Hualu Hengsheng (600426): One head cost advantage superimposed with multi-line flexible production to help stable growth in the medium and long term

Hualu Hengsheng (600426): “One head” cost advantage superimposed with “multi-line” flexible production to help stable growth in the medium and long term


Multi-line, flexible production, crowded core competitiveness. The company continues to promote technological upgrading and upgrades. Relying on coal water slurry gasification technology, it continuously enhances the cost advantage of clean coal gasification platforms, so that the average value of all products related to coal gasification platforms is prominent.Profit advantage.

At the same time, the company’s product structure is further enriched, and a diversified business structure helps the company to smooth the company’s profit cycle through product structure adjustment.

The company’s “one-end, multi-line” flexible multi-generation coal gasification platform will further highlight its competitive advantages and become its core competitiveness.


The price of main products fell, and the cost advantage established a margin of safety.

Since the fourth quarter of 2018, the prices of other products, except for urea, have declined to varying degrees. Since 2019, international oil prices have rebounded and downstream demand has gradually recovered. The prices of acetic acid, adipic acid, DMF, and n-butanol have been rising to varying degrees.

The company’s cost advantage brought by the “one-end, multi-line” flexible production model has established a wide margin of safety for each product.

Urea’s high prosperity continued, leading positions in the DMF industry, tight balance between acetic acid supply and demand, butanol and octanol switchable devices, and other aspects to ensure the company’s stable performance.


The 50-ton / year plasma project of the coal-based calcium sulfate escort performance increase company has been put into production in October 2018. At present, the load has reached 90% stable operation and the quality has reached polyester grade.

With the rapid development of the downstream polyester industry, the demand growth in Bulgaria has not decreased, and it is difficult to reverse it in the short term since imports.

The company has many years of experience and the cost advantages brought by the coal gasification platform, which can fully benefit from the market space of import substitution and bring incremental performance to the company.


The old and new kinetic energy conversion relays have long-term growth, and the second phase of fair incentives has landed to show development confidence.

The company’s park has passed the certification of Shandong Province, and the 150-ton-per-year green chemical new material project has been selected as the first batch of high-end preferred chemical projects in Shandong Province for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. It has broad long-term development space and strong new kinetic energy.

At the same time, the second phase of equity incentive rewards was completed, binding on the core personnel’s interests to show confidence in the company’s long-term development.


Investment 四川耍耍网 recommendations We expect the company to return to its parent net profit for 2019-2021, respectively.



40,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 1.



93 yuan, PE10.




The cost advantage under the industry downturn guarantees that the company still has excess income, while taking into account that the poly-generation platform company can appropriately avoid changes in the profit cycle. The company’s worst cycle in the period of 14-16 has only an average of about 8.7 billion in revenue, 19% gross profit margin, 8.

Net profit of 700 million yuan. Under the industry’s average economic cycle, taking into account the performance increase brought by the company’s new production projects, the current value is clearly underestimated, which means that the moat is deep, optimistic about the company’s long-term development space, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Japan is scheduled to release the New Year number on April 1

Japan is scheduled to release the New Year number on April 1

Japan ‘s ruling coalition member Komeito ‘s party leader Yamayama Nana said on the 2nd that the Japanese government is scheduled to release the new year ‘s name used by the new emperor on April 1.

  Emperor Akihito is scheduled to abdicate on April 30, and the crown prince Toruhito will succeed on May 1.

Yamaguchi delivered a speech in the capital Tokyo on January 2 and confirmed to the media that the New Year issue will be released on April 1 and will be implemented on May 1.

  Kyodo News reported that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is scheduled to release a press conference on the 4th to introduce details such as the change of year name.

  At the age of 85, Akihito is the 125th emperor of Japan. In a video speech in August 2016, he stated that it was difficult to 四川耍耍网 explain due to physical reasons, and internally interpreted him as intentional abdication.

On May 19, 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers passed a special act of abdication applicable only to Akihito.

In June of the same year, the bill was passed by both houses of Congress.

  On December 8, 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers passed an executive order regarding the time of Emperor Akihito’s abdication.

Akihito will become Japan’s first emperor who abdicated in almost 200 years.

