How do newlyweds deal with sex?

How do newlyweds deal with sex?

Many newlyweds deal with disharmony on sexual issues and even mentally torture each other.

  What is the reason?

The key is that they violated some taboos in the family sex activities in family life, and violated the three taboos of new marriage sex.

  Sexual suspicion Liu Jun is a business executive of a company. He is young and handsome, and has strong ability to handle matters. The company often sends him on a business trip.

This made his newlywed wife very troubled, for fear of being handsome and he was seduce by other women.

  Therefore, the wife took the following positive “preventions” against him: reduction, whenever Liu Jun is going on a business trip, his wife always takes the initiative to show love, one is to express true love, to bind Liu Jun with love; the second is to go outBefore feeding Liu Jun “feeding”, in case he was derailed in a whim.

At the same time, whenever Liu Jun came back on a business trip, his wife was waiting for it with enthusiasm. He often couldn’t wait to have a good time with Liu Jun. The meaning was that he would win a new marriage, “sexual interest”; second, he couldChecking whether the husband has lost to her outside, even this method is not scientific but just a feeling of oneself.

If Liu Jun’s return is not good, her heart will be guilty: Does the husband have an affair outside?

  Once, because of the mistaken time, Liu Jun returned to the middle of the night, and the journey of the day was too tired. After a simple wash, he wanted to sleep.

But the wife also needs to supplement her sex-checking procedure. Liu Jun has no intention of sweeping his wife’s interest, and he will fight hard to make love.

Failure due to oxidant failure.

Liu’s wife is not happy, and the suspicion that has long been hidden in her heart suddenly becomes a bonfire.

Seeing his wife is not considerate at all, he suspects that he has an affair, and thinks that he has been working hard outside the home is not for this family, Liu Jun suddenly angered.

For a moment, the two men quarreled.

  After the event, the two surrounded the Cold War and the family’s warmth was gone.

Liu Jun’s difference still has to come out, but everything has changed, and the marriage building is in jeopardy.

  Opinion: As a wife, you should trust your husband and believe in the husband’s sexual ethics.

This is also the embodiment of self-confidence.

If there is no suspicion, it will only cause irritation and injury, resulting in a gap between husband and wife.

Moreover, mutual trust between husband and wife is the minimum requirement for an increasingly marital relationship and the basis of love.

If the foundation is shaken, everything else becomes meaningless and marriage will also face disintegration.

  Sexual drama has passed the head Ayan is cheerful and likes to make jokes.

On the wedding night, she and her groom, A Xiang, went to bed, her eyes closed slightly, and the face was flushed, welcoming the arrival of the lost moment of happiness.

I didn’t think that the thing of the husband was really disappointing. At the touch of a hair, the first time I made love, I failed.

Her first expectation suddenly fell through, and she was naturally somewhat dissatisfied.

I can watch my husband, A Xiang, panting and screaming like a wrong thing. I feel funny: “I didn’t expect you to be such a man.”

“A slogan made Axiang shy and difficult, and he felt that his hero was short-lived.”

Later, when I have sex, poor Axiang always thinks of her words unconsciously. The spirit is always tense, and often it is impossible to defeat the army.

After a long time, I suffered from severe premature ejaculation.

  In fact, Ayan understands that her husband’s premature ejaculation is too nervous. However, such a joke has caused such great mental pressure and serious consequences for her husband that she did not expect it, and it also left a shadow on her marriage life. She regretted it.

Later, after the counseling and treatment of the psychiatrist and Ayan’s warm and considerate, her husband Axiang finally revived the glory.

  Opinion: The wife has the right to maintain her husband’s sexual self-esteem. Sexual jokes cannot be overdone.

Although it is unintentional, it sometimes hurts the other’s sexual self-esteem.

People’s sexual psychology is so fragile, especially men’s sexual self-esteem, and small injuries can cause unimaginable fatal injuries.

  Sexual tolerance is too far-fetched Xiaoqiang has made a fortune in recent years.

