Conch Cement (600585): Weak earnings cyclical verification estimates expected revaluation

Conch Cement (600585): Weak earnings cyclical verification estimates expected revaluation

This report reads: The company announced its 2019 Interim Report, and the company once again proved its “weak cycle” attribute with beautiful statements and maintained its “overweight” rating.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

In the first half 武汉夜网论坛 of 2019, the company realized operating income of 716.

4.4 billion, an annual increase of 56.

63%; net profit attributable to parent company is 152.

60 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

91%, earnings per share 2.

88 yuan, in line with market expectations.

We maintain EPS6 for 2019-2021.

32, 6.

76, 7.

12 yuan with a target price of 54.

52 yuan unchanged.

In the second quarter, where the production and sales volume was the best in history, the scale of the trading platform expanded.

2019H1 company achieved sales of cement clinker2.

2 billion tons, an increase of 41.

55%; self-product sales 1.

4.6 billion tons, an increase of 6.


We judge that the demand for the early-stage land chain in the second half of the year is still the most deterministic, while the relatively weak infrastructure in the first half of the year gradually promoted the gradual consolidation of new special claims and strengthened.

Q2 profit maintained the best level in history.

We estimate that the average production price of the self-produced and sold parts of Conch in 2019H1 is 333 yuan / ton, a continuous increase of 16 yuan / ton; gross profit of 157 yuan per ton, which gradually increases by 17 yuan / ton; net profit of ton is 103 yuan / ton, which is gradually increased by 13 yuan/Ton.

Among them, Q2’s average ex-factory price is about 341 yuan / ton, with a month-on-year increase of 17,17 yuan / ton; gross profit per ton of 162 yuan / ton, a period of time increase of 12,15 yuan / ton; net profit per ton is about 110 yuan / ton.The chain has increased by RMB 11,16 / ton several times, and the profit has maintained the best level in the history of developing countries. It is a model cash cow report.

Since Q1 2017, Conch has entered a state of net cash and terminated 2019H1 with a total interest resistance of 101.

1.5 重庆耍耍网 billion; cash in hand reaches 360.

98 ppm, an increase of 111 per year.

5.1 billion.

The company turned negative from 18Q2 financial expenses and 19H1 financial expenses were -6.

3 trillion, the total asset-liability ratio is about 19%, a sharp decline of more than 3 pct over the earlier period.

Conch’s cash cow status continued to appear, and the company’s asset structure continued to optimize.

Risk warning: raw material prices rise, macroeconomic decline

Nanwei Software (603636): The core entrance of government big data

Nanwei Software (603636): The core entrance of government big data

Rapid profit growth.

The company’s semi-annual 四川耍耍网 report for 2019 achieved revenue4.

64 ppm, a 68-year increase of 68.

29%, attributable to the profit of 2448.

240,000 yuan, a slight increase of 2 every year.

10%, net profit after deduction is returned to mother 1842.

640,000 yuan, an annual increase of 75.


Operating cash flow-2.

7.3 billion, previously improved.

In terms of business and product, the company achieved revenue in the first half of the year from Internet + government1.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 137 in ten years.

84%, gross margin 42.


Urban Public Safety (Safe City) Revenue 2.

660,000 yuan, an increase of 86 in ten years.

28%, gross margin 25.


Smart city business revenue is 0.

5.0 billion, gross profit margin 63.


IoT business revenue is 0.

04 trillion, gross margin 71.


In the first half of the year, the company’s management expenses were zero.

72 ppm, an increase of 54 in ten years.

12%, selling expenses 0.

350,000 yuan, an increase of 78 in ten years.


Looking at Q2 alone, revenue grew 61 in ten years.

34%, attributable profit increased by 34 in ten years.

08%, a 10-year increase of 38.


Pre-bid the smart Zoucheng (Phase 1) PPP project.

The company announced on August 16 that the company became the first pre-winning candidate for the Smart Zoucheng (Phase 1) PPP project.

The total investment of the project is estimated to be 17,731.

