Yutong Technology (002831): Emerging Market Layout Can Be Expected in Reduction of Large Customer Dependence

Yutong Technology (002831): Emerging Market Layout Can Be Expected in Reduction of Large Customer Dependence
Brief evaluation of performance In 2018, the company achieved revenue / net profit of 85.78 ppm / 9.4.6 billion, an increase of 23 each year.47% / 1.47%, achieving full diluted EPS2.36 yuan, lower than market expectations.The company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 6 to every 10 shares for all shareholders.00 yuan (including tax), and 12 shares for every 10 shares. Operating analysis Revenue grew steadily, and Q4’s net profit growth rate turned positive.In 2018, the company’s revenue growth rate remained stable in the quarter, but its net profit attributable to its mother continued to grow negatively in the first three quarters.After entering the second half of the year, benefiting from the sharp depreciation of the RMB and maintaining a long-term high in Q4, the company’s exchange loss benefits from the beginning of the period.07 trillion, significantly decreased to 843.930,000 yuan.Q3 and Q4 financial expense ratios decreased by 2 respectively.04 points.And 0.5 points., Helped the company to achieve positive return to net profit growth in Q4, reaching 25.63%. The diversified customer structure has reduced dependence on the largest customer, and the new business model has achieved initial results.Last year, the company vigorously promoted new businesses such as tobacco, alcohol and cosmetics packaging on the basis of the continuous consumer electronics box packaging business.It achieved in-depth development of Xiaomi within the past year and developed new customers such as Google, Amazon, Dyson, Maotai, Wuliangye and Sichuan Tobacco.Benefiting from diversified businesses, the company’s top five customers accounted for 13 declines.44 points., Of which North America’s largest customer accounted for a decline of more than 7pct.At present, the company’s downstream customers are increasingly decentralized, and the operating risk of over-reliance on large customers is gradually decreasing.Within the last year, the company’s Internet printing platform has made great progress, and its revenue has grown by multiples.The company’s supply capacity for personalized, customized and one-stop procurement requirements for small and micro enterprise customers is continuously improving.This year, the company will continue to integrate resources to deepen the supply chain platform layout, establish cooperative alliances through integrated platforms, and initially build an ecological chain system for the printing industry. Expansion of convertible bonds to be issued and advancement of layout.On March 23, the company announced that it plans to raise 1.4 billion US dollars through the issuance of convertible debts. The raised funds will also improve the internal productivity distribution while also planning to raise 1.US $ 7.8 billion invested in overseas production bases in Vietnam and Indonesia.We believe that after the successful issuance of the convertible bonds, the company will further expand its overseas product line and expand its opportunities for rapid growth in new market economies such as Vietnam and Indonesia, continue to expand its business scale and volume, and promote competition in the international market.strength. Profit forecast and investment advice 杭州夜生活网 The company has outstanding advantages in the field of consumer electronics packaging, and has successfully expanded high-end businesses in various fields such as tobacco and alcohol.We predict that the company’s EPS after full dilution in 2019-2021 will be 2 respectively.92/3.75/4.78 yuan (three-year CAGR26.4%), corresponding to PE 20/16/12 times, maintain the company’s “Buy” rating. Risk factors The risk of rising raw material prices; the risk of exchange rate fluctuations; the risk of large customer turnover