Wife Xiaomei is trying to prevent “the man is bad when he has money” and thinks that it is taken care of, especially in the sexual life of the couple. She does not want to leave an excuse for “sexual smuggling” because she can’t satisfy her husband in her sexual life.

Therefore, for Xiaoqiang’s demand for sex, Xiaomei is a bit unbearable, but she is also strong, and sometimes she tries to show a very easy look for Bo Xiaoqiang.

When Xiaoqiang reached orgasm, she was physically and mentally exhausted and smiled.  Once, Xiao Qiang was drunk to make love, and she gently cooperated with him as usual.

Perhaps the wine is booming, Xiaoqiang has been going on for a long time, but still feels unhappy, and has been tossing endlessly.

After so many rounds, Xiaomei couldn’t stand it.

She was a little reluctant, not much sexual desire, the strong discomfort and mental pain of the genitals finally made her intolerable, and she pushed her husband away.

From then on, Xiaomei remembered that when she had sex, she was relieved, and she was no longer willing to cooperate as before. The mutual harmony between husband and wife no longer existed.

Computer male anti-static new strategy to resist aging

Computer male anti-static new strategy to resist aging

Although the Internet is not as good as the enemy, it should be done on the face of powerful electromagnetic radiation.

  Electrostatics have complications on the skin. Dermatologists believe that this is because the computer generates static electricity when it is turned on, and the static electricity damages the skin. Static electricity causes the fluorescent screen to absorb dust and dirt, and the distance between the computer family and the computer is often too close.A large amount of dust will fall on the skin, causing pores to clog, pigmentation, and radiation can affect the deformation of the skin, causing acne, dark spots, eye bags, wrinkles, premature aging, excessive oil and other problematic skin types.

And prone to water shortage, pigmentation, dullness, allergies, dry and rough, aging and relaxation, skin itching and so on.

  In addition, the computer family’s main work pressure is high, which may lead to confusion of the internal secretion system, physical and mental dysfunction, dry skin, loss of luster, and accelerated skin aging.

  Therefore, the computer family should first try to avoid sitting in front of the computer for a long time. Every two or three hours of work should be taken off for a while, or you can wash your face in the toilet. Also pay attention to clean the face thoroughly after using the computer every day.In order to prevent the dust absorbed in the bladder from affecting the skin, or a small red rash or erythema.

  Diet therapy improves skin dryness. As for the effects of computer radiation on the skin, there are no clear preventive measures. However, for the dry skin caused by the frequent use of computers, we can also pay attention to supplement nutrition and use in the middle.Anti-radiation cream to improve skin condition.

  Eat more radiation-proof foods, vitamins A, K, E and B vitamins are good helpers for radiation protection. These elements are found in one of these foods, strawberry, milk, egg, liver, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant., lentils, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomatoes, bananas, apples, etc. contain the above ingredients, of which the content of immature strawberries is particularly high, and eating these foods has the function of preventing radiation damage.

  Computers are very harmful to vision. People who use computers often should drink more tea, such as green tea, medlar, chrysanthemum, and cassia seed.

Often drinking chrysanthemum tea can receive the effect of clearing the heart and clearing the eye, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, and also has great benefits for protecting eyesight.

  搽Protective lotion should be coated with pure natural plant green strawberry extracted raspberry polyphenol anti-radiation milk night when it is sitting in front of the computer, because this kind of lotion contains anti-oxidant active substance and vitamin E group can quickly penetrate the skin surface to form protection.The layer, the neutralization radiation (αβγ) effectively isolates 99.

7% electromagnetic wave damage.

It can deeply block skin pigmentation caused by radiation from computers, mobile phones, TVs, etc., with large pores, cracks and oily phenomenon, and fully adjust the pH balance of the skin.

Improve skin irritation and keep skin fresh, clean and moisturized.

Promote the body’s metabolism, eliminate free radicals, effectively remove lipofuscin in the brain and skin and inhibit the synthesis of new lipofuscin, delaying cell aging.

