Soared by 13.6%, next year the Australian Open will have a total bonus of 3.4.4 billion

Soared by 13.6%, next year the Australian Open will have a total bonus of 3.4.4 billion
Djokovic won the Australian Open men’s singles championship this year.Figure / Visual China Australia Tennis Open announced today that the Australian Open total prize money will grow by 13 in 2020.6%, reaching 71 million Australian dollars (about 3.4.4 billion yuan).The singles championship prize money is 4.12 million Australian dollars (about 19.7 million yuan), and even the first round of singles players have 90 thousand Australian dollars (about 430,000 yuan).Over the past decade, the Australian Open total bonus has undergone several major adjustments and has increased by 61 in the past five years.4%, which is the same as the increase in the total bonus of the other three Grand Slams.This year, the Australian Open total bonus has increased by 13.6%, reaching 71 million Australian dollars, this figure was almost unthinkable ten years ago.You know, the total Australian Open bonus in 2001 was only 13.9 million Australian dollars.The total bonus has been greatly increased, which means that the amount of prizes in each round has also been increased to varying degrees.Even in the first round of the qualifying round, players have AU $ 20,000 credited, which is an increase of 33 from last year.3%, the largest increase in all rounds.Players who are out in the first round of singles will also have A $ 90,000, which is an increase of 20% from last year.If you can make it to the singles finals, at least A $ 2.06 million will be credited, and the championship bonus will be as high as A $ 4.12 million, or about $ 2.85 million.But among the four Grand Slams, this democracy is not the highest.At present, the US Open men’s and women’s singles championship prizes rank first among the four Grand Slams, with a prize of $ 3.85 million.In addition, the combination of the men ‘s and women ‘s doubles champions will have AUD 760,000, and the mixed doubles champion prize will be AUD 190,000.

Racing wheel tires (601058): Net profit attributable to mother in 19 years is about 1.2 billion square meters.

Racing wheel tires (601058): Net profit attributable to mother in 19 years is about 1.2 billion square meters.
Event: The company released a 2019 performance forecast, which is expected to achieve approximately $ 15.1 billion in operating income in 2019, an increase of approximately 10 per year.34%; net profit attributable to mothers is about 1.2 billion yuan, an increase of about 79 each year.6%; net profit after deducting non-attribution is about 11.4 ‰, an increase of about 86 per year.18%. Main points: 1.Midstream Boom merged the advantages of overseas factories, achieving high growth in profit in 2019 Q1-Q4 in 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 33 in each quarter.68 ppm, 37.2.4 billion, 42.3.5 billion, 37.73 (estimated); net profit attributable to mother 1.8.4 billion, 3.2.3 billion, 4.4.4 billion, 2.US $ 4.9 billion (estimated); operating income totals approximately US $ 15.1 billion, with annual growth of approximately 10.34%; net profit attributable to mothers totals about 120,000 yuan, an annual increase of about 79.6%.The company’s high performance growth is mainly due to: (1) the decline in tire raw material prices and the company’s tire product gross profit margins increased.In 2019, the prices of synthetic rubber, carbon black, and cord fabrics continued to fall.(2) Sino-U.S. Trade frictions, tariffs 深圳spa会所 imposed on domestic production capacity exports, and overseas production capacity continued to benefit.The company’s factory in Vietnam already has 10 million semi-steel tires, 1.2 million all-steel tires, 3.5 The annual production capacity of entry-level off-road tires and other products.It is expected to contribute to the company’s main source of profit.(3) The company’s production and sales increased, and industry concentration increased.Although domestic car sales have decreased, car ownership has continued to increase, and the demand for tires has been significantly slower than car sales.(4) The tire industry in developing countries has gradually increased by 16% instead of 13%; the export tax rebate has been increased from 9% to 13%.(5) The company’s three fee control is stable. 2.Continuing to expand overseas production capacity, the Vietnamese joint venture plant commissioned the company with 40 million semi-steel tires, 5.6 million all-steel tires, and 6.4 Annual production capacity of entry-level off-road tires.On March 1, 2019, ACTR and Cooper joined hands with ACTR Tire Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Vietnam ‘s Xining Province, to break ground and build a 2.4 million-set / year all-steel tire project.The plant was formally put into operation on November 18 and the construction period was only 8 months.This project will bring new performance increase to the company.At the same time, the company can expand domestic production capacity in accordance with market demand. 3.Implementation of equity incentive and restraint mechanism The company implemented a stock incentive plan in November 2019, covering important aspects, and was awarded to 44 company directors, senior management, middle management personnel and core backbone employees.3.5 billion shares, the assessment target is that the net profit in 2019-2021 will be no less than 30%, 60%, and 90% respectively compared to 2018, and the corresponding net profit will be 8.5.4 billion, 10.5.1 billion, 12.4.8 billion yuan. 4.Earnings forecast and rating We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for 2019-2021 will be 12 respectively.04 billion, 14.07 billion, 15.20,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 0.45 yuan, 0.52 yuan, 0.56 yuan, PE 11.2X, 9.6X, 9X.Maintaining the previous view, although domestic tires have always been considered to lack global competitiveness and weak upstream and downstream bargaining power, considering that the tire industry has benefited from the low prices of upstream raw materials, the downstream vehicle ownership has continued to grow, and the economy has recovered, especially the company’s overseas capacity advantage has been highlighted and maintained”Buy.” Risk warning: auto sales continue to fluctuate, prices of raw materials and products continue to fluctuate, and tariffs and tax rates change.