  The timetable for issuing and changing year numbers has attracted much attention from Japanese citizens.

Many aspects of Japanese society need to be adjusted accordingly. Calendars, newspapers and various documents need to be revised, and extra preparation time must be set aside.

  According to Japanese media, starting from the Meiji period, each 杭州桑拿 generation of emperors has a year number, forming the so-called one-monist system.

Akihito was born on December 23, 1933, and inherited the throne on January 7, 1989. From 8th of the same month, the title was changed from Showa to Heisei.

  Kyodo News reports that the Japanese emperor’s year number consists of two Chinese characters that are easy to understand and have not been used in the past.

The year numbers used before are mostly from ancient Chinese classics.

Take Ping as an example. In the “Records of the Five Emperors of the Historian”, there are inner peace and outer succession, and “Shang Shu” contains diping Tiancheng.

(Yang Shuyi)[Xinhua News Agency Special Feature]Original title: Japan is scheduled to release the New Year issue on April 1st and will be implemented on May 1st

The safest and best way to lose weight

The safest and best way to lose weight

The World Health Organization believes that walking is the safest and best way to exercise and lose weight. If we can walk to work, why give up such a way of fitness for others?

Some people say that walking can make a woman’s curve more perfect, her hips more warped, and her waist thinner. Do you believe it?

Check out the following article!

  Hypertension one: to enhance cardiopulmonary function as long as the distance is appropriate, long-term adherence to walking to work can enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, and respiratory diseases such as colds.

Walking reduces hormonal secretion and high blood pressure lowers blood pressure.

Walking can also improve the problem of inadequate exercise in modern people, and control blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

  The second advantage: walking in good shape can promote the secretion of digestive juice, and walking to work after breakfast can speed up digestion and absorption, help the metabolic system to maintain normal work, and thus maintain a good shape.

  Experts say that brisk walking is the most alternative and most economical aerobic metabolism exercise.

The World Health Organization also believes that walking is the safest and best way to exercise and lose weight.

  Disadvantage three: Can relieve worries and relieve stress with multiple feet, which can improve the correction status of the autonomic nervous system in the body, make the switching of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves more flexible, reduce stress and relieve anxiety, and make brain thinking activities clearer, more active, and haveConducive to improving work efficiency.

  Fracture No. 4: Patients with cervical disease look upright while walking, raise their heads and chests, and move their shoulders prominently, which can help adjust the posture of the desk for a long time and correct cervical disease.

Because the head weighs about 1/10 of the body weight, it is supported by the cervical intervertebral disc that protrudes and covers the muscles that reach the spine. If the hump or posture is poor, the scapular muscle is overburdened, and the tibia and cervical spine are prone to stiffness and aches.

  Fifth advantage: improve sleep quality Persist in walking to work every day, which can improve nighttime sleep quality.

In addition, walking after bed is also good after eating. Walking before bed helps to promote sleep.

  Fracture No. 6: Preventing osteoporosis. Walking often can increase the deposition of calcium sources and reduce the loss of calcium, thereby making the bones strong and reducing the possibility of osteoporosis.

  Notes on walking 1.

Even if you can’t walk to and from work, you can get off early when you are about to reach your destination, and walk the rest of the way.


Wear soft-soled sports shoes, flat shoes or non-slip shoes, and then change to the unit to match the environment.


Keep your hips straight and your chest extended. This is also an ideal breathing position.


Raise your hips as much as possible, slightly lift your toes, touch your heels to the ground first, and then transfer the center of your body to the outside of the soles of your feet and then to the part of your feet that is close to the base of your toes.


Keep your body relaxed and breathe rhythmically.

Wear a mask when the air quality is not good and wash your face after coming to the unit.


Bring a bottle of water to the road, drink less water when you are thirsty.

Do not drink a lot of water after walking, otherwise it will increase the burden on your body and easily feel tired.

Careful pregnant women with prenatal depression-

Careful pregnant women have prenatal depression?

Introduction: A good way to deal with emotions psychologically is to write.

Because most of our worries come from flustered thoughts, writing can sort out and organize thoughts, express emotions, and reduce the worry.

Blogging can also achieve the effect of social support, and get emotional support among pregnant women, which is very positive for pregnant women who have great emotional fluctuations.