  In addition, you should wash your face immediately after using the computer.

Use a moisturizing skin care product at all times to keep your skin moisturized.

  For people who are “getting along with the computer”, radiation is indeed a worrying “by-product”.

Even if you apply a cream every day, eat a lot of antioxidants, and add a radiation-proof display cover, many people still feel uneasy.

However, British scientists have found that drinking two cups of green tea a day and eating an orange can help people who use computers to resist computer radiation.

  As computers enter the office in large numbers, people have to admit the computer’s pollution to the office environment and the impact on the health of users.

Computer radiation can prevent the synthesis of an enzyme in the body that destroys the medium that transmits information between brain cells.

  In addition to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the computer, the alternating flashing of the computer screen has a stimulating effect on the eyes, causing tears, decreased vision, dizziness and other discomfort.

  A good scientific study into the habit of drinking tea found that people who have the habit of drinking tea are less affected by radiation, the incidence of blood diseases is reduced, and the mortality caused by radiation can also be.

Tea contains anti-radiation substances, which has a significant protective effect on the human hematopoietic function and can reduce the harm of computer radiation.

  In addition, the tea is rich in vitamin A, which can make the eyes look more clearly in the dark, and can prevent night blindness and dry eye.

  Scientists also analyzed that oranges contain antioxidants that boost the body’s immunity and inhibit tumor growth. The antioxidants rank first among all citrus fruits.

At the same time, oranges contain high levels of vitamin A and carotene, which protect the skin of people who regularly use computers.

The natural enemies of the polymer have finally been found, eat a little every day, stay away from cancer and continue life.

The “natural enemies” of the polymer have finally been found, eat a little every day, stay away from cancer and continue life.

Cancer can be said to be the first killer of human health today. In fact, cancer is also a kind of tissue of the human body. It is an abnormal cell. It is a kind of tissue harmful to human body. In fact, there are many anti-cancers around us.Food, eat more of these anti-cancer foods, not only can prevent the help of cancer, but also help us to prolong life, today Xiaobian will share with you.

Soybeans’ “natural enemies” have finally been found, eat a little every day, away from cancer, continuous lentils have spleen and dehumidification, and detoxification.

This product is only used for gastrointestinal tumors with weak spleen and wet turbidity. The lentils can stimulate lymphocytes in the body to transform into tumor-killing cells, which can stimulate the immune system to promote digestion and absorption.

Hericium erinaceus is not only anti-aging but also anti-cancer. Hericium erinaceus is a kind of food with high protein and low fat, which leads to excellent bacteria of mineral resources and multi-vitamins.

Hericium erinaceus contains anti-cancer active substances of polysaccharides, which can increase the naturalness of antibodies, and it is good for most cancers, especially liver cancer, lymphoma, and intestinal cancer, and it is well prepared and resistant.

Grapes contain a compound called resveratrol, which prevents normal cell cancer and inhibits the spread of malignant cells. It has an alternative anti-cancer and anti-cancer function, especially for hepatitis virus and poliovirus.Good killing effect.

Ginger can relieve pain. Ginger can effectively improve immunity and treat diseases such as diarrhea and constipation. Eating ginger can speed up blood flow, reduce high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and effectively prevent free radicals from spreading.

Because garlic contains a variety of anti-cancer substances, it can inhibit the carcinogenic origin of organs such as the liver. Studies have found that if garlic extract is used for experiments, it can inhibit the toxins of malignant tumors and enhance anticancer activity.

Polygonum multiflorum, a Chinese herbal medicine, has anti-aging effects, enhances human immunity, and implants tumors.

Clinically, it is often used to treat various symptoms caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency and duodenal ulcer, indigestion and the like.

Onion carbonized selenium and graphene.

Selenium is an antioxidant that stimulates the body’s immune response, thereby inhibiting the division and growth of vitamins, while also reducing the toxicity of carcinogens.

The bulbin can inhibit the activity of the polymer and prevent the growth of the polymer.