50,000 yuan, 3% of the project cost is down-sampled, 6% of the annual discount and reorganization during the operation period, and a reasonable profit rate of 8%; 10 years of operation period, the annual operation and maintenance fee is 8.4 million yuan.
This pre-bid is an affirmation of the company’s construction in the field of smart cities, which is beneficial to the company’s further accumulation of smart city business experience and the expansion of smart city comprehensive development business.
The company is a core backbone enterprise in the domestic “digital government” industry, and a leading enterprise in the “Internet + government” field. It has formed government services, e-licenses, government supervision, government terminals, government supervision, government affairs big data, and government affairs.7 major product systems and nearly 50 standardized products.

The product solutions of Internet + government services cover 30 provinces, more than 170 prefecture-level cities, and counties and grass-roots governments across the country, providing strong support and guarantee for the advancement of “decentralization and management service reform” work in various places.

The company ‘s innovative Zhejiang “runs at most once”, Jiangsu “does n’t meet and approve”, and Henan ‘s “one netcom office gradually runs the biggest one step by step”, Fujian ‘s “all netcom office” has become the industry benchmark.

Driven by the widespread application of “Internet + government services, Internet + supervision, e-licenses” and “big data”, the speed of local government informatization construction has accelerated, and local “digital government” construction plans have been promulgated, coupled with the government since 2018The institutional reform has been basically completed so far, and the integration of institutional departments has added a lot of demand for government informatization.

According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute’s statistics, from 2015 to 2018, the size of the domestic government industry gradually expanded by more than 15% each year.

The company predicts that the size of the national digital government market in 2019 will reach US $ 350 billion, and it is expected that in the next 5 years, it will maintain a steady growth rate of more than 13%, and the industry will continue to boom.

Fully integrate industrial resources.

In January 2019, the company obtained a strategic investment in Ant Financial, and Ant Financial became the company’s second largest shareholder.

The company and its holding subsidiary Fujian Nanwei Software Co., Ltd. signed a “Business Cooperation Agreement” with Ant Financial, Beijing Ant Cloud Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., integrated technology innovation research and development, and joint business development to help the company accelerate its development.

In February 2019, the company invested RMB 50 million in Sifang Weiye to realize the in-depth integration of big data technology and industry, expand new business and market space, promote vertical integration of the industrial chain and increase market competitiveness to increase the scale of the industry.
The issuance of convertible bonds was completed on July 19, 2019, and it was officially listed on August 5, 2019, raising funds6.

6 billion.

The raised funds will be used for the construction project of the intelligent “decentralized service” integrated platform, the construction project of the public safety management platform, and the construction project of the urban communication platform.

The implementation of fund-raising projects will greatly enhance the intelligence and intelligence of the company’s existing products and services, help to strengthen the company’s core competitiveness, and provide sufficient funding for the company’s scientific research strength and business development.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

We believe that the company is a leading enterprise of “Internet + Government” and a government big data portal.

Ali’s shareholding and the company jointly tap the value of government data.

We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 2 in 2019-2021.

3.4 billion, 3.

1.4 billion, 4.

11 trillion, combined with the company’s rapid growth in the future, will give dynamic PE 30-35 times in 2019, and a reasonable value range of 6 months is 13.


40 yuan, given “preliminary market” rating.

risk warning.

The advancement of Internet + government affairs fell short of expectations, and bad debts and cash flow of receivables deteriorated.

