Body ballet trains princess temperament

Body ballet trains princess temperament

Body shape and temperament “Inside and outside” Maybe you yearned for a pair of boots and imagined that you could spin on your toes without stopping on the stage. Maybe you still did n’t feel like you were enrolled in a dance school.The teacher is a little bit worried, maybe you still still like “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker” . In fact, the realization of the dream is very simple. Now, the popular ballet classes in major gyms make you feel that ballet is not like us.distant.

Practicing ballet from a fitness point of view can even fulfill your childhood dance dreams, shape your figure, and cultivate your princess temperament. Why not?

  Tracing back to the origin of ballet Ballet originated in Italy and flourished in France, so the word “ballet” was originally an English translation of French “ballet”, and its etymology is “balletto”, which means “jump” or “dancing”.

  Ballet was originally a kind of dance performed by a crowd or entertaining in a square in Europe. During the development process, ballet has formed a strict standard and deconstructed form. Its main feature is to wear special toe shoes to stand up toe dance.

As a comprehensive stage art, ballet originated in Italy and formed in the French court in the 17th century.

In 1661, King Louis XIV of France ordered the establishment of the world’s first royal dance school in Paris, establishing five basic ballet positions and twelve hand positions, giving ballet a complete set of movements and systems.

These five basic feet have been used ever since.

  Physical ballet is an extension of ballet.

Professional ballet training is very boring, while physical ballet is for fitness purposes. It is slight. It does not require how straight your legs are, how high your feet are, and how well you do it. It just teaches you how to make ballet unique.This elegant connotation blends into your lifestyle.

And from a kinematics perspective, the three elements of ballet “open, jump, straight” have the function of contracting muscle fibers, effectively consuming extra rare objects in the combination of dynamic and static exercise, and make people become more slender after training.

Therefore, although there is also physical exhaustion and exercise, it also highlights the endurance of muscles, the suppleness of the body, and the intensity of exercise is not very large, which is acceptable to most people.

  Basic Ballet Essentials For a beginner, the introductory course of Body Ballet generally focuses on improving the basic qualities of scholars and adjusting their physical posture.

After a simple warm-up, begin basic quality training, starting with leg presses.

Pressing the legs is not just for the grace of dancing, or it has many benefits in fitness, for example: it can promote blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and shape muscle lines.

Pressing the legs is a static stretch. After each press, you also need to perform dynamic stretching (kick) exercises.

Because kicking is a right-hand movement, it also has the effect of increasing strength and losing weight.

  Ballet’s posture is a very simple movement, which requires the shoulders to sink, so as to highlight the dark and aligned beautiful lines; the legs are required to tighten the waist and stand upright to make the posture upright and dignified . This simple movement is not only beautiful,It also has a direct effect on health and weight loss.

Some scholars have caused damage to their bodies due to bad habits. For example, many people like to continuously use a backpack that is aimed at the front. As a result, the two shoulders develop unbalanced (one shoulder is high and the other shoulder is low); for example, many people misunderstand. “The action of “raising the chest and raising the chest” implanted the “collapse of waist and hips”, which resulted in weakness of the lumbar muscles and increasing abdomen, and premature aging of the waist was extremely likely due to incorrect force.

The standing position of ballet can make you feel a few centimeters taller, which can make your body line look more beautiful.

The coach will ask you when you practice: Imagine yourself as a princess, very tall and beautiful . Through such “internal and external training”, both shape and temperament are trained.

What to do in hot summer diarrhea


What to do in hot summer diarrhea

In the hot summer, iced watermelon, ice cream, and cold foods are always popular, but diarrheal diseases often follow.

  Summer is a season of high incidence of diarrhea. If there is a slight diarrhea, do not drink a lot of boiling water or eat. Instead, you should drink a cup of sugar and salt water to supplement the absorption to avoid blood circulation disorders caused by dehydration.

  In summer, you should pay attention to the details of your life. Do n’t eat hot and cold coffee with ice cream. Sudden changes in temperature can cause different degrees of damage to the mucous membranes in the body, which can cause food intake problems in the inflow tract and form watery stools.

  In addition, do not eat large amounts of cold vegetarian vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen foods that are not sufficiently heated at the same time, to avoid diarrhea.

Want to prolong life and ask about the details of life

Want to prolong life and ask about the details of life

“What’s wrong with me? I just got a cold in winter. I have a bad headache and stuffy nose.” “My body is getting worse and worse, why do I keep getting cold?” . When winter comes, the cold begins to “ask” white-collar physiques.