Easy to stay healthy before going to bed

Easy to stay healthy before going to bed

The eight methods of bedtime health care are a kind of benign health care method without side effects. If long-term persistence can promote the metabolism of the whole body, it can positively promote the disease prevention and longevity.


One end of the hand: the index finger of the two hands, the middle finger, the ring finger is bent into 45 degrees, and the scalp is massaged back and forth 1-2 minutes with the nail end at a speed of eight times per second, which can strengthen the blood supply, enhance blood circulation, and accelerate sleep.


Double palms and ears: the thumb sides of the two palms cling to the lower end of the front ear, from bottom to top, from front to back, rubbing the ears for 1-2 minutes.

It can clear the meridians, clear away heat and calm the nerves, and prevent hearing loss.


Double palms: The palms of the hands are close to the face, and all parts are gently wiped at a rate of two times per second for 1-2 minutes to clear the head meridians and promote sleepiness.


揉 颈 neck neck shoulder: that is, the two palms alternately rubbing the neck and shoulder muscles at a speed of twice per minute, focusing on the posterior cervical spine for 1-2 minutes, can relieve fatigue and prevent neck and shoulder fractures.


Push the chest back: the thumb side of the palm of your hand, push the back and front chest from top to bottom at a speed of twice per second, focusing on the front chest and back waist for about 2-3 minutes.Can be strong, healthy waist, dredge the dirty meridians.


Push the legs with both hands: that is, the opposite ends of the lower limbs, close to the upper end of the lower limbs, push the lower limbs up and down for 1 minute at a frequency of one time per second, and then push the other lower limbs for 1 minute according to the method. This method can relieve the fatigue of the lower limbs.Unblock the six meridians.


Exchange the lame: that is, the right foot palm rubs all parts of the left instep, and then uses the left foot to rub all parts of the right instep.

Then use your right heel to rub your left foot.

Then use the left heel to rub the right foot for about 2-3 minutes.

This method can eliminate the fatigue of both feet and penetrate the blood and meridians.


Stacked palms: the two palms overlap the abdomen at a rate of 1-2 times per second, and continue to ring all parts of the abdomen, focusing on the umbilicus and surrounding, for about 2-3 minutes. This method can strengthen the spleen and stomach and promote digestion.absorb.

  When you cast a spell, you need to close your eyes and calm your mind. Your mind is quiet, your tongue is light and topped, your limbs are fully relaxed. The 1-7 method can be used for sitting position, and the eighth method can be used for supine operation.

The anion eight method should be applied close to the skin, and the stronger the penetration, the better.

The eight-law operation time is about 12-18 minutes. The old and the weak can cast 12 minutes. The young and strong people can apply for 18 minutes in a row. After the cast, the limbs are relaxed and should fall asleep safely.

What kind of tea is good in autumn?

8 health teas recommended in the fall!


What kind of tea is good in autumn?
8 health teas recommended in the fall!

Drinking tea has always been a magic weapon for many people to maintain their health.

So, what kind of tea to drink in the fall?

What is suitable for autumn tea?

The following are the recommended 8 autumn health teas.

  1, radish tea tea: 100 grams of white radish, 5 grams of tea, add a small amount of salt.

First wash the white radish slices and boil, add salt to taste (do not put MSG), then use the tea for 5 minutes and then pour it into the radish juice.

  Method of administration: twice a day, no time limit.

  Efficacy: White radish is rich in nutrients, contains calcium and has medicinal value. This autumn health tea has the effect of clearing away heat and removing phlegm. It can be used to clear lung heat, phlegm and dampness, and can be seasoned with less salt.
  2, chrysanthemum tea side: dried chrysanthemum 10g, hazelnut 5g, honey amount.

  Method: Add water to decoction and replace the tea.

  Efficacy: There is a clearing of the liver in the future, the role of clearing heat and relieving depression.

Computer families often suffer from eye fatigue.

  3, tea tea side: take 15g.