Boss Electric (002508): Q3 revenue and net profit growth have increased

Boss Electric (002508): Q3 revenue and net profit growth have increased
The engineering advantage appeared, and the earnings growth rate increased in the third quarter. Maintaining the “Buy” rating company announced the third quarter report for 2019, and the company achieved operating income in Q1-Q3 of 201956.2.5 billion, +4 a year.29%, net profit attributable to mother 10.86 trillion, ten years +7.31%, of which, in the single quarter of 2019Q3, the company achieved operating income of 20.98 trillion, ten years +10.56%, net profit attributable to mother 4.15 yuan, +18 for ten years.20%, single quarter growth rate increased month-on-month, slightly better than our expectations.Considering that there is still pressure in the retail of the kitchen appliance industry, and the company’s engineering channel advantage has hedged the downward impact on retail, we maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 1.72, 2.04, 2.37 yuan, maintaining the company’s “Buy” rating.  Although the kitchen appliance industry is under pressure to adjust, the company may achieve high revenue growth through engineering channels. In Q1-Q3 2019, the company achieved operating income56.2.5 billion, +4 a year.29% in the single quarter of 2019Q3, the company achieved operating income of 20.98 trillion, ten years +10.56%.Although the offline retail of the kitchen appliance industry is under pressure (Aowei Cloud Network data shows that from January to September 2019, the offline retail sales of the kitchen appliance market was 31 billion, which was changed to -11.5%), but since June 2019, real estate completion and sales data have continued to improve month-on-month. The company combines the advantages of the kitchen appliance brand and cooperates closely with the real estate company. The advantage in the kitchen appliance engineering channel is obvious, which is enough to enable the growth of offline retail.Accelerate the downturn, and at the same time drive the company to achieve better performance on the income side in Q3.  Cost dividend, Q3 gross margin increased by 2.62PCT company achieved gross profit of 55 in Q1-Q3 2019.04北京夜网%, ten years +1.74PCT.Among them, in the single quarter of 2019Q3, the company’s gross profit margin was 55.69%, ten years +2.62PCT.Benefiting from the continuous decline in the cost of cold-rolled sheet and copper and other raw materials since 2019, the company’s costs have dropped and the product’s gross profit margin has increased.According to Wind data, from January to September 2019, the average price of cold-rolled sheet and the average price of copper respectively became -19.4%, -6.8%.In the short term, the company is expected to continue to share dividends from the increase in product gross profit margins due to lower costs.  Cost rate during Q3 is -1 per second.07 PCT, the high growth rate of engineering channels, reducing the sales expenses of the company during the period of Q1 to Q3 2019.15%, basically the same (of 佛山桑拿网 which the cost of Q3 in a single season is 32.43% a year -1.07PCT).Among them, the Q1-Q3 company’s selling expenses were 27.68% every year -0.04PCT (Affected by the improvement of engineering channels, the Q3 single-quarter sales expense rate was -0 per second.94PCT), company management and R & D expenses6.53% every year -0.34PCT, the company’s financial expenses are -5957.390,000 yuan (mainly interest income).In summary, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in Q1-Q3 201910.86 trillion, ten years +7.31%.  The brand advantage wins engineering channel recognition, and the company is expected to maintain a differentiated growth rate ahead of us. We maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021.72, 2.04, 2.The forecast of 37 yuan, as of October 28, 2019, the average PE of comparable companies in the kitchen appliance industry in 2019 is expected to be 18.82x.Considering that the company is a leader in kitchen appliances, its brand strength is ahead of its engineering channel advantage, and it is expected to achieve more stable revenue and net profit growth under the pressure of the retail end of the kitchen appliance industry. At the same time, the company actively promotes new product development and channel sink, In the future kitchen electricity inventory game to maintain the leading edge, recognition given to the company in September 2019.0-21.0x PE, corresponding to the target price of 32.68?36.12 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk Warning: Competition in the kitchen appliance market is intensifying.Unfavorable price fluctuations of raw materials, etc.The impact of the land cycle is greater than expected.

Yoga methods help you relax

Yoga methods help you relax

(1) Training method: It is called relaxation training or relaxation training.

Consciously control autopsychological and physiological activities, reduce the level of arousal, improve the training of the body’s distortion function, and relax the spirit.

The main method is to achieve a relaxed, quiet and natural state of relaxation through yoga’s adjustment of posture (adjusting body), breathing (adjusting breath), and mind (adjusting heart).

Modern scientific research shows that yoga relaxation reduces the level of cerebral cortex in the relaxed state, reduces the excitability of the sympathetic nervous system, reduces energy consumption, increases blood oxygen saturation, increases hemoglobin content and oxygen carrying capacity, improves digestive function, andMyoelectricity, skin electricity, and skin temperature promote a series of nutritional responses, which can greatly improve the function of the body, prevent and treat diseases, and prolong life. It can also improve perception, memory, thinking, mood, personality and other psychological qualities.

  (2) Sleep-inducing method: it is called relaxation hypnosis or relaxation-inducing method.

The relaxation instruction was given to make the subject lie still and slightly closed his eyes, take a deep breath, inhale slowly, calm down, pay attention to the breathing rhythm; designate whole body relaxation, and experience the weakness and comfort after the whole body muscles relax.

At the same time, it implied: “After the whole body muscles relax, the spirit is fully relaxed, the limbs can no longer move, the eyes can’t open, and the brain doesn’t want to sleep anymore, let’s sleep!