Experts give them “the pulse” and seek the winter health treasures, which is actually very simple: health conditioning needs “four three two one”, that is, “maintaining a good mood of at least 40 %% at least” and “30 %% of time needs to move”At least two meals a day must be matched properly “,” only 10 %% may require cooperation such as medicinal supplements. ”

  Keeping in a good mood for more than 40% of the day “Poor mood” is considered a “catalyst” for all diseases.

There are many reasons for “poor mood” in white-collar workers, heavy work tasks, heavy criticism from leaders, unsatisfactory personal performance, low income but not high happiness index, and some social influences.Psychological gap and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that this is the so-called poor mood, the liver qi is stagnation, depression and fire, long sleeves directly lead to physical decline.

  Therefore, we must learn to adjust our own mentality and emotions, highlight the state of the mind, and people can change their external environment by changing their state of mind. We must pay attention to the power of the mind, timely relieve the troubles and unhappiness in our hearts, and learn to be optimistic.

The first thing to do in winter is to keep at least 40 %% of your time in a good mood every day.

Pay attention to psychological adjustment, treat various things and contradictions correctly, cultivate a variety of interests, and make yourself have a healthy and good mood.

30 %% of the day needs to be active.

  White-collar workers live in high-rise buildings for a long time, often with poor indoor air circulation, high indoor temperatures, and relatively dry conditions, which can easily cause hot sun.

Doing more outdoor activities can help improve the multiple functions of modern urban people with brainpower as the main body, stabilize or improve the “internal environment”; at the same time control weight, consume energy, and reduce the occurrence of a variety of modern diseases.

  Experts suggest that “30 %% of the time needs to be active” every day, exercise more to improve physical fitness, the conversion from brain power to physical strength, relieve stress and relieve human fatigue; it can also keep warm from the cold and eliminate the source of the disease.

Many diseases are caused by not paying attention to temperature changes. Eliminating fitness can avoid cold, effectively prevent recurrent respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, cervical spondylosis, chronic gastritis, and intestinal disorders can also be effectively improved.

  To be orderly and insist on effective aerobic exercise, sweating slightly during exercise, few shortness of breath, and muscle aches, can you regulate metabolism, improve cardiopulmonary function, and improve the body’s resistance to disease.

Exercise can regulate emotions and air ventilator.

The ventilator is unobstructed, and there is a degree of lift in and out, the human body will be healthy and will not get sick.

Pay attention to the necessary entertainment activities, vent your own pressure, smooth your emotions, maintain a peaceful mind, effectively work, enter your life easily, keep your body in a good state, and prevent the invasion of pathogenic factors in the cold environment.

At least two meals with reasonable white-collar workers are a special group. Due to occupational characteristics, working conditions and other factors, they often have repeated colds, severe insomnia, intractable headaches, bowel dysfunction, and menstrual disorders.

This is related to their pursuit of sensory stimulation, excessive consumption of spicy food, and their physique gradually changed to yang hyperactivity.

  Winter health also needs to start with diet adjustment.

“At least two meals a day must be reasonable.” Diet and health methods should be light, eat green leafy vegetables, especially cooling vegetables such as celery, malantou, basil and so on.

Initially add essential vitamins to the body.

If there is a manifestation of internal heat, you can eat some clear food.

In addition, eat more calcium-containing foods and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Diet should be moderate, not overeating, usually light diet is appropriate.

  It is a good habit to often drink a light green tea or flower tea that year, it also has anti-depressant and anti-cancer effects; regular consumption of some nut foods, such as pine nuts, cashews, etc. also has good curative effects.

Only 10% of white-collar workers may need medicine.

  Experts point out that supplementing the winter season is a way to keep in good health.

White-collar workers have a lot of stress and labor intensity, mental stress and overdraft, meanwhile, many entertainments, excessive tobacco and alcohol addictions, chronic lack of sleep and rest, cause a large change in the physiological functions of the human body, and reduce the disease resistance, which makesThe body is in a sub-health state, so you can take a traditional Chinese medicine cream for a comprehensive and overall conditioning.

  However, “only 10 %% of white-collar workers may need to cooperate with medicinal supplements” to master their physical characteristics and correctly substitute advanced nutrition products such as ginseng, cordyceps, and bird’s nest.

Follow your doctor’s instructions and do not use blindly for long periods.

You can also go to the hospital to prescribe an ointment. Taking it for a winter, you can get the essence and keep the benefits for the coming year.

Some medicated diet for contact dermatitis

Some medicated diet for contact dermatitis

Medicinal diet can treat contact dermatitis: 1.

Hawthorn diced meat: 10 grams of safflower is fried and slag removed, 250 grams of lean pork are stir-fried, and then seasoning, 30 grams of hawthorn are fried until cooked.

Serve with food.

Function: Activating blood and removing blood stasis, nourishing yin and moistening.