  Method: Add water to boil for 30 minutes, and mix with warm tea.

  Efficacy: Gardenia is rich in carotene, vitamin b1, vitamin c, calcium, iron, with liver, kidney, and purpose.

Whether it is brewing tea or chewing directly, it has a good auxiliary treatment effect on the eyes, fatigue and fatigue of the computer family.

  4, Shengjin tea tea: 5 green fruit, golden stone baked, chamomile, bamboo, 6 grams each, Ophiopogon japonicus, mulberry leaves 9 grams, fresh scorpion 10, yellow pear 2, leather 5, fresh reed 2branch.

  Method: Jianshui on behalf of tea.

  Efficacy: Shengjinzhike, nourishing Yin Run.

Applicable to fever, yin, or the elderly yin deficiency, thirst, throat, dry lips and so on.

  5, Lugan honey tea tea: take fresh reed rhizome 25 grams, add the right amount of honey.

  Method: Add a proper amount of hot water to cover and soak for 10 minutes, then use chopsticks and mix well before putting in.

  Efficacy: There is a health and heat, lungs and pharynx.

  6, orange tea tea side: orange red 3-6 grams, 5 grams of green tea.

  Method: brew with boiling water, then put in the pot and steam for 20 minutes and then take it.

1 dose a day, anytime.

  Efficacy: This tea uses orange red to promote qi, eliminate phlegm and relieve cough.

There is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect in tea, so the two flavors are seasoned, and the curd is more effective than the cough.

  7, Mao Gen Yinhua tea tea: 15 grams of silver flower, 25 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae.

  Method: Add 1 liter of water, boil, then season with a proper amount of rock sugar.

  Efficacy: Silver flower can clear away heat and detoxify, and dilute the throat.

It can treat viral influenza, acute and chronic tonsillitis, and periodontitis.

  8, Tremella tea tea: 20 grams of white fungus, 5 grams of tea, 20 grams of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the white fungus first, add water and rock sugar (do not use cotton sugar) to cook; then soak the tea for 5 minutes to juice and into the white fungus soup, stir and take it evenly.

  Efficacy: Suitable for yin deficiency and cough.Tremella is a dual-use tonic for food and medicine. It contains about 10% protein, 65% carbohydrate, 4% inorganic salt. It also contains vitamin E, as well as phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Medicinal medicine has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach and producing fluid.

Tremella with rock sugar can help nourish the lungs, relieve cough and phlegm, with tea to take it away from the fire and dampness, and have anti-inflammatory effects.

When is the spring equinox?

What should I pay attention to in the spring equinox?

When is the spring equinox?
What should I pay attention to in the spring equinox?

When is the spring equinox?
Spring equinox in 2018: March 21, 2018 00:15:24, Lunar New Year, February 2018 (large).

What does the spring equinox mean?

Spring equinox How to say in English, the vernal equinox means that it is equally divided.

In the spring equinox, the fingers are squatting.

The sun yellow is 0°.

The sun is above the equator on the vernal equinox.

This is the mid-point of the 90-day spring. This day, the two hemispheres are similar to the day and night, so they are called vernal equinox.

After this day, the position of the sun directly moved northward, and the northern hemisphere was long and short.

So the vernal equinox begins in the northern hemisphere in the spring.

Overwintering crops in most parts of China have entered the spring growth stage.

The farms in the localities have: “The spring equinox is in front, fighting rice and fighting money” (Guangdong), “the spring equinox is raining, the summer is burning in the summer” (Sichuan), “the spring equinox has a busy family, first planting melon beans and then transplanting the riceworm” (Hubei), “Spring Seeds, Large Summer Picking Melons” (Hunan), “Spring Seeds, Seeds, and Autumn Seeds, Wheat and Wheat” (Anhui).

Chunqian Sanhou Xuan (yuan) bird to: Yan Lai also.

Lei Nai uttered: the sound of Lei Yang, Yang is not in this yin, so it is thrilling and thunder.