Go to sleep
I fell asleep, completely relaxed and relieved .

“(3) Artistic conception: It is called mental relaxation or imaginative relaxation.

Like lying down, self-conscious imagination: there are silhouettes in my heart, the flat lake is like a mirror, clear and peaceful; a beautiful swan floats over the lake, and the white snowflakes in the sky gently fall; beautiful, golden sunriseA farmer is plowing the field, a horse is driving the car; a cow is standing peacefully, a peacock is opening the screen; the waves are rising on the ocean, and the children are playing; clear blue sky with white clouds floating on their headsPass; I feel relaxed and comfortable in this poetic painting, I feel extra relaxed, comfortable and happy; I am intoxicated, and my heart is very quiet.

Finger wipes can calm and soothe pain

Finger wipes can calm and soothe pain

The application method is gentle and comfortable, has sedative sedation, soothes and relieves pain, and enhances skin elasticity.

Applied on the head and face, it has sedative sedation and calming nerves. It is often used to treat colds, headaches, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. It is used to broaden the qi, and is often used to treat chest tightness and asthma. It is applied to the palm.It is usually used to treat numbness of palms, soreness, etc. It has the effects of relieving muscles and collaterals, activating qi and activating blood.

  For self-care massage, you can use the index finger, middle finger, ring finger of the forefinger to stick to the forehead skin, three fingers close together, fingertips up, from the eyebrows to both foreheads, one-way wiping method can enhance skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

You can also do front and back movements on the top of the head and wipe up and down on the pillow to manipulate the sedative and calming effects.

The general frequency is 100-120 times / minute, each time lasting 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times can be.

  Pay attention to the fingertips during operation. Keep your fingertips firmly against the skin. Do not touch the skin (including the scalp) with your nails. If the skin is dry, apply a small amount of body lotion or lintel powder to the skin to reducefriction.

Unscientific sleep habits carefully reduce life

Unscientific sleep habits carefully reduce life

Humans spend at least a quarter of their total daily time on sleep. The main effects of sleep are: 1. Eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength; 2. Protect the brain and restore vitality; 3. Rehabilitate the body and enhance immunity4. Promote growth and help growth; 5. Delay aging and prolong life; 6. Protect human mental health; 7. Help skin regeneration and beauty.

  However, unscientific sleep habits not only fail to achieve sleep function, but also damage health.

The following are various incorrect sleeping habits, and some may be changed.

  Covering the bed with inhalation of filth When sleeping, use a quilt to cover your head. The absorbed and exhaled air is limited to the small space of the quilt.After waking up the next day, I will feel dizzy, weak, and mentally distressed.

  Sleeping off-the-shoulders with cold and cold weather, especially in winter, if sleeping off-the-shoulders, the evil of wind and cold can easily invade human joints, causing local meridian bones, stagnation, blood stasis, and joint pain and soreness.

Elderly patients with rheumatism should pay special attention to blood loss when wearing a watch. Sleeping on a watch can easily affect local blood circulation, especially the luminous watch. Its luminous material also has a certain radiation effect on the human body. Urine caused by urination and sleep contains urea.Uric acid and various toxic metabolites, if urine accumulates in the body for too long, these toxic substances may have harmful effects on the body and may cause cystitis and urethritis.

  Urinary urination is about to cause the urine in the bladder to flow back to the kidneys, causing a series of unsuitable symptoms such as chills, fever, urgency, dysuria, waist pain, fatigue and fatigue.

  Breasts do not cause breast disease. Wearing a bra to sleep can make people feel locally oppressed, which can easily lead to breast lobular hyperplasia, breast cancer and other breast diseases.

  Open mouth injury during sleep and lungs and stomach Open mouth during sleep, easy to inhale cold air and dust, hurt lungs and stomach.

  Although the tonic supplements can be used to nourish the body, they are not always available, especially before bedtime.

The heart rate of a person slows down during sleep, and the plasma-like substances in some supplements cause hemodynamic abnormalities and cause cerebral thrombosis.

Yam and green bamboo shoots fried chicken liver to improve skin color

Yam and green bamboo shoots fried chicken liver to improve skin color

Chinese yam is a tonic and tonic that is highly respected by traditional Chinese medicine.

Chicken liver cancer, such as iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A and B vitamins, is even beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen, and it is also the food of choice for nourishing blood.

Green bamboo shoots are a potential fiber beauty vegetable.