Indication for stasis and blood clotting contact dermatitis.


Purslane drink: 250 grams of fresh purslane, add water and torture 2 times, mix the juice, season with brown sugar.

Take warm clothes in the morning and evening, 1 dose per day.

  Function Qufeng dehumidification.

Indications of wind-heat contact dermatitis (Note: pregnant women should not take it).


Lily soup: 15 grams each of lily, jade bamboo, and trichosanthin, and 10 grams of ginseng, 9 grams of hawthorn.

1 dose / day, substitute tea.

  Function: nourishing yin and clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxifying.

Indications Yin deficiency blood heat type contact dermatitis.


Brown sugar ravioli slices: 300 grams of fresh ravioli slices are simmered in boiling water, add 10 grams of brown sugar and season well.

Serve with food.
Function Yiqi Huoxue, Sanyu Tongluo.

Attending contact dermatitis with stasis and internal resistance.


Guolao Paste: Cut 5 kilograms of licorice, add an appropriate amount of purified water into the pot, fry for 6-7 hours, filter, take the juice and concentrate to collect the cream 1.

5 thousand, then 1 with honey.

Mix 5 liters and store in a bottle.

6-10 g / time, 2 times / day, washed with boiling water, 5-7 days / course.

Function: clearing heat and detoxifying, removing blood stasis and swelling, reconciling qi and blood.

Indications of qi and blood discord, and remaining toxic contact dermatitis.


Leek fried: 50 grams of fresh chives cut into small pieces, add 600 ml of water to fry until juice.

1 dose / day, divided into 2 warm doses.

Functional detoxification, dampness, and itching.

Indications for wet poisoning contact dermatitis.


荸荠 refreshing drink: 荸荠 200 grams peeled, chopped and stirred.

10 grams of fresh mint leaves, smashed with 10 grams of sugar, into the simmered juice, add water to 200 ml.

1 dose per day.

  Function cooling blood and expelling wind.

Indications of blood-heat and wind-type contact dermatitis.
Stir-fried Yong dishes: fresh chrysanthemum and fresh honeysuckle 10 grams each with an appropriate amount of water, fry 15-20 ml juice.

Hot oil pan, stir-fry 400g Yong vegetables, top with herbs and season.

Serve with food.
Function clears heat and cools blood, dispels wind and relieves itching.

Indications of wind-heat external attack type contact dermatitis.

Don’t let love ruin in the second stage of love

Don’t let love ruin in the second stage of love

When I was sick, she waited. ”

So he appreciates this love.

But he still has “girlfriend” love, he feels that she loves me with passion, and now she can’t live without her.

  When these loves were tangled, he was upset, lost sleep, and even ran away from home to escape.

Does he think that certain love is more important?

How should I face so much love?

  The scene: He pointed out that there was distress in the contradiction, and he (let’s call it B) started a conversation with Zhang Lan, a counselor.

  Zhang: How are you?

  B: It’s not good. I’m totally confused.

  Zhang: Why?

  B: I don’t understand what I do correctly.

I miss my girlfriend very much, but she doesn’t want to see me.

She said she loved me, but as long as I didn’t divorce, she wouldn’t have anything to do with me.

I don’t know if I love my wife.

She told me she loved me, but I didn’t feel it.

  Zhang: You mean . B: The way she loves me is not the way I want her to love me.

do you understand me?

  Zhang: You say it.

  B: She loves me in the way she takes care of me and her children.

When I was sick, she waited for her.

She is such a kind person.

But her love is not the same as that of my girlfriend. She will love me with passion, but my wife is not like that.

  Zhang: Have you ever had passion with your wife?

  B: We were very happy when we first got married. We all had passion.

But then everything changed with the child.

  Zhang: How about the children?

  B: Oh, I love them very much.

I can’t imagine how I would live without them.

It is because of them that I have maintained this marriage.

  Zhang: What else do you love?

  B: I also love my wife, but I love it differently.

Also love my parents, family and some friends.

  Zhang: How is your career?

  B: Oh, I don’t like my profession.

  Zhang: But you spend a lot of time on your work.

You work overtime and work on weekends.

You have a passion for work, you make up for it, and it’s easy for you to stay on the construction site.

  B: That’s just evasion. I don’t know how to face my wife, children and girlfriend’s love for me.  Zhang: Do you love yourself?

  B: I don’t think I am selfish or anything, but I think I love myself.

But these days I hate myself.

  Zhang: Then what should you love?

  B: I don’t know.

What else should I love?

It seems that there are so many different loves. Is there some love more important than others?

  Zhang: Yeah, there is different love, but more importantly, love has different stages.

It seems your love can’t move forward.

  B: What do you mean?

I do not understand.