The beginning of electricity: the light of the yang of the electrician, the yang of the qi is not visible, the yang is intended to reach the yin.

The light is shining, so lightning begins.

The spring equinox introduces the vernal equinox as one of the solar terms that reflects the changes in the four seasons.

In ancient China, it was customary to set up the spring season, set up the summer, and set up the autumn.

The vernal equinox, the summer solstice, the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice are located in the middle of each season.

On the day of the spring equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the day and night time around the earth is similar. Therefore, the ancient spring equinox is also called “day and night”, and the folks have the proverb of “spring equinox, day and night”.

After the vernal equinox, the wintering crops in most parts of China entered the spring growth stage.

In Central China, there is a farmer who has “the spring equinox gets up and is worth a thousand dollars.”

The temperature in all parts of the province continues to rise, but it is generally not as fast as the rain to the spring equinox.

In the second half of March, the average temperature in the north is 13 ° C to 15 ° C, and the northern part is 15 ° C to 16 ° C.

Most of the plateau has been snow melting, and the average temperature in June is about 5 °C to 10 °C.

The temperature in the valleys of the Jinsha River and Anning River in the southwestern part of the province is the highest, with an average of 18 ° C to 20 ° C.

In addition to the marginal mountainous areas, the average daily temperature in the basin is steadily rising to above 12 °C for ten or eight years. It is conducive to sowing of rice, corn and other crops, and afforestation is also very suitable.

However, the basin before and after the vernal equinox often has a cold air intrusion, and the temperature drops significantly. The minimum temperature can be as low as 5 °C.

Sometimes there are small cold air coming one after another, forming a low temperature and rain that lasts for several days, which is not good for agricultural production.

According to this feature, the weather forecast should be fully utilized, and the cold-tailed warm head should be seized at the right time.

What do you eat for the spring equinox?

The vernal equinox is one of the twenty-four solar terms. The arrival of the vernal equinox indicates that it really enters the spring. So, what kind of health care does the spring equinox eat?

Spring vernal habits eat spring vegetables, seasonal vegetables are the first choice for health.

1, leeks to eat spring vegetables is the custom of spring equinox, digging leeks, scrambled eggs, can remove the turbidity of the cat winter accumulation, free from spring sleep.

Spring is the preferred vegetable for calcium supplementation, not for amaranth.

Amaranth is rich in nutrients, and its vitamin C, carotenoids and various minerals are high in content. Especially worth mentioning is that its calcium content is nearly three times that of the same quality milk.Vegetables are often made into buns or dumplings.

Stir-fry amaranth, dipping sauce or making soup can be a mouth-watering taste.

In addition, you can also use leeks to make leeks and prepare delicious leeks.

It is necessary to select leek without flowers, so that it is more tender and delicious; the medicinal value of leek root is very high, and it is added and removed when eating; leek should not be burned for a long time, and it will destroy its nutrients and make the color change.Yellow, leeks when cooking, do not add garlic, ginger, cooking wine to season, so as not to damage the scent of the leeks themselves.

2, the fragrant spring time of the fragrant spring, the aroma is rich, fresh and crisp, taste and nutrition are the best.

Since ancient times, Chinese folks have said that they are “food fragrant, not contaminated with diseases.”

Chinese medicine believes that the sweet scent is bitter, cold, and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, strengthening stomach and regulating qi; it tastes fragrant and can refresh the spleen and appetite.

However, the spring food must be early, and after mid-April, the nitrate content of the camphor buds in most areas exceeds the standards of the World Health Organization and the UN standards.

That is to say, the more tender the buds, the less nitrate, the less nitrite will be produced in the future.

The fresh fragrant shoots picked directly from the tree can be directly into the dish.

However, if you buy the citron from the market, you must do it before you eat it.

After boiling for about 1 minute in boiling water, more than two-thirds of the nitrite and nitrate can be removed, and the green color of the toon can be better preserved.