The three are used together to nourish qi and blood, and improve the skin’s moisturizing feeling and color.

  Prepare yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver, salt, monosodium glutamate, broth, and starch.

First yam and green bamboo shoots are peeled, washed and cut into strips.

Wash the chicken liver with water and cut into pieces.

Then yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver and other raw materials are boiled with boiling water.

Finally, put some cooking oil in the pot, add an appropriate amount of broth, add all the ingredients after seasoning, stir fry a few times, and eat after simmering.

  Tips When eating fried chicken liver with yam and green bamboo shoots, be sure not to drink coffee or strong tea before and after meals to avoid affecting the absorption of nutrients in food.

If you don’t have chicken liver, you can also choose pork liver or duck liver instead.

Cancer treatment medication experience, very rare, take notes down

Cancer treatment medication experience, very rare, take notes down

1, Prunella: contraction lymphoma or other cancer caused by lymphadenopathy, the usual amount of 30–100 grams.

Take its detoxification effect.

2, smallpox: In general, the cancer tumor block is broken, and the disease is slightly thicker and smelly.

Such as breast cancer, skin cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and so on.

The dosage is generally 15-60 grams, taking the work of reducing swelling and draining pus.

In addition, it is used in various types of cancer to cause dry throat, thirst, sore throat effect, taking its heat and fluid effect.

3, saponin thorn: for the cancer lumps are not broken or have been ruptured, the unbroken people lead to dissipate, the pus is introduced.

The usual amount is 30–60 grams, and the amount is small.

4, Spatholobus suberectus and Shi Wei: These two flavors are the opposite drugs, used for chemotherapeutic chemotherapy to treat blood cells caused by cancer.

This is the experience of Shen Shaogong’s family, verified in clinical, and can withstand repetition.

Whether it is white blood cells or red blood cells, etc. reduce the uniformity.

The commonly used amount of 15 grams of Spatholobus suberectus, 10 grams of Shi Wei, Shi Wei can not be used in large quantities, it is irritating to the kidney.

Because it is a family biography, the mechanism of drug use cannot be explained.

5, Shichangpu and Yujin: used to improve the depression of cancer patients, is the medicine passed by Shen, I added to the treatment of cancer prescriptions, the depression of the face, pessimistic cancer patients did play a relief role.

The usual amount is 10 grams per dose.

6, Shanci mushroom: Modern medicine confirmed that Shanshen mushroom is a rare and effective drug for the treatment of cancer.

Can treat a variety of cancers, such as esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pregnancy, and adenocarcinoma. It has a small toxicity, the dosage should not be too large, and general powder application, about 6–15 grams, I often use it as a basic treatment for cancer, basically everyFang will add.

7, oysters, Zhejiang Fritillaria, Scrophulariaceae: This three-flavored drug is not only Cheng Zhongling’s Xiaoyan Pill, and most of the cancers that have not been ulcerated are used, the effect is extraordinary.

General dosage: 30 grams of raw oysters, 15 grams of Scrophulariaceae, 6–12 grams of Fritillaria, and the best application of raw oysters and Fritillaria.

Fritillaria can also be used to replace Fritillaria, Fritillaria and Fritillaria, but Chuanbei is expensive.

The effect of the large shellfish is better.

I am trying to apply now, and the price is cheaper.

8, raw jaundice: raw jaundice has the effect of toxins and muscles, indeed the cancer of the real cold and hot can be applied.

The general dosage is 30-200g. The dosage of ulceration should be larger. For example, the treatment of diabetes has been ulcerated and ulcerated. The application amount is more than 100g. At the same time, the infusion of Astragalus injection is 30ml, which is equivalent to 60g of crude drug.

We generally use it as a basis for treating various cancers as a driving force for various anticancer drugs.

9, Agrimony: Modern medical research has its anti-cancer effect, I use it as the basis for the treatment of various cancers.

The dosage ranges from 15 to 100 grams. The crane grass is not only a medicine for stopping bleeding and collecting blood. Its tonic effect is also macro, and it has a hormone-like effect. The ancestors hope that the crane grass is a hormone in Chinese herbal medicine.

, 10, raw coix seed: modern research can treat a variety of cancer, I basically use each side to treat cancer, the usual amount of 30 grams.

Sometimes cancer patients are treated with hazelnut porridge every morning instead of breakfast.

It can both increase nutrition and fight cancer, killing two birds with one stone.