AVIC Sunda (000043): Attribute Focus Steps Forward, Technology Layout Leads Innovation

AVIC Sunda (000043): Attribute 天津夜网 Focus Steps Forward, Technology 重庆耍耍网 Layout Leads Innovation

The invention of the invention of the invention of the transformation and transformation of slimming and healthy properties, and the decline in gross profit performance to be stabilized: The decline in the current scale and performance was mainly due to the company’s strategy of transitioning to property management.The scale efficiency of business settlement decreased, and at the same time the company Huizhou Moling New Industrial Park Development and Construction Co., Ltd. went bankrupt and liquidated, withdrawing a total of 3732 asset impairment losses and credit impairment losses.

70,000 yuan, accounting for 46 of net profit.


  Property development continued to develop, and profitability was expected to increase: AVIC Property’s final 613 national property management projects in the first half of the year, with a management area of 76.34 million square meters, an increase of more than 2060 over the same period last year.

The influx of capital forces has been completely transformed, rising demand, technology applications, and “Internet + Property” have brought great imagination to the development of the property management industry.

The company has been exploring the information system since 2010.

We are optimistic about the company’s future to make full use of platform technology to empower property services and provide more personalized, professional and precise property management services.

  Real estate development continues to shrink and commercial operations continue to be enriched: In terms of commercial real estate operations, AVIC Jiufang Asset Management Co., Ltd. is a management platform for the company’s commercial operations.

  The company has begun to take shape in commercial real estate operations, and has formed a commercial management capability centered on the “Jiufang Shopping Center” brand. In the first half of the year, AVIC Jiufang managed 15 projects with a management area of 1.27 million square meters and realized rental income.2.

2.8 billion.

  China Merchants Property Consolidation Progress Speeds Up: On July 25, AVIC Sunda received a reply from the SASAC and agreed to hold AVIC International Holdings 22.

35% equity was transferred to China Merchants Shekou.

Once the transaction is completed, the combined management area will exceed 1.

200 million flats, ranking the forefront of the industry. In 2018, the revenue and property net profit of the property management sector were simply added to 66.

3.8 billion and 3.

09 billion yuan, the industry giant is taking shape.

  Profit forecast and investment grade: We are long-term optimistic about the company’s business development capabilities and property operation capabilities.

EPS are expected to be 0 in 19-20.

32, 0.

38 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Goldwind Technology (002202): Turnover rate has clearly rebounded, low-cost orders for fans are still being digested

