduction and inflammation of the foot.

For example, athlete’s foot is a kind of foot disease that is prone to outbreaks in warm environments.

Therefore, especially for those white-collar workers who are not able to wear sandals to work, they must pay more attention to protect their feet and transfer thin cotton socks with good air permeability.

  The binding and friction of the shoes on the feet produces severe crusts. Even rubbing hard with pumice stones will not help, and will only accelerate the growth of crusts.

The solution to hard skin is to “soften” the skin.

When you have finished bathing, the skin on your feet is soft and you may wish to use a brush.

When your legs are tired, apply cool and soothing dew to cool down. There is nothing more pleasant than this. After a while, you can say goodbye to your hot feet and heavy legs.

  At present, there are many facilities for foot care, including a barefoot pebble track, foot rollers that stimulate the soles of the feet, and health shoes that install stimulants at the corresponding points on the soles of the feet.

There are too many methods for foot health, such as proper functional exercise, hot water soaking, foot massage, etc.

Among them, the most suitable is to rub your feet.

In the later years of the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo was still smart and energetic, and one of his secrets was to exercise with his feet.

He sat in bed every morning and evening, meditation, eyes closed, rubbing his left and right feet 200 times each.

The method of rubbing the feet seems simple, but it is very effective, and has been considered by medical experts at home and abroad to promote natural remedies, and has been regarded as one of the best fitness methods in the world.

  Five steps of foot protection.

hzh {display: none; }  跟随以下的护脚方法,每星 期为脚部做一至两次全面护理,可使双脚又白又滑,闪闪生辉。   The first step of the foot protection is to remove the dead skin of the nails. Because the cuticles of the feet are stacked, the nails are particularly dead.

You can go to the beauty shop to buy a soft leather nail polish to remove the dead skin next to the toenails. It is also very simple to use. Just apply it on the nails and wait for 10 seconds to wipe the dead skin with cotton to make your toesIt seems clean.

  Step 2 Grinding the heel to remove dead skin The heel part is the part that is most often rubbed with shoes, so it is easy to accumulate thick dead skin.

After soaking your feet in warm water for five minutes, when the skin on the feet returns to the softest, you can use the dermabrasion stone to remove the dead skin on the heel.

  Step 3 Scrubs and cleansing pigments in the feet. The pigments on the feet are uneven, and the skin of the feet appears grayish in color. Use the foot scrub to fully exfoliate the feet, and massage for five minutes.The foot race returned white and slippery.

  Step 4: Moisturize your feet at night and day. In fact, your feet are the same as your hands. You also need to moisturize the lotion day and night to maintain elasticity and softness.

Applying foot lotion once a day in the morning and evening, alternating feet to maintain the best condition, is very simple and effective.

  Step 5 Socks Deep Care After applying lotion at night, wear special moisturizing repair socks, which can have a deep moisturizing effect, making the skin of your feet look as smooth as before.

This treatment is recommended to be done once or twice a week.

  Tips for winter foot protection. Soak your feet with hot water. Dr. Ravik said: “Some people wear thick socks and shoes that are very sweaty and more susceptible to dust.

“Fungal infections of the feet can be treated with topical medications or oral antifungal medications.

Fungal infections of the toenails are stubborn. Ask your doctor to remove the infected toenails, but beware of their recurrence.

Debris on the feet and toenails are easily left in socks and shoes. People often wash their feet and socks, but they are often sterilized by shoes.

Dr. Lavik suggested that patients with fungal feet should spray the inside of their shoes with an antifungal spray at least once a week.

  The climate is dry and the skin on the feet is easily cracked.

To prevent this, Dr. Ravik recommends “humidifying” your feet once or twice a day: Wash your feet with warm water, and add baby skin cream or moisturizer to the water.

Do not use too hot water, it will damage the skin and accelerate dehydration of the feet.

After washing, pat dry with hands and apply moisturizer.You can apply more on the heel and sides. Do not apply too much between the toenails and toes to avoid creating an ideal living environment for the powder.

To remove dead skin from your feet, rub your feet with pumice stones once a week.

  If your feet are cracking, you can apply petroleum jelly, wrap gauze and put on socks before going to bed.

If the cracked site bleeds, apply an antibiotic ointment and a band-aid to implant the infection.

  Mismatched shoes can also cause cracks in the feet.

Dr. Ravik advises everyone to go at night when buying winter shoes.

Because the feet are a little swollen at this time, they can help you buy bigger shoes; when you try shoes, you must also make sure that your heel can reach into an index finger.

  In order to make your feet “decently come out and meet people” in summer, Dr. Ravik also made the following foot care recommendations: change socks every day; keep feet clean and dry; wear 100% cotton socks; wear socks and shoesUse foot powder; protect your feet exposed to the cold; do not soak your feet with hot water; do not roast your feet near a heat source (such as a fire or a heating pad); seek medical attention immediately if foot tissue damage is found.

  Protect your feet in six steps.

Check toe joints for hard cocoons, and for peeling or barbs around the toenails.


Soak your feet in warm water with a foot bath for 10 minutes. Dry your feet and massage your toes.


Massage your feet and toes thoroughly and use your thumbs to insert the soles of your feet.


The chapped heel is the part you should focus on. Repeat the massage to make the blood flow more smoothly.


Choose a moisturizing foot cream with good moisturizing effect and apply it evenly on the feet. Don’t forget the small areas.


Apply more moisturizing foot cream on the heels, which should give special moisturization.

How often are train sheets washed?

Did you make it?

How often are train sheets washed?
Did you make it?

Yesterday, the staff put the train sheet cover into the washing machine.

In the washing workshop of the Beijing Passenger Transport Section.

At the peak of the Spring Festival, the daily washing is around 50,000 pieces.

After the train sheets are washed, they can be ironed in 10 seconds through a large ironing machine.

The workers sent the cleaned train bedding to the train station.

Many people travel by train, always worried that the sleeper puts on sheets and the quilt is not clean.

In fact, the bedding on the car after each train arrives at the station will be installed in a fixed washing workshop, and each piece must be sterilized and washed at a temperature above 80 ° C for one hour.

The person in charge of the washing workshop of the Beijing Passenger Transport Section introduced that the railway department implemented “one person, one replacement” for passengers’ personal bedding. After the train arrived at the station, all these beddings were removed for cleaning.

During the Spring Festival, the washing volume of the washing section of the Beijing Passenger Transport Section increased from 30,000 pieces to 50,000 pieces.

Train bedding cleaning process 1, sorting: After the dirty goods arrive, the sorter picks out sheets, quilts, pillowcases, etc., sorts them and waits for cleaning; 2. Washing: add washing supplies to the washing machine, and put bedding of the same categoryWashing machine, automatic water injection, heating, take out after about 60 minutes; 3, ironing: after washing, remove by various types of ironing workers, flattening into the ironing machine, folding workers take out and folding from the ironing machine; 4, picking: During ironing, the diameter will exceed 0.

Pick out 5 cm stained beddings for secondary cleaning, and do not clean the leftovers. 5. Packing and storage: Pack 10 folded beddings and put 50 bags into the storage, waiting to be retrieved before departure.