  Zhang: It seems your desire comes first.

  B: You mean, do I put myself in front of others?

  Zhang: Yes, and often when your desire cannot be satisfied, you just leave.

You don’t give your love a chance to let it progress and create unity between you and others.

If your love cannot evolve into unity, then this love is sad.

  B: I need to think about it.

  Analysis: The destruction of love in the second stage of psychological counselor Zhang Lan analysis pointed out: Mr. B’s confusion about love can show us that the phenomenon of extramarital affairs in marriage is because we have not given ourselves the opportunity and efforts to allow our love to evolve.
  Nowadays, extramarital affairs are common.

Why are so many people paying attention to morality and condemnation?

One explanation is because there is no gratification in marriage, and another mental and physical stimulus is sought.

Another view is that the so-called pursuit of true love is an excuse. Instead of leaving a chance for true love and encouraging it to progress, it ends the true love and follows the false love of desire.

  How can we avoid this phenomenon?

First of all, we must constantly enrich ourselves, let our life have goals, keep pursuing, and achieve spiritual flow, so as not to feel dry in the mind, but to seek physical and emotional stimulation to relieve the dull mental state.

  First of all, we must understand the characteristics of different stages of love.

In the romantic stage of love (this is the first stage of love), we are usually attracted to the larger characteristics of another person.

When both sides attract each other and satisfy each other, the relationship of love becomes particularly strong. At this time, lovers are consuming each other’s love, they are nostalgic for each other and eager to be together.

  The initial stage of this enthusiasm and passion is usually not long.

Because when lovers spend more time together, they know each other better, and they will find something unattractive on the other side.

In addition, their wills also started to conflict. The two did not always agree. Their needs began to change. They found that what attracted them to each other at the beginning became bored, so the two sides began to think about their love.Towards the end.

They asserted: Love is dead.

At this stage, some lovers usually quarrel, while others avoid each other and are in a “cold war state.”

At this stage, lovers also start to blame each other for their pain, and each other’s love is retained and weakened.

One or both parties are looking for new friends, hoping to start a new romantic love, Mr. B just abandoned the second stage and the most difficult stage of love, want to return to the first stage of the romantic stage of love, and develop with third partiesA new relationship.

  If we are willing to know ourselves and the people we love more, and if we are willing to use our will to help us grow and become more perfect, then we can reach the third stage of love relationships, namely wise love.

At this stage, love relationships are strengthened by a higher degree of self-knowledge and mutual recognition.

We are more aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and more sensitive to each other’s needs and abilities. We become more patient with others and no longer need competition.

We are willing to encourage each other, take a holistic view of each other, acknowledge each other’s bright side and help each other to progress and grow.

Make good use of folk remedies


Make good use of folk remedies

Blood is one of the most precious substances in the human body. It supports the internal organs, fur and bones of the external organs, and maintains the normal functional activities of the tissues and organs of the human body. It enables the eyes to see, the feet to walk, the palms to hold, the fingers to pinch, and the mind.Clear, abundant oxidants, these are the functions of blood.

If the blood is deficient and cannot nourish the human body, the complexion is unclear, the vision is weakened, the vision is blurred, the eyes are dry, the joints are ineffective, the limbs are numb, the skin is dry, itchy, abnormal, vertigo, headache, dizziness, insomnia, etc.Obviously blood.

  The method of tonifying blood is applicable to people with blood deficiency.

Not blood deficiency, this method cannot be used.

The so-called blood deficiency, that is, insufficient blood, is often reflected as systemic blood rupture, or the weakening of the nutrition or moisturizing effect of blood on some parts of the human body.

Clinically, the main symptoms are pale and pale, pale lips, dizziness, pale tongue, weak pulses, women’s menstrual flow, derivative periods and even amenorrhea.

  [方一]  牛乳250克,粳米100克,白糖适量。Before the rice was washed, put it in a pot, add water, and cook until half cooked, then add milk, cook until porridge, and mix with sugar.

  This side has a large tonic effect.

Suitable for weak strain and thin body.

  This prescription comes from “Distinguishing Disorders of Diet”, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, etc. The original prescription is used for “large tonic yin and blood” and “easy for the elderly”.

If the long time is lost to the tune, or the long-term disease is lost to the treatment, the viscera collapses, and the yin and blood are deficient, then you will see the damage.

Fang Zhong is mainly based on milk, flesh and blood products, which can supplement yin and blood, and benefit from deficiency; supplementing the previous ones to supplement the power of milk, the formula can be used to supplement yin and blood.

The nourishing power of this crystal is especially suitable for severe damage.

  This product is nourishing and nourishing, and it is not suitable for those who drink spleen and stomach with cold and diarrhea and phlegm