Macron is not sure that the UK and Europe will negotiate within the year

Macron is “not sure” that the UK and Europe will negotiate within the year
French President Emmanuel Macron said on the 22nd that he is “unsure” that the British-European Union trade negotiations can be concluded before the end of the year.At the same time, the Office of the British Prime Minister made a statement, saying that the British side aimed at “Canadian model”, which has been repeatedly rejected by the European Union.  The first round of the UK-Europe trade talks officially announced that antique, fisheries and fair competition clauses scheduled for March 2 in Brussels, Belgium are difficult to negotiate.  ”I am not sure that the agreement can be reached now and by the end of the year,” Macron said at a meeting in the 杭州夜网 fisheries sector in Paris, France on the 22nd.”Frankly, fishing rights are a key part of the negotiations.”(British) is very tough and negotiations will become more difficult.”The United Kingdom formally left the European Union on January 31, and then entered the” Brexit “transition period. By the end of the year, trade with the European Union will maintain the status quo.The two sides hope to reach an agreement on bilateral cooperation in trade, security and other fields before the end of the transition period.  The European Union ‘s sovereignty is putting forward its own requirements on the terms of cooperation, and France is particularly tough. Leading countries have publicly announced that they will continue to fish in British waters.The British side hopes for full autonomy and restricts EU fishermen.  Agence France-Presse reports that 30% of French fishermen’s fishing income comes from British waters.French officials warn that if EU ships are barred from entering British waters, France will ban the EU from banning British sales of catches on the European continent.  The British government is scheduled to sign a document on the 25th to clarify the target framework of the British negotiations.The British Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement on the 22nd: “The UK has repeatedly reorganized and the UK hopes to negotiate a (trade) agreement like Canada.The statement said that the internal goals of the British government are consistent.Under the rankings, the EU process is constrained by “indecision and procrastination caused by the competition among various stakeholders.”The European Union originally intended to finalize the framework on the 11th, but this deadline has long passed, and its replacement is still arguing over budget issues.  The 10-year Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada in October 2016 effectively reduced the tariffs on goods trade between the two sides.Michel Barnier, the EU ‘s chief negotiator in charge of Britain ‘s “Brexit” affairs, has repeatedly appeared, and Britain cannot reach a similar agreement with the EU.  Following EU official regulations, trade agreements reached between the EU and third parties are determined based on factors such as distance, trade level and closeness.The European Union made 197 billion euros in imports from Britain in 2018, almost 天津夜网 10 times more than imports from Canada at the same time.(Chen Lixi) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature)

Rear of the chest

Rear of the chest

[Operating method]There are two operation methods of chest traction method: 1.
Spinous process, a forearm bypasses from the patient’s upper jaw to support the patient’s contralateral arm, and makes it lean back. The surgeon’s hand resisting the spinous process while pushing hard.

  2.The thoracic spine resists the reduction. The patient is seated, his hands are placed in the cross and buckled. The surgeon holds the lower part of the forearm of the patient and uses the knee joint to press the spinous process that needs to be pulled.Move.

  [Function and application]This method has the effect of smoothing the joints and correcting the anatomical position, and can be used to treat back pain and thoracic spine joint disorders.

Make good use of folk remedies


Make good use of folk remedies

Blood is one of the most precious substances in the human body. It supports the internal organs, fur and bones of the external organs, and maintains the normal functional activities of the tissues and organs of the human body. It enables the eyes to see, the feet to walk, the palms to hold, the fingers to pinch, and the mind.Clear, abundant oxidants, these are the functions of blood.

If the blood is deficient and cannot nourish the human body, the complexion is unclear, the vision is weakened, the vision is blurred, the eyes are dry, the joints are ineffective, the limbs are numb, the skin is dry, itchy, abnormal, vertigo, headache, dizziness, insomnia, etc.Obviously blood.

  The method of tonifying blood is applicable to people with blood deficiency.

Not blood deficiency, this method cannot be used.

The so-called blood deficiency, that is, insufficient blood, is often reflected as systemic blood rupture, or the weakening of the nutrition or moisturizing effect of blood on some parts of the human body.

Clinically, the main symptoms are pale and pale, pale lips, dizziness, pale tongue, weak pulses, women’s menstrual flow, derivative periods and even amenorrhea.

  [方一]  牛乳250克,粳米100克,白糖适量。Before the rice was washed, put it in a pot, add water, and cook until half cooked, then add milk, cook until porridge, and mix with sugar.

  This side has a large tonic effect.

Suitable for weak strain and thin body.

  This prescription comes from “Distinguishing Disorders of Diet”, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, etc. The original prescription is used for “large tonic yin and blood” and “easy for the elderly”.

If the long time is lost to the tune, or the long-term disease is lost to the treatment, the viscera collapses, and the yin and blood are deficient, then you will see the damage.

Fang Zhong is mainly based on milk, flesh and blood products, which can supplement yin and blood, and benefit from deficiency; supplementing the previous ones to supplement the power of milk, the formula can be used to supplement yin and blood.

The nourishing power of this crystal is especially suitable for severe damage.

  This product is nourishing and nourishing, and it is not suitable for those who drink spleen and stomach with cold and diarrhea and phlegm and damp water.