11, Hedyotis diffusa and Scutellaria barbata: two drugs are recognized as one of the effective drugs for the treatment of cancer in the medical world, and can treat a variety of cancers.

However, the amount must be increased, the minimum of 30 grams of base, the maximum can be applied to 200 grams.

When combined with other drugs, it generally does not exceed 100 grams. The two drugs are light and occupy space.

I use this medicine, usually I grab it with a big hand, I don’t have to weigh it at all, and I often exceed the actual weight.

12, armor: take the nature of its dispersal, mostly used to treat diabetes and liver cancer, the effect is quite good.

Because of its soft and hard, more powder application, generally 6–15 grams.

13, dandelion: take it to clear away heat and detoxification without hurting the stomach, often used for breast cancer, gastric cancer, adjuvant treatment of esophageal cancer, the dosage is mostly 15-100 grams, and the effect of cancer with infection is better.

In particular, cancer patients use chemotherapy, stomach injury diet is difficult to enter, and at this time with infection, dandelion without hurting the stomach just came in handy.14, defeated grass, raw earthworms, Sophora flavescens: This three flavors are mainly used for patients with intestinal cancer, the amount of succulent grass is generally 30–60 grams, the amount of Sophora flavescens is reduced, generally 10 grams can be, the amount is large.

The raw earthworm is generally used in an amount of 15-30 g, especially for intestinal cancer with bleeding.

15, Wulingzhi.

Silkworm, Asarum, Xu Changqing: These four drugs are mainly used for pain relief in cancer.

Wulingzhi and silkworm can apply the pain of various cancers.

The dosage is generally not more than 10 grams.

This is also derived from Shen Shao’s experience in treating cancer. It is indeed effective and used repeatedly.

Asarum is good at treating headaches caused by brain tumors, or other cancers that cause headaches.

The dosage is generally between 10 and 30 grams.

When it exceeds 10 grams, it should be fried for more than 40 minutes.

The toxin of Asarum is mainly contained in volatile oil, and generally does not cause toxic side effects after long-term decoction.

Xu Changqing has the effects of calming and relieving pain. The general dosage is about 15 grams.

16, Yuan Hu Yuchuan Scorpion: This two drug phase and Jin Lingzi San, mainly used for pain caused by various cancers.

The pain relief effect is well recognized.

General application Yuanhu 10-20 grams of Chuanxiong 10 grams; Yuan Hu style is hard, it is more difficult to find the active ingredients, should be powdered and washed, Chuanxiongzi has a small amount of poison should not be too large.

17, Shandougen and 蚤休: mainly used for the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, parotid gland cancer, etc., the root of the bean is small, the amount is more than 15 grams, the squat is also known as the heavy building, the seven leaves and one branchFlowers, expensive in recent years, hard texture, more powder application, generally about 6-10 grams.

Fle can also be used to treat other cancers, especially with the effect of infection. 18, seaweed and licorice: This drug is used for various cancers to show a hard mass and better effect.

Seaweed 15-30 grams; raw licorice 5-10 grams.

“Materia Medica” eighteen anti-words: “seaweed anti-grass.

However, the doctors of the past generations started from the clinic and proved that the two drugs are applied at the same time. Not only have no side effects, but the treatment effect is particularly good.

For example, treatment of breast hyperplasia, diabetes, thyroid cancer, thyroid tumors, and the like.

19, Danshen: a blind Danshen, Gongtong four things, blood stasis, soothe the nerves.

It is an ideal auxiliary anticancer drug.

A typical dosage of 30 grams is used as a basic treatment for various cancers, and it is essential for each side of cancer treatment.

20, generation of meteorite: This drug does not seem to have anti-cancer work, but can treat nausea caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, rejection of vomiting and iron deficiency anemia.

Can also be used with other drugs for the treatment of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, the general dosage of about 30 grams, I usually only take 5-10 grams of anemia, take the iron to iron effect.

Because the meteorite is iron ore.

21, Sanqi: In modern times, it has anti-cancer properties, and various cancers can be used.

But we use it more for hemostasis and pain relief.

Use 6-10 grams, divide into two servings.

22, Solanum: Modern research on its treatment of bladder cancer and intestinal cancer and other effects are better, I am mostly used for intestinal cancer, the amount of 15–30 grams, there is a small poison, can not suddenly apply large doses, should be gradual.