Goldwind Technology (002202): Turnover rate has clearly rebounded, low-cost orders for fans are still being digested
Investment Highlights Event: The company announced its 2019 Interim Report and achieved revenue of 157.3.3 billion, an increase of 42.65%; net profit attributable to mother 11.8.5 billion, down 22.58%; net profit deducted from non-mother 1021 trillion, down 28.38%; EPS 0.29 yuan, ROE 4.01%.Among them, 2Q19 achieved revenue of 103.3.8 billion yuan, an increase of 44.18%; net profit attributable to mother 9.5.6 billion, down 25.91%; net profit of non-attributed mothers 8.33 trillion, down 30.60%; EPS 0.23 yuan, ROE 3.51%, basically in line with expectations. Turnover has picked up, but profitability has gradually reduced the return on net assets.1H19’s gross profit margin and net profit margin were 20 respectively.92% / 7.71%, a decrease of 10% each year.26/6.84 PCT, the gradual reason for profitability is that the gross profit margin of wind turbines has also fallen by 10.00PCT to 11.31%.Although 1H19 company asset turnover rate is 0.18, with the same increase of 18.21%, the turnover rate has obviously rebounded, but the decline in profitability still caused the company’s return on net assets (ROE) in 1H19 to fall by 2.64PCT to 4.01%. The sales volume of wind turbines increased rapidly, and the profit index was located in 杭州夜网论坛 the insertion channel.1H19 company sales of fans achieved operating income3.91 million, an increase of 37 every year.07%, revenue growth is mainly due to the boom in the wind power industry leading to an increase in external sales capacity52.38% reached 3191MW.1H19 fan sales gross margin 11.31%, a decrease of 10 per year.00PCT, we believe that the main reason is the increase in production costs such as low-cost orders to deliver consolidated parts.The unit price / cost / grossing profit of the company’s fan in 1H19 is 3289/2917/372 yuan / kW, which varies by -10 each year.04% / + 1.39% /-52.25%, of which the mainstream unit 2S fan unit price / cost / gross is 3106/2793/313 yuan / kW, respectively, two changes of -9.82% / + 5.24% /-60.35%, according to the unit price, the 2S sample delivered in the first half of 2019 includes the winning orders before November 2017, that is, the average delivery cycle of the order is about 13-17 months. Both the volume and price of the bidding market have risen, and the turning point for wind turbine profits can be expected.The number of domestic open tenders in 1H19 has reached 32.3GW, an annual increase of 93.4%, a record of the highest semi-annual bidding volume.Judging from the tender prices, since the fourth quarter of 2018, the average bid price of each unit has stabilized and rebounded: (1) June 2019, 2.The average bid price for 0MW-class units was 3536 yuan / kilowatt, an increase of 12 from the price low last September.1%; (2) June 2019, 2.The average bid price for a 5MW-class unit was RMB 3,583 per kilowatt, which was an increase of 6 from the price low last August.2%. Investment suggestion: It is estimated that the net profit will be 32% in 2019-2021.54, 45.84 and 55.31 ppm, an increase of 1 each year.16%, 40.89%, 20.64%, the current sustainable corresponding three-year PE is 14, 10, and 8 times, maintaining the “Buy” rating. Risk alert events: market competition risk, risk of abandoning wind and electricity, exchange rate risk.

Sante Ropeway (002159) 2019 Interim Report Review: Interim Report Meets Expectations, Focuses on Operational Improvement and Financing Progress

Sante Ropeway (002159) 2019 Interim Report Review: Interim Report Meets Expectations, Focuses on Operational Improvement and Financing Progress

Interim report performance is expected to be 139%, and non-performance results are expected to increase by 55%, which is in line with expectations in the first half of 2019. The company achieved revenue2.

8.3 billion / + 6.

11%; the performance of returning to the mother was -37.2 million yuan, which was extended by 138% from profit to loss, which was mainly due to the transfer of Pingbaying to realize investment income1.

3.2 billion (after deducting non-financial gains of 55.

17%), within the performance forecast range; EPS is -0.

27 yuan, in line with expectations.

  Fanjingshan’s growth is beautiful. The increase in losses during the incubation period and the increase in interest costs 深圳桑拿网 have dragged down the performance in the first half of the year. The company’s 7 profitable projects have shown a good growth trend. It is estimated that the income of the same caliber will increase by about 10%.13%.

Among them, Fanjingshan grew strongly under the influence of the application of the legacy and 5A, with a passenger flow / income of + 36% / + 28% (18.


1 ticket price reduction of 9%), performance of 4153 million / + 33%, is the core of the company’s profit growth; Huashan cableway due to the high base and tourist diversion pressure, passenger flow / revenue / performance were -7% /-11% /-23Under the pressure of the Hainan market, Hainan’s company integrated with Romance Tianyuan, and its total revenue was slightly higher, but its net profit increased by 9%; the remaining profitable projects grew steadily.

At the same time, the company expects the project to increase losses by about 30%, mainly due to Chongyang Sante, Nanzhang, Keqi and other incubation period projects due to construction in progress, weather, sales and other increase losses.

Taken together, the company’s gross profit margin increased by 3.

88 points, mainly driven by the increase in passenger revenue from profit projects; the rate during the period increased by 5.

54pct, mainly because the financial rate increased by 4.