  80% of pregnant women are psychologically worried about depression. She can think of everything that can happen to the baby in the future. For example, will the child have rabbit lips, will he be unhappy in the future, or even worry about the child growing up because of the elementary school student jumping off the building.If she jumps off the building, she often cannot sleep because of these concerns.

Pregnancy also made her missed a promotion.

When she was expecting to give birth, she often cried in the middle of the night, pulling her husband up and yelling.

She said that she had prenatal depression, but was afraid that taking medicine would affect her baby’s health, which caused more psychological burden.

  ”80% of pregnant women will experience psychological anxiety and depression, and many of them are ‘Du Lala’ working pregnant women.

“Duralas who are pregnant women are more susceptible to psychological problems than ordinary pregnant women. This is caused by the additional stress and challenge to work under the situation of physical changes in the body.

  Four major psychological pressures for pregnant women in the workplace “A large-scale study in 2008 found that there are four major psychological problems in pregnant women in the workplace.

“The most common psychological stress in pregnant women in the workplace is worrying about whether the baby will be healthy; the second most common psychological stress is in older pregnant women who are pregnant after the age of 30, so they are worried about whether they can give birth to one’s physical condition.A healthy baby; the third most common concern is fear of pregnancy changing careers; the fourth most common psychological stress is fear of postpartum body deformation.

  Normally, promotion and changing jobs will cause some different feelings in your heart. It is normal to have minor worries and stress, but if these worries and stress are serious enough to affect daily life (such as frequent insomnia and lack of appetite) and interpersonal communication(If you feel that you are flustered, overwhelmed, and have trouble getting along with the people around you, or you always want to quarrel with your husband, others, and often complain about yourself, etc.), it means that your level of worry and depression has reached a morbid level,You need to face up to your mental illness and actively intervene and treat it.

  ”Du Lala” type of working place pregnant women’s relaxation rules: First, “pregnancy” should not conceal the concealment of pregnancy from the leader, only when the concealment can not be concealed.

This approach may not be smart, but it will destroy the trust relationship between you and the leader.

It is recommended that after 3 months of pregnancy, the pregnancy is determined to be stable, and you should take the initiative to talk to the leader and colleagues, and use a humorous report to report the good news: “Report the leader, great news, I have brought a new force to this team!

“Second, there is a good way to deal with emotions in the psychology of pregnant women, which is writing.

Because most of our worries come from flustered thoughts, writing can sort out and organize thoughts, express emotions, and reduce the worry.

Blogging can also achieve the effect of social support, and get emotional support among pregnant women, which is very positive for pregnant women who have great emotional fluctuations.

  Third, every 2 hours is recommended for pregnant women every 1 hour for cerebral relaxation.

Spend 2 minutes and 5 minutes to do a breathing relaxation method of brain relaxation, which can significantly reduce the pressure in the body.

The 1: 4: 2 breathing method is recommended, that is, 1 breath, 4 breaths, and 2 breaths. The better method is 3: 12: 6.

Take a deep breath and think about nothing at the same time, you can bring your worry back to normal.

Unreliable ways to treat premature ejaculation

Unreliable ways to treat premature ejaculation

Core tips: After suffering premature ejaculation, men blindly begin to take measures, some use drugs on their own, some receive treatment from improper clinics, etc. In fact, the occurrence of male premature ejaculation has a great impact on men’s psychology and also affectsMen’s physical health, many men go into a misunderstanding to treat premature ejaculation.

  Inventory treatment of premature ejaculation in various unreliable ways to control the surface of ejaculation to prolong the time of sex, and this method not only does not help in the treatment of premature ejaculation, but makes the inflated semen constantly oppress the prostate.

If this method is used in the future, it can easily lead to prostate disease.

  Taking aphrodisiac medicine for premature ejaculation aphrodisiac medicine only has the aphrodisiac effect of yang hyperactivity, there is no nourishing water to make fire, and the solid function of capturing essence.

The more you take, the stronger the virtual fire, the less kidney water, the less kidney water is not enough to control the virtual fire, and the seizure can not be fixed, so that the glans is slightly irritated, easier to ejaculate, and is not good for the body.