  [方二]  鲜乌贼鱼肉250克,桃仁15,克,黄酒、酱油、白糖各适量。Rinse the cuttlefish and cut into strips.

Wash the peaches and peel them for later use.

Put the squid fish into the pot, add peach kernel, water, boil over high heat, add rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, and cook over low heat until cooked.

  This side has the effect of nourishing and regulating menstruation.

For blood deficiency and amenorrhea.

  This recipe is from Luchuan Materia Medica. The original recipe is used for “women’s amenorrhea”. It is a representative party for treating blood deficiency and amenorrhea.

The main ingredients in the recipe are cuttlefish and flesh. The flesh and blood are sentimental products, which can nourish blood and regulate menstruation; supplemented by peach kernels, promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation.

The two are combined, one is to nourish menstruation, the other is to nourish menstruation, and the main is to nourish menstruation, so it is suitable for amenorrhea with blood stagnation and blood stasis.

  ”Tang Yao Experience Fang” uses squid fish to cook on its own side and cook with lotus root. The power of activating blood circulation and regulating menstruation is enhanced. The original recipe is “postpartum blood closure”.

  Pregnant women should not eat.

  [方三]  鲜桑椹1000克,糯米500克。Wash the fresh mulberry juice (or use 300 grams of dried juice to remove the residue), cook the medicinal juice with glutinous rice, put it into glutinous rice and dry the rice, wait for the cold, add the right amount of koji, mix well, and ferment into a wine.

  Serve daily with meals.

Applicable to liver and kidney yin deficiency and thirst, constipation, tinnitus, dark eyes, sickness, joint discomfort and other symptoms.

Mulberry has strong yin and nourishing blood, supplemented with glutinous rice to replenish qi and improve efficacies.

  [方四]  羊乳250克,羊脂60克。Goat milk and goat fat are put in a pot and cooked for grazing.

  This side has tonic effect, Yijing blood effect.

Suitable for sloppy and tired.

  This recipe is from “Therapeutic Materia Medica”. The original recipe is used to “tonify kidney deficiency and also lead to stroke”.

For a long time, the body is debilitated, the internal organs are worn out, and the essence and blood are deficient.

In the formula, goat milk is mainly used to supplement the deficiency of labor and benefit the essence of blood; supplemented with sheep fat, tonic and moisturize to help the goat’s milk nourish, and used together to make the deficiency of deficiency and benefit the essence of blood.The power of this crystal tonic and moisturizing is allowed, especially suitable for those who are tired and thin and withered skin.

  This crystal is warm and tonic, and it is not suitable for those with unclear external sensation and those with phlegm and fire inside.

  [方五]  猪里脊、粳米各50克,花椒、食盐、茴香、香油皆适量。Wash the tenderloin, chop into minced meat, mix with salt, pepper, fennel, sesame oil, and set aside; before cooking rice porridge, add the above ingredients when the porridge is ready, and cook until the meat is rotten; twice a day.

  The pork loin is the lean meat on the back of the pig’s spine, which is replaced by connective tissue. It is thin, tender, soft, and has no fishy smell.

Contains about 20% protein, and can add B vitamins and iron, a small amount of about 8%.

  According to ancient Chinese medicine records, pork is sweet and salty, and has the effects of nourishing yin and moisturizing.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Pork has a long-lasting taste, freshness of the stomach and intestines, refreshing fluid, abundant body, and smooth skin.

“” Suishuiju diet spectrum “said:” Bushen fluid, stomach juice, nourish liver and kidney, emollient.

“In the formula, pork loin nourishes yin and blood, and moisturizes the skin. Previously, rice was used to strengthen the spleen and qi, and pepper and fennel were both seasoned and tonic.

The whole side nourishes yin and blood, replenishes qi and boosts qi.

  People with phlegm-dampness should not take it.

  [方六]  鲜牡蛎250克。Wash it, marinate it with rice wine, salt, onion and ginger for half an hour, then take it out and cook it on the fire.

Serve with a meal.
  The health benefits of oysters have long been inscribed.

A book on Compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming Dynasty of China stated that oysters “have a sweet, warm and non-toxic smell.

Cooking, treating deficiencies, and adjusting . It is said that food is beautiful, shocking skin, beautiful.