48pct (the index of the project subsidiary is no longer capitalized + ABS index), and the change management / sale rate is increased by 0 respectively.

83pct / 0.


  Asset sorting and financing work continued to advance, and the flexibility of performance improved after the mechanism was streamlined. In the context of the existing overall price reduction pressure, the company is a private enterprise target and its operations are mainly based on ropeways. Price reduction pressure is relatively controllable, and the company is also actively improving its assetsOperational efficiency responds to the risk of ticket price reductions, expanding the company to continue to promote the recovery of existing assets, transferring some assets of the Chongyang project in the first half of 2019, and gradually reducing losses in the future; the company announced that it intends to use its own funds.

800 million shares of 80% equity of Donghu Ocean Park were acquired, the theme park was tested to broaden the profit method, and under the constraints of performance commitments, it directly increased the company’s performance.

In terms of financing, it has raised USD 800 million through 4 ropeway SPVs, and actively promotes fixed increase, and plans to issue 5.

4.5 billion US dollars also long-term borrowing and supplementary working capital.

From the mid-line point of view, the company, as the leader of private enterprise attractions, has abundant resource reserves and currently has a market value of only 19.

9 billion millimeters of growth space, overall performance is elastically constrained.

  Risk reminder: ticket price reduction; fixed increase, increase in passenger flow in attractions, new project cultivation, etc. are lower than expected.

  The working capital is dual-driven, focusing on the mechanism to rationalize the market value potential, maintaining the mid-line “buy” and lowering the EPS of 19-21 to 0.



77 yuan (originally EPS 0.



83 yuan, mainly considering the ongoing pressure on financial costs and the increasing pressure on project costs during the incubation period), PE 220/37/19 times.

The company is rich in resources, the mechanism is rationalized, and the funding pressure is gradually reduced. The optimization of the project is expected to bring performance flexibility (18-year profit prospects, equity and profits).

3.6 billion), the proposed medium and long-term strategic allocation.

Are you really washing your face after so many years?


Are you really washing your face after so many years?

Washing your face is something we do every day. After washing your face for so many years, are you really doing it right?

  Why bubbles are important Why do I have to have bubbles when I wash my face?

Because most cleansing products contain dielectric surfactants, they need to be fully foamed to evaporate. If there are no bubbles, they are equivalent to applying concentrated cleansing residue on it, which will cause skin irritation and no integrityAfter rubbing out bubbles, I started washing my face, which is tantamount to destroying my skin!

  The benefits of bubbles are that if you wash your face without foaming, the more the hands will rub against the skin, a sufficient amount of bubbles and dense and fine bubbles are very important for cleaning the face. The more detailed the bubbles are,It is to penetrate deep into the skin texture and pores through tiny air bubbles, and thoroughly clean the deep dirt.

The gesture of washing your face must be gentle. Gently drawing circles with fingers across the bubble is the gentlest way to wash your face!

  The more bubbles, the better. The amount of bubbles is not necessarily related to cleanliness. Some mild surfactants are really difficult to have bubbles, so it is still necessary to judge whether it is based on your skin texture and product composition.Suitable cleaning products, sometimes excessive foaming, may be due to the relationship between soapiness or surfactant, which may cause adverse effects on the skin.

  The first point of the correct foaming step: the amount of facial cleansing product should be enough, about 10 yuan coin size; the second point: the palm of the hand is slightly bent at 45 degrees, let the air come in, there can be a lot of bubbles; the third point: whenWhen your bubbles are not sticky, they are the most complete!

In addition to washing your face, the maintenance after washing ca n’t be ignored. If you do n’t care after washing your face, it will hurt your skin!

What to do in hot summer diarrhea


What to do in hot summer diarrhea

In the hot summer, iced watermelon, ice cream, and cold foods are always popular, but diarrheal diseases often follow.

  Summer is a season of high incidence of diarrhea. If there is a slight diarrhea, do not drink a lot of boiling water or eat. Instead, you should drink a cup of sugar and salt water to supplement the absorption to avoid blood circulation disorders caused by dehydration.

  In summer, you should pay attention to the details of your life. Do n’t eat hot and cold coffee with ice cream. Sudden changes in temperature can cause different degrees of damage to the mucous membranes in the body, which can cause food intake problems in the inflow tract and form watery stools.

  In addition, do not eat large amounts of cold vegetarian vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen foods that are not sufficiently heated at the same time, to avoid diarrhea.