3, bean sprouts spring is the multi-season of vitamin B2 deficiency, eat more soybean sprouts in spring can effectively supplement vitamin B2 deficiency.

Eat often bean sprouts have a brain, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer effect.

During the germination process of the soybeans, the substances that make the gas in the soybeans are decomposed.

Some nutrients are also more easily absorbed by the body.

The rootless bean sprouts sold on the market are mainly spurred by hormones and chemical fertilizers. The rootless bean sprouts are one of the vegetables that the National Food Hygiene Management Department prohibits from selling and eating.

The normal mung bean sprouts are slightly yellow, not too thick, moderate in moisture, and have no odor; abnormal color is white, beans are blue, buds are thick, water, and have a taste of fertilizer.

In addition, choose 5 when buying green bean sprouts?
6 cm long is good.

When frying the bean sprouts, you should fry them in a hot pot to make the vitamin C less damaged.

Mung bean sprouts are cold, and should be accompanied by a little ginger when cooking to neutralize its coldness.

Add a little vinegar when frying green bean sprouts, which can prevent the loss of vitamin B1 and strengthen weight loss.

4, lettuce spring is also a high season for allergic diseases.

The study found that a certain substance in lettuce can resist rhinitis caused by allergies in spring and relieve the pain of allergic patients.

Regular lettuce can enhance the secretion of gastric juice and digestive juice, and increase the secretion of bile.

Potassium in lettuce is 27 times that of sodium, which is good for promoting urination and maintaining water balance. It has great advantages for patients with hypertension and hypertension.

Lettuce and cowpea are a wonderful match for calcium.

Each 100 grams of cowpea contains 135 mg of calcium, while the root of lettuce has an inulin that enhances calcium absorption.

Lettuce and cowpea are suitable for cold salad, which is refreshing and has less nutrient loss.

Lettuce should not be salty. It is not advisable to put too much salt during cooking. Otherwise, it may cause extravasation of nutrients and affect its taste.

Lettuce should not be cooked or stored in copper utensils, which can destroy the ascorbic acid contained in it and reduce the nutrients.

5, amaranth spring season is worth eating a leek.

As the saying goes, the leek has the saying that “the spring food is fragrant, and the summer food is stinky.”

At this time, the leek is fresh and delicious.

The content of carotene and vitamin C in leek is high, and the content of folic acid and potassium is also good.

Moreover, there are a lot of supplemental fibers in the leek, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation.

In addition, the special spicy aroma of amaranth comes from the isothiocyanate contained therein, which has the effect of inhibiting various bacteria.

When buying spring sorghum, note that the leaves are narrower and the roots are purple and the most delicate, while the leaves are wider and the roots are light green. The scent is lighter and can be purchased according to your own taste needs.

Spring is relatively delicate, can not withstand the toss of the fire, so pay attention to the heat and time when cooking, do not overcook.
Note that leek is called “saline grass”. For those who have poor digestion or have gastrointestinal diseases, don’t eat too much.
6, spring bamboo shoots are high-protein, low-fat, low-starch, multi-crude cellulose nutritious food.

Spring bamboo shoots have the effect of “Liu Jiu, blood circulation, sputum sputum, digestion and swelling”. Modern medicine proves that eating bamboo shoots has the effects of nourishing yin, benefiting blood, removing phlegm, digesting, facilitating, and improving eyesight.

There are insoluble oxalic acid in spring bamboo shoots, which can cause allergic rhinitis, dermatitis and urticaria.

When you take the bamboo shoots and fry other foods, first put the bamboo shoots in the salt water for 10 minutes, then go to the suffocating gas, in addition to oxalic acid.

People with allergies should not eat spring bamboo shoots and seafood together.

Need to be reminded that not everyone is suitable for spring bamboo shoots.

Gastric ulcer and other renal dysfunction, the type of serious illness is weaker in the digestive function, such as allergic rhinitis, ulcer disease, wheezing measles, etc., children under 4 years old, maternal women who have just given birth, old peopleAnd there are stones and other patients are not suitable for eating spring bamboo shoots.