23, Money Grass: Modern medicine proves that it treats liver cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer have good effects, the dosage should be large, and the small is invalid.

More than 50 grams more, the thickness of this drug is gentle, and the drug takes up space.

24, Houttuynia and Reed Root: I use this two drugs to treat ulcers, but also beneficial to the effect of water, used to prevent pleural effusion caused by prevention.

The dosage is more than 30 grams.

How to exercise shoulder muscles

How to exercise shoulder muscles

The front of the deltoid muscle is lifted in the front and the legs are erect, and the chest is abdomen.

Both hands are holding a dumb or barbell, and the arms are hanging down in front of the legs.

  During the movement, the straight arm holds the bell up and is raised slightly above the shoulder.

Rest for a second, then straighten the arm and let it down to the front of the leg.

If you use a dumbbell, you can do it once and for all, and alternately.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that the main body is kept upright when lifting and placing, the arms are kept straight, and the mind is concentrated on the deltoid muscle.

  The middle part of the deltoid muscle is flat and the two feet are naturally open. The dumbbells are held in both hands and hang down the body.

  During the movement, the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the straight arm is lifted up to the side until it is slightly above the shoulder, and it is still for one second, and then the arms are slowly lowered to the drooping position.

  Breathing method is inhaling when lifting, and exhaling when standing still.

Inhale when descending and exhale when you fall completely.

  Note that when lifting and tilting, keep your whole body upright, do not rock and bend, and keep your arms straight.

  The initial posture of the one-arm side flat pull of the middle part of the deltoid muscle is erect, and one foot is placed on one end of a grip rubber strip of the tension device.

The other hand is inserted at the waist.

During the movement process, the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the tension or the rubber strip is pulled to the side above the shoulder.

The other hand pushes the waist firmly to maintain balance.

After pulling up to the highest point, stand still for one second, then, under the control of the deltoid muscle, let the tension spring or rubber strip slowly retract to the starting position.

Repeatedly practicing one shoulder has been unable to pull up and change to another shoulder.

  Breathing method Inhale when pulling up, exhale after reaching the top.

Inhale as expected, exhale after falling to the end.

Note that when you pull up, your body should not sway.

This action can also be done with dumbbells and sideways.

  The posterior side of the deltoid muscle is flattened and the two legs are opened. The forward flexion is 90 degrees, the dumbbells are held in both hands, and the two arms are straight down the shoulder.

  During the movement process, the posterior part of the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the straight arm lifts the dumbbell from both sides until it is parallel to the ground.

Stand still for a second, then let the arms slowly fall down.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that when lifting and lowering the dumbbell, the whole body remains stable and does not swing.

The mind is concentrated in the back of the deltoid muscle.

Before lifting, you should completely relax. When you reach the highest point, you should completely shrink.

This action can also be done on the bench.

  The posterior erectus of the deltoid muscle begins to pull the barbell from the ground to the chest and stands upright.

  During the movement, the arms are pushed straight up until they are completely straight, and they are still for one second, so that the barbell slowly steps on the chest.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that when lifting and lowering the barbell, the body should not swing.

This action also has an interventional effect on the upper arm triceps.

If the barbell is tilted to the back of the neck, there is a size exercise on the back of the deltoid muscle, called the posterior neck press.

The press on the chest and back of the neck can also be done on the bench.

Dumbbells can also be used, with the left and right arms alternately pushing up and aligning at the same time. In doing so, you can inhale when pushing up and aligning, and exhale when you are still.

Spring baby eczema is high, what can be done to ease

Spring baby eczema is high, what can be done to ease

Reduce friction and external stimuli: The milk remaining after the baby is eating is easy to irritate the baby’s skin, so be sure to scrub it after feeding.

It is best to reduce the minimum friction during scrubbing. Parents can attach the wet wipes and then remove them directly.

The weather is hot, the baby sweats more, need to use some talcum powder, often change clothes and scarves.

Baby clothes should be made of cotton. The choice of clothes is better, loose cotton, soft cotton clothing, even bedding, furniture decoration, etc. should try to avoid skin irritation, skin should not directly contact wool, nylon, cowboyArtificial or rough fibers such as cloth to reduce the occurrence of eczema.

Pay attention to the hygiene of the baby: use soap as little as possible, and do not use alkaline soap.