“Ancient Japanese books also record oysters” Gan Wen, non-toxic, remove heat from the spleen and stomach, perspiration, quench thirst, hangover, nourish yin and nourish blood, and have a long-term skin tenderness.

“The beauty of oysters comes from the nutrients it contains, including protein, sugars, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements zinc, copper, iodine, and selenium. They can not only strengthen and strengthen the body, but also have a health-care effect on the skin.

  Although oysters are nutritious, it is difficult for people far from the sea to eat oysters.

In order to benefit more people, Chinese and Japanese scientists jointly developed “oyster extract”.

“Oyster extract” is extracted from the active ingredients in oysters through advanced technology. It retains the nutrition of oysters and makes them more easily absorbed by the body.

  [方七]  猪皮500克,黄酒、大蒜、生姜、酱油、食盐皆适量。Remove the pig skin, wash it, cut it into long strips, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, green onions, ginger, rice wine, stew the pork skin with a small fire and add salt and soy sauce when it is cooked.You can cease the fire at any time, pour it into a bowl, and refrigerate for later use.

For serving.

  Pig skin is sweet and cold, nourishing yin and clearing heat, and is traditionally used to relieve dumbness caused by the evil heat of Shaoyin and kidney.

Primarily used for moisturizing and beauty.

  The collagen tissue of pig skin is refined, and gelatin is added. It is an animal protein similar to the collagen structure of human skin. Its molecular weight varies and is easily absorbed by the human body. This glial protein can increase skin elasticity and delay relaxation.The role of skin aging.

Pig skin needs to be used continuously for a long time to produce better emollient effect.

  Relevant units extracted degraded proteins from pig skin and developed a series of skin care crystals.

Skin tests show that they have no irritation or replacement, are easily absorbed by the skin, moisturize the skin, and have a significant antipruritic effect; can repair and promote wound healing, reduce pigmentation, and make the skin smooth, white, delicate and elastic, Wrinkles become lighter.

Combs have these functions

Combs have these functions

A good comb is equivalent to a scraping board, which has the function of tidying hair, as well as the effect of massage and health, preventing diseases.

But “combing” to manage health, persist in it, and see results in a long time, it is by no means a matter of time and night.

  What are the functions and effects of combs?

  1, combing hair refreshing ancient health homes called “fayi combing,” because the body’s twelve meridians and eight odd meridians and eight veins converge on the head, reaching dozens of points.

Combing your hair often can stimulate them, unblock menstruation, improve blood circulation, nourish hair, prevent hair loss, and relieve headaches and fatigue.

The best time to comb your hair is in the early morning, first from front to back, then back to front, left to right, then right to left, and so on. Replace it in cycles, combing ten to a hundred times.

Or use the tip of the comb teeth to tap lightly for 5-10 minutes. After that, comb your hair again.

  2, comb back to prevent back pain Many white-collar workers sitting in the office from day to night, easy to back pain, especially vest vest, I always feel that what should be used to withstand the hard, pain to treat pain only feel comfortable.

As the saying goes, “the general does not hurt, the pain is unreasonable.” This is because muscles tend to be stiff and blood circulation is not smooth after sitting for a long time. Therefore, if you often pat the hips or massage the hips with the comb or handle, you can massage the acupuncture point.To promote blood circulation.

  3. Comb-neck prevention cold has a Dazhui acupoint above the human body, which is located at the lower end, called the lower depression of the seventh cervical spinous process.

If the skeletal bones are not obvious, you can move your neck first. The unmoved joint is the first thoracic spine, which is about flush with the shoulder.

Combing back with a comb or handle often can prevent colds, acute diseases, cervical spondylosis, etc.

  4. Combing your hands and strengthening your body According to the TCM meridian theory, among the twelve most important canons of the human body, there are 6 related to the hand and 23 related acupoints. Therefore, there are also 34 extra-menstrual points on the hand, of whichThe more important acupoints are Laogong acupoint, Yuji acupoint, Shaofu acupoint, etc. Massage or press these acupoints can almost cure systemic diseases.

To use a comb to comb your palms, first choose a round-headed comb, not a sharp comb, to avoid scratching your skin.