  Paralyzed glans treatment for premature ejaculation Many men have taken spraying paralysis drugs on the glans after premature ejaculation, reducing sensitivity and prolonging sexual life. At the same time, the drugs are absorbed by the male glans, which may cause glans numbness, balanitis, glansCancer, etc.

Beautiful mothers know more about maintenance than ordinary girls


Beautiful mothers know more about maintenance than ordinary girls

Jin Shou became a mother. In the past, I have not realized the feelings of my mother, which I did not understand very much.

After giving birth to a child, it has a great impact on the skin of a woman. Besides, in the days to come, you can continue to copy the housework. To be a beautiful mother, you need to know more about maintenance than ordinary girls.

  Moms who travel frequently to travel need to prepare skin rescue medication. Moms who travel frequently, although busy, always take care of everything, especially their cosmetics.

Due to the tiredness of the journey or different weather conditions in the field, any unfamiliar new products may cause skin sensitivity. Therefore, experienced women like to bring products that they often use, and they are scientifically matched travel kits.Favorite.

  Aquamarine Mystery LA MER’s New Year’s Day Limited Edition Travel Kit, in addition to basic cleansers, moisturizing lotions, and powerful concentrated eye creams and essences; in order to meet the use in different weather conditions,It also provides aquamarine cream and moisturizing lotion.

Both products can be used for skin rescue in extremely harsh environments, or use a moisturizing mask in a dry cabin, or repair after sunburn to relieve redness.

  The focus of the 40- and 50-year-old mother’s makeup on the lips has interviewed many professional stylists who have come to Hangzhou for tour performances. They generally believe that the skin of local women is mostly good, and their makeup skills are constantly improving.

But at the same time asked: “Why do you rarely see women in their forties and forties?”

“They think that by this age, light makeup can help them look younger and increase their confidence.

  On this Mother’s Day, Barbie Polan’s professional makeup artist designed two makeup styles for different ages of mothers.

Under one of the two, you can notice that the makeup of young women focuses on the eyes, and the makeup artist recommends using darker colors to highlight the eyebrow lines and eye shadows to make the eyes look brighter and brighter, while the lipsThe nude color makeup that is popular this year is used.

For older women, the makeup focus is on the lips, the plain eye shadow looks more dignified, and multiple bright lip colors have the effect of brightening the overall skin tone.

  Healthy mothers need to prevent new spots from the root. More and more women are now used to intensive beauty treatments in beauty salons. They use this complete relaxation and maintenance as a supplement to daily skin care: through professional beauticiansStep-by-step method with high-performance products, remove the old horny surface, deep clean, and then intensive maintenance, the skin can glow after two hours of treatment.

  French Orchid Brightening Treatment is not just a whitening item. It is the first patented arbutin combined with six other AWS brightening and whitening procedures with whitening, moisturizing and efficient degradation, which effectively prevents melanin from forming pigmentation spots and reducing skin dark spots.

In addition to comprehensive brightening and anti-pigmentation effects, it also has anti-oxidant, anti-allergy, moisturizing and purifying luster effects.

Contains a unique whitening compound to prevent the generation of new spots from the root, and to combat melanin more thoroughly and effectively with internal and external dual methods.

It is especially suitable for mothers who are neglected to care for the skin due to the work performed, and perform emergency treatment on themselves on important holidays.

  Buy a practical holiday set for pregnant women and lactating mothers. You can also use Mother’s Day over the years. Many brands will launch special edition discount sets, but the price is really attractive, but it is the real province to buy the product combination you need most.The way of money.

French Sisley brand classic all-round lotion set, has always been one of the most favorite combination of the majority of users, too many people even only buy the set period.

  As the crystallization of plant skin care concept and cutting-edge skin care technology, Almighty Lotion contains more than a dozen kinds of precious plant extracts and strict ratios. It has multiple functions such as repair, moisturizing, firming, moisturizing and so on.

This is a product for the whole family, including pregnant women and mothers during breastfeeding.

The set also includes a floral lotion and a floral moisturizing mask that are known for hydrating and moisturizing. Both are Sisley’s famous products. Many beginners have entered the plant beauty world of Sisley from this small set.