10 wrong ways to eat vegetables

10 wrong ways to eat vegetables

The healthy diet of modern people is always indispensable for vegetables. Many people think that they only need to eat in their stomachs. Few people know that unscientific eating methods can cause diseases.

The following summarizes the wrong ways to eat ten kinds of vegetables.


Tomatoes are often eaten before meals and should be eaten after meals.

In this way, the gastric acid and food can be mixed to greatly reduce the acidity, to prevent the stomach from expanding due to increased pressure in the stomach, and cause the baby to have symptoms such as abdominal pain and upset stomach.


Carrots and radishes are mixed into a puree. Do not grind carrots and radishes into a puree.

Because carrots contain enzymes that can destroy vitamin C, vitamin C in radishes is completely destroyed.


Excessive consumption of carotene Although carotene is very nutritious to your baby, you should also pay attention to eating it in moderation.

If your baby consumes too much vegetable juice made of carrots or tomatoes, it may cause carrotemia, make the skin of the face and hands turn orange-yellow, appear loss of appetite, mental disorders, irritability, and even sleep.Accompanied by night terrors, crying, talking in dreams and other performances.


The mushrooms are washed too clean or the nutrients of the mushrooms are soaked in water. The mushrooms contain ergot zitol, which will be converted to vitamin D after being exposed to sunlight.

However, if you wash or soak in water before eating, you will lose a lot of nutrients.

Do not use iron pans or copper pans when cooking mushrooms to avoid loss of nutrition.


Eat unfried bean sprouts. The bean sprouts are tender and delicious and nutritious, but you must cook them when you eat them.

Otherwise, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, etc. may occur after eating.


Give your baby too much spinach Spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid.

Oxalic acid in the human body will form calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate with calcium and zinc, which is not easy to absorb and transfer in vitro, affecting the absorption of calcium and zinc in transformation, easily causing the baby to lack calcium and zinc, resulting in poor bone and tooth development, and then affecting intellectual development.


Give your baby oxalic acid from bitter gourd bitter gourd that has not been boiled with boiling water, which can hinder calcium absorption in food.

Therefore, before eating, bitter gourd should be simmered in boiling water to remove oxalic acid. Babies who need a lot of calcium should not eat too much bitter gourd.


Leeks are stored for too long after they are cooked. Leeks become poisonous chives overnight.

If stored for too long, a large amount of nitrate will be converted into nitrite, causing toxic reactions.

In addition, babies can not eat leek for indigestion.


Put green leafy vegetables on the ground and cook.

Otherwise, the nitrate in green leafy vegetables will be transformed into nitrite, which will easily poison your baby’s food.


Frozen vegetables have been cooked for too long. Most frozen vegetables have been simmered. It is not necessary to cook for too long or they will rot and lose a lot of nutrients.

Health exercises for anorectal disease

Health exercises for anorectal disease

Prostate aerobics is a kind of rehabilitation and easy-to-use medical aerobics. It is often done with disease treatment and disease prevention.

When doing exercises, pay attention to eliminate distractions, focus on the anus, keep breathing uniform, and the operation speed should be even and rhythmic.

  Morning and evening exercises: Before getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, lie on your back with your legs straight and your hands crossed on the umbilicus, and then evenly contract the anus 30 times, each time for 1 second.

  Post-poop exercises: Wash the anus with warm water after each poop, and gently rub the anus 60 times with the index finger of the right hand, and then inhale the abdomen for deep inhalation and forcefully contract the anus 30 times.

If the patient has anal prolapse, anal laxity, or incomplete incontinence due to prostate cancer traces, etc., you can use the forefinger to press the long strong point (the midpoint of the anus to the tip of the coccyx) and massage 60 times from weak to strong, Then use your middle and index fingers to massage clockwise along the anus to the perineum 60 times.

  Nei Yang Gong: Take the right supine position, lean forward, bend your right arm beside you, put your hand on the pillow 6cm away from your head, palm facing up.

Stretch your left arm naturally with your hands on your hips with your palms facing down.

Legs flexed naturally.

The eyes are closed gently, the lips are closed, the upper and lower teeth touch gently, and the tongue is flat.

Requires a relaxed body and a natural posture.

Then close the mouth for abdominal breathing.

Inhale slowly and deeply first, then exhale, and then pause for a while without breathing, but do not hold your breath firmly, and keep your mind on Dan Tian, who is on the lower abdomen.