What is the diet in the autumn?

What is the diet in the autumn?


It is advisable to eat pigeon meat, which is rich in hemoglobin and has a higher protein content than pork.

5%, the adult content is very low, the nutrition is chicken, and it is easier to digest and absorb than the chicken. Therefore, the folks have a statement of “one pigeon and nine chickens”. Because the pigeon’s sex hormone secretion is very strong, Chinese medicine believes that it also has the kidney and impotence.It is also effective in the recovery of excessive brain and neurasthenia.

Mutton heat, warm and warm body, tonic and Qi, each 500 grams of lamb can provide 6427 card scores, especially suitable for winter or yang deficiency tonic, Chinese medicine said “ginseng qi, mutton supplement”, mutton in muttonThe content is only 1/2 of that of pork, so there is no need to worry about excessive too much.


Eat more walnuts, sesame walnuts, also known as longevity fruit, have a strong body and brain, beauty and benefits.

Black sesame is rich in cystine and vitamins B and E, which can increase sebum secretion, improve skin elasticity, and keep skin delicate. It is called the best food to change skin roughness by Japanese scholars.

Sesame and walnut are rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, which can nourish the brain, skin, delay aging, nourish and nourish the skin, and quickly replenish physical strength. If the walnut meat and black sesame seeds are combined and crushed together, it can be said that the pearls are combined and complement each other.Get more with less.

Excessive brain, neurasthenia, fatigue, and dry skin are especially good.


It is advisable to add the autumn diet of fitness soup to the principle of nourishing yin and moistening dryness. On this basis, you can drink some fitness soup every day and dinner to avoid leakage of wet spleen, nourishing yin and anti-drying, instead of supplementing nutrition, strengthening your health.body.

The soups that are often eaten in autumn are: lily winter melon soup, pig skin tomato soup, hawthorn pork ribs soup, squid hawthorn soup, squid head soup, squid soup, red bean squid soup, duck rack tofu soup, simmered bean curd soup, oyster mushroom tofuSoup, oyster mushroom egg soup, mushroom seaweed soup, etc.


It is better to eat more porridge in the early autumn, the weather is still hot, the air penetrates, the steaming people are hot, and the autumn fruits are ripe, it is difficult to ensure that people are not overeating, these will hurt the spleen and stomach, so eat more porridge in the autumn morning.Strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach can bring a refreshing day.


It is better to eat more fish in the autumn season, but many people are afraid of a lot of tonic to lead to obesity, do not hinder the consumption of fish, low traces of fish, and the fatty acids have been confirmed to have hypoglycemic, heart-protecting and anti-cancer effects.


It is not advisable to overeating. Most people go to the fall, because the climate is pleasant, the food is rich, and they often eat too much.

Excessive intake, will be converted into feces piled up, making people fat, as the saying goes, “Changqiu”, in the autumn diet, pay attention to the right amount, and can not indulge appetite, eat and drink.


Tonic should not be over-expressed by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners to say “virtual is to make up, but actually diarrhea”, to follow the principle of “not to make up for nothing”, “what is missing what”, for the body, you can make up, but you must make up for it, otherwiseWill cause the body’s yin and yang imbalance.

At the same time, you should know that the medicine is not as good as the food supplement. It is a three-point drug. You can use the food supplement instead of medicine.


Eat less irritating foods, at least eat less irritating, spicy, hot foods, such as pepper, pepper, etc., should eat more vegetables, fruits, such as melon, radish, zucchini, eggplant, green leafy vegetables,Apples, bananas, etc.

In addition, we must avoid all kinds of hot and humid gas accumulation, because all foods with a spicy smell have a function of dispersing, so it is recommended to eat some spicy food such as celery.


Diet should not be too cold. Because the weather in autumn turns from heat to cold, the body’s physiological metabolism also changes in order to adapt to this change.

Pay special attention to avoid excessive cold, so as to avoid gastrointestinal indigestion and various digestive diseases.