Except for the baby’s face oil, do not use any cosmetics; do not wear chemical fiber, wool clothes, soft cotton cloth is appropriate, clothes should be loose, do not wear too much cover; to avoid scratching the skin infection, softBuxong wrapped his hands, but you should observe it carefully to prevent the thread from wrap around the fingers; the suede formed in the scalp and eyebrows can be coated with poisonous cooking oil, and then scrubbed the next day; in the case of eczema, do notVaccination to avoid adverse reactions.

Using Aiye soaking water to clean the affected area or the whole body of Ai is a common Chinese herbal medicine in China. It is green and non-toxic, and has obvious effects on infant eczema.

Spring and summer are the seasons of infant eczema, and it is also the season when wormwood is grown. The countryside can be wormwood everywhere.

If there is no condition to pick Ai Ye, you can also buy Ai Yu baby blister bag made by Ai Ye, which is quite good for the treatment and prevention of infant eczema.

If the baby’s eczema is severely severe, it is necessary to go to the Children’s Hospital in a timely manner to avoid the delay of the disease and bring more threats to the health of the baby.

Drug supplements should conform to seasonal characteristics

Drug supplements should conform to seasonal characteristics

People are always used to tonic in the winter, but they need to be tonic all year round.

The human body is undergoing metabolism at all times, and it absorbs, consumes and stores nutrients. Only when it reaches the balance of absorption, consumption and storage can it be healthy and longevity.

Humans and nature are closely related organisms. Different seasons, the body’s metabolism level is also different. Therefore, drug supplementation should adopt different methods according to the different seasons of yin and yang.

In the selection of tonic drugs for nourishment, according to the characteristics of the four seasons climate, grasp the intrinsic relationship between the four seasons climate and the human organs and tissues, and rationally choose the tonic and tonic methods.

  1, spring medicine tonic in the “liter” spring is the beginning of all things, the natural yang rises, a variety of biological growth and development, health people should follow the characteristics of spring to supplement, protect the body’s yang, make yangFill up.

When supplementing with drugs, you should follow the changes in nature, take some medicines that are suitable for sputum, and try not to take drugs that converge on acid and sputum.

Especially in the early spring season when the spring is cold and steep, although the yang is not moving, the tonic should be warmer.

  In the spring, the function of the organs of the organs is active, and it is necessary to supplement a large amount of nutrients, so that the body’s activities and the needs of human growth and development.

Spring tonic should focus on nourishing the liver and protecting the liver. The purpose is to help the yang to rise and the liver to vent.

Sour human liver, and has astringent, is not conducive to the rise of yang and liver gas evacuation, will affect the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

  Commonly used tonic in the spring are yam, scutellaria, American ginseng, medlar, wind, and citron.

For those who have hyperthermia in spring, people with enough body fluid need to take cold medicine to nourish yin and fluid.

In addition, the south is rainy and rainy in the spring, alternating cold and warm weather, moisture and spleen, suitable for supplementing spleen and dampness tonic, such as Codonopsis, Coix seed (glutinous rice), 茯苓 (cloud).

  2, summer medicine tonic in the “clear” summer weather is hot, yang transpiration, the body’s metabolism is in a strong period, difficult to apply.

Coupled with the fact that there are more perspirations in the summer, it is easier to consume qi and yin. If it encounters rainy days, the human body is easily attacked by wind, cold and dampness.

Due to the characteristics of heat and dampness, the spleen and stomach are easily trapped during the summer season, often causing people’s loss of appetite.

Therefore, the purpose of summer tonic is to clarify the air, clear the heat, focus on raising the heart and spleen, tonic medicine should be Ganping, Ganliang, replenishing Qi and qi and gas, and then add some functions of heat and dampness.

  Commonly used drugs in summer include chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, lotus seed, mint, yam, medlar, atractylodes, coix seed, and medlar.

  Some patients with chronic diseases, such as bronchitis, only occur in the winter or suddenly in the winter, but do not attack or cause lighter in the summer, you can take the “winter disease summer treatment” method, that is, in the summer tonic, optionalThe medicine for tonifying kidney qi, such as Shenqi tablets, Guben pills, placenta tablets, Ganoderma lucidum solution, Shenqi Baizhu Powder and other proprietary Chinese medicines.

  Because of the hot climate, people like to eat cold and cold things, but various substances can easily hurt the stomach.

Moreover, in the summer, there is a characteristic of an anode in the shade, the yang is shallow and exposed, and it is easy to be injured by the evil spirits, so there is a statement of raising the sun in spring and summer.