At the same time, gently lift your tongue and read the words silently, then drop your tongue and start breathing a second time.

The whole process is: inhale-exhale-pause (raise tongue, meditate)-drop tongue-inhale, so alternately cycle.

The pause time is 3?
7 seconds.

20 each time?
30 minutes a day?
2 times.

  Guiding power: This is a comprehensive exercise method that combines self-massage of limb movement and breathing movement. The specific method is to step the foot of the left lower limb, bend the knee of the right lower limb, and hold both hands to the sinus, nose, and foot above the kneeThree miles, then with both hands and upper limbs, force the right knee to try to pull toward the body. After a short pause, perform the replacement, with the right lower foot stepping on the ground and the left lower limb flexing the knee.

Same method as above for 28 consecutive operations, 1 day?
2 times.

Whispers of men to single women

Whispers of men to single women

The idea of a good man is the highest frequency of broken women.

For these people, the man they meet is either not charming enough or too charming; if a good man does not exist on the planet at all, it is unlucky or he is completely dead.

Even if I happened to run into a few, I was either married or looked down on.

The first thing this woman has to treat is her own mentality: what is a good man?

Before the 30-year-old figured it out, the problem was with himself.

  Do you want to marry the man you love, or is it a good man?

Moreover, there is no label on the face of a good man, nor is there a uniform standard. Is there money?



Or something else?

The problem is that no matter how good the man is, if he is not suitable for you, what good is it?

  Choosing a husband can never use the concept of “tailor-made”, but rather like picking a mobile phone in the market.

Your task is to choose one from the top Vertu to the cheapest domestic mobile phone, which is relatively suitable.

You must abandon the stereotyped idea of a good man, because the good man in the mind of a woman is like a cyber bubble, and it does n’t exist at all. Even if you catch it, it will eventually burst.

  Rotten men’s drug addiction and the previous category are exactly at the two extremes. Some women are dedicated to rotting men (more married men who seem to be unhappy in marriage) to stir up and waste their youth, but their awareness of reality and strategic means are farInferior to the mistress.

Their mantra is: “You guys don’t know him. He is really good to me.

“It is true that men who have the ability to set up wives and coping lover are by no means idle. Most of them have the money and leisure to give you the whole world, except for marriage.

  There is also a typical case of “rotten man” and “ex-boyfriend” cross-infection. Women with soft hearts or soft ears are particularly weak against this bacterium.

Generally speaking, it is the ex-boyfriend who has been breaking up for a long time (even has been married) will suddenly call you “I want to see if you have done well recently”, met, before and after mealsThe standard line must be “Don’t tell you, you are the one who knows me best in the world.”

If you are confused and can’t bear the loneliness for a while, continue to maintain this troublesome relationship of “occasionally eating meals + going to bed occasionally” with him, then don’t blame you and look down on you.

Maybe you should run your brain occasionally: If you are really good at the universe, why didn’t he just divorce and marry you?

Believe me, good men with a little ambition will respect you.

  For this rotten man, wait forever?

Think about it!

  The ex-boyfriend is right. The fish that escaped from the hook is always the biggest.

No matter how hard you broke up at the time, it’s as if only your ex-boyfriend has a good personality, is handsome, considerate and gentle, and has an ecstatic sex life.

But remember: these are history.

If you correct the breakup at the time, please don’t consider the face problem, pick up the phone and dial him now (according to experience, the chance of recovery may still be 5% -10%).

But if he dumped you, then please forgive me, Saddam ‘s chances of giving up terrorism is definitely much greater than your compound.

  Life should continue, please don’t let a memory affect your happiness future.

  The dog wolf hesitant man has a set of ancient logic, that is, he hopes that his future wife will look like a lady outside, and his bed will look like a slut.

In fact, women also have the same idea, hoping that the man she loves is a wolf full of mysterious temperament, but looks like a faithful and upright dog to herself.

The difference between the two is that at least the man will soberly realize the truth that can’t be obtained there some morning, and then quickly marry a lady.

) But the woman was in such a state of indecision, she waited until she passed the preservation period.

  The other woman bounced between the two men. When she was with the wolf, she felt insecure. She wanted to go and think about it, and it was more practical to find a dog.

But it doesn’t take long, and I feel that although the dog is upright, it is too bland. This kind of life lacks freshness and excitement. Forget it, go to a wolf.

In this way, she jumped up and down, never being able to figure out which one she wanted.