Then, apply a layer of skin care oil on the palm to achieve the effect of lubricating the comb and the palm.

Finally, start combing your palms in order, combing from top to bottom, then horizontally from right to left, and then combing clockwise once, and the other way around.

Daily adherence to massage can achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and curing diseases.

  What should I pay attention to when buying a good comb?

  First of all, it depends on the density of the comb. The denser the hair, the greater the gloss.

First, look at the material of the comb.

There are wooden, plastic, rubber and aluminum, but the effect is almost the same.

However, you must use a metal comb for wigs.

Also look at combing hair.

The damage to the hair is caused by animal hair, preferably pig hair. Plastic or nylon materials are likely to cause static electricity, and will also cause hair knots and damage to the hair scales.

Finally, pay attention to the comb teeth.

If you choose to have the original particles wrapped in the front end, do not choose the sharp ones, which will hurt the scalp, so the rounder the better, and the effect of massaging the scalp.

  Various combs are introduced as generous combs: they are used to smooth the hair when it is suitable for dry hair.

  Round bristle comb: can straighten hair, or blow out a little arc.

Please pay attention to blowing and rolling while combing.

  Semi-circular bristle comb: strong pulling force, can tightly grasp the scalp, suitable for people with slight natural curls to straighten their hair, and when they want to blow their hair out of the curve.

  Round bristles for straight blowing: Because of its high density and strong pulling force, it can be used to blow straight. Generally, the density will increase, and the hair will be brighter. If the density is looser, the hair will not be shiny.

11-style yoga that instantly rejuvenates


11-style yoga that instantly rejuvenates

Tired body to work every day?

Lost and focused?

can not work?

Please try the following fitness yoga exercises that will refresh you, so that you can beat pajamas and tiredness, and shake your mind every day.

  1. Stand in a mountain position, put your hands together and put your chest in front, relax your hips, widen the front of your chest, merge your legs or open your feet to the same width as the back, open your ten toes, and press your feet firmly on the mat.

  2. Extending inhaling in a mountain style, looking up with your hands folded up.

  3, stand forward and slowly exhale, bend and align, keep a long spine, open your hands on the floor, if your hands can not touch the floor, you can open your legs or keep bent, relax slightly and hang down naturally.

  4. Put your hands next to the soles of your feet, step your right foot backwards, hold your toes on the ground, hold your hands slightly, inhale, step on your left foot firmly, and then push the back of your right thigh hard into the sky and step on your left slowlyMove slowly just above the heel.

  5, flat-type right foot, left leg close to the right leg, legs straight to the sky, arms straight up to support the body, the distance between the two hands to maintain the same width with the shoulder, ten fingers should be fully open,Hold the mat firmly, the fold line in front of the wrist is parallel to the ground, try to lengthen the cervical spine, keep the head and body in a straight line, and pull the tail inward.

  6, relax at eight o’clock, look at the front, stare under your knees, and extend your body forward. With your hands and toes at the same time, slowly put the top and chin on the floor, keep it raised and avoid keeping it open.

  7, eyes snake-like instep on the ground, hands and palms moved to both sides, look naturally up, inhale while using the power of both hands to roll up the upper body, take advantage of the chest to open back, stretch the spine, pay attention to the tail spineClose up, don’t lift your butt up, reduce the pressure on the lower back.

  8. The lower dog-type heel slowly stepped on the ground, using both hands to support the body and lift it upwards, keeping the legs as wide as the pelvis. If you straighten your legs, it will be hard and you can bend. The most important thing isTo stretch the back thigh muscles, step forward to the highest position and stay for 3-5 breaths.

  9. In the starting style, lift the heel off the ground, straighten and bend, pull upwards, step forward with your right foot between the hands, bend your knees, and stretch it directly above the pedals.Close to the front, use your toes to dig, and use your fingertips to keep your shoulders wide.

  10. Stand forward and slowly exhale while standing. Bend your left foot forward and merge with your right foot. Bend and bend. Put your palms on the floor. Keep your feet apart or keep them bent. Relax and hang down naturally.

  11, the mountain-like extension of the feet merge or separate, ten toes toe open forcefully, inhale, hands raised up, the body lifted up, both hands extended upwards to close the palms, eyes looked at the hands, stretched the spine.