If the yang is insufficient, it will easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, in the summer when qi and fluid, you should also pay attention to the health of the spleen and stomach, more suitable drugs are chrysanthemum, musk, Perrin, mung bean and so on.

  People with qi deficiency can choose Buzhong Yiqi Pills, Ginseng Jianpi Pills, Yupingfeng Powder and other proprietary Chinese medicines. People with qi and yin deficiency should choose American ginseng, royal jelly, Shengmai drink and so on.

  3, autumn medicine tonic in the “flat” Chinese medicine believes that, “autumn is the level of the season”, the yang of the natural world gradually converges, the yin gradually increases, the weather gradually changes from the heat, from Yangsheng to YinshengTransition period.

At this time, the yin and yang in the human body also showed a change of “yin and yang”.

Because the climate is cool and dryness is prevalent, people feel dry lips, dry throat, and dry skin, indicating that dryness can consume body fluid.

In the autumn, the weight of the tonic is to raise the lungs, so as to facilitate the accumulation of yin and yang, and the purpose of lung qisu.


“Hidden Gas Law” said: “The lungs fall in the autumn. The lungs are intended to be harvested, and the acid is used to receive it. It is not suitable to use acid to raise the health. When it is tonic, it is mainly Gan Runping. This is the autumn”Make up.”

  In the autumn, the lung-raising drugs include Codonopsis, Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Pseudostellariae, Dendrobium, Polygonatum, and Fritillaria.

  Because the dryness of autumn is easy to damage the body’s body fluid, the dry population, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat, Shaojin on the tongue, dry stool, dry skin, and even chapped.

Therefore, avoid excessively pungent or spicy when tonic.

In addition to appropriate consumption of some vitamins, you can take Xuanfei Huatan, Ziyin Yiqi Chinese medicine, such as American ginseng, ginseng, almond, sand ginseng, lily, Sichuan Fritillaria, etc., have a good effect on relieving autumn dryness.

  4, winter medicine tonic in the “Zi” winter yang stagnation, strong yin, all things closed, the body’s metabolism is slow, physiological functions are inhibited, contraction, reduce state.

If the drug is used to supplement the human body, then the replenishing effect of the drug often has a tendency to boost, which will greatly enhance the activity of the human body and enhance the vitality of the function of the viscera.

Therefore, winter has been the tonic season that people are best at.

The folks have the custom of “winter supplements three or nine”, “three nine supplements one winter, no pain in the coming year”, winter is the best season for medicine.The winter medicine supplement is in the kidney, the purpose is to accumulate yin, hidden yang, and close the kidney.

  The most suitable time for winter tonic is the winter solstice.

Because the winter solstice is the dividing line of climate change in winter and March, from then on, the yin begins to recede, and the yang begins to rise. At this time, the tonic can help to strengthen the foundation and cultivate vitality, so that there is a lively life in the closed.

  The medicines for winter medicine are antler, cinnamon, longan, Polygonum, ginseng, Cordyceps, Zihe, Bashutian and so on.

  In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, there is a principle of “autumn and nourish yin” in health care. Therefore, people should pay attention to the supplement of Yinjin and eat more warm supplements, which can reach Wenyang and Yin.

However, the winter yin is outside and imaginary, and it is not necessary to warmly add yang. It is also necessary to combine nourishing yin and make yin and yang interact with each other to avoid too much injury.

  In the south, there is less rain in winter and the climate is widely dry. It is suitable for tonic and moisturizing tonic, such as mulberry parasitic, dodder, rehmannia.

  For people with yin deficiency, it is suitable for supplementing nourishing Yin fluid. The medicines that can be supplemented include Rehmannia glutinosa, Ejiao, Polygonatum, Polygonatum, Tortoiseshell, Ligustrum lucidum, Asparagus and so on.

People with yin deficiency can make up for nourishing yin in the “summer solstice-yin life”; people with yang deficiency can make up the impotence in the “winter solstice-yangsheng”.

  ”Qianjinyifang” advocates “taking two or three doses of medicinal liquor in winter and stopping when it is spring.”

The types of tonic medicinal liquors include tiger bone wine, ten full-bodied wine, yam wine, alcoholism, barley wine, ginseng medicinal liquor, ginseng medicinal liquor, and cordyceps liqueur.

Take 1 per day?
2 times, about 25 grams each time.

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