Men can think clearly of the truth instantly, but women have a lifetime.  Waiting aimlessly for a mad girlfriend who is 35 years old and still single, we are all anxious for her. She is actually more anxious than anyone else, but she would rather be absent. She would rather wait than want to find one casually. Most of the men who admired her were because of this.Or for some reason, she denied it. She firmly believed that the man who belonged to her must also be waiting for her somewhere, but the two had never met because of her fate. The next one might be.

  Sometimes we joke a little bit, you are in such good condition that you can just grab it while sitting and waiting.

Regardless of whether he has a wife or girlfriend, as long as you like it, take the initiative.

  Girlfriend is not an active person, and he doesn’t like to grab others.

  So we told her such a story: Some individuals waited for the bus at the bus station at night.

The first bus came and felt too crowded, the second bus looked too old, and the third bus didn’t want air conditioning without air conditioning.

After a few cars passed, I thought that it would be better to take a taxi home, but I had no money in my pocket, and finally had to walk home.

  The lesson from this story: “The next one will be better” is definitely an unrealistic idea.

It is more suitable for you who are just in love seeking comfort, rather than you who want to get married.

  Never discount Sales has a golden rule: there are no products that cannot be sold, only shopping guides that do not sell products.

Every woman used to be a new product of the season, but if you have become an out-of-season stock, then the problem is not necessarily the product itself, but you are not looking for the right sales method or the main consumer group.

It is a respectable spirit to insist on not discounting, but if you have no market, then you need more flexible and smart means.

  Pre-sale housing contractionism You should always pay attention to those who only buy existing homes. This is the most challenging logic for you.

Generally speaking, women are about 5 years older than men. If you do not take advantage of this advantage, then you can only blame your own short-term vision.

When you are lucky enough to meet a good man of good quality, if you are sure to buy it while he is still a potential stock, then it must be relatively low.

You must know that a mature, interesting and successful man is like a mature high-quality asset. Not only will the price rise, but yours will also make you feel tricky.

  Rhythm dysfunction “If you haven’t met a true emperor by the age of 25, it is actually a lucky thing.

“This sentence means: If the real life emperor appears early, the immature girl who has not been trained in” Good Man Hunting Action “will often spoil this beautiful marriage.

To understand that the communication process between two people will have the same ups and downs, and it is impossible to be as sweet as gum from beginning to end.

Usually give the other party a little breathing room, when there is a sense of quarrel, don’t be overbearing when the other party makes mistakes, just remember to leave some room for maneuver.

When the opportunity to get married appears, it is necessary to grasp the timing “accurate, ruthless, fast” to start.

According to those who came, marriage was by no means a rational act, and it required more impulsiveness.

So the point is, if you can’t keep up with the other party’s rhythm, then a long sigh will become your personal emotion.

  Old virgins worry that many people who can’t get married occasionally get infected with it, just wondering if they can’t get married because of their weird personality.

This is really a weird alternative, but what I want to say seriously is that the answer is exactly the opposite.

If you think about it, a house is not “haunted” because it is called a “haunted house”, but rather it is called a haunted house because it is haunted.

So you just need to make a turn. Don’t be angry because you can’t get married, and don’t really doubt yourself because you hear other people’s opinions, otherwise it will be a matter of time.

  Far away from your ears, have you overlooked a very serious fact that you think you like a kind heart, but the truth is just listening to rhetoric?

Please ask yourself in the middle of the night: Are you a member of the Appearance Association?

Indeed, men who are too handsome are insecure, and most men who speak sweetly are unreliable, but the relationship that violates their true thoughts will not last long, and worse, they may make life-long choices.

So be honest with yourself.

If you like pretty men or sweet mouth guys from the bottom of your heart, you should learn how to adjust your mindset to face a “high risk” life.

  To sum up the 10 symptoms mentioned above, it is already bad enough to meet one of them; but the worst thing is that clinical trials show that people who can’t get married often get several infections at the same time.

Please note: Never give up because of complex symptoms. Always remember: follow the fate, but you can’t help but hold your teeth together!

Never crash before the revolution begins.

  Psychologists say that women of different personalities will like different colors, but they forget that if this woman is rich enough or bold enough, she will say: I like all the beautiful colors in the world!

Therefore, when they face different colored beloved things, it is more difficult to choose a color than to choose a husband.

Often after thinking about it for a long time, I finally bought one, but ran back quickly within ten minutes of going out, and changed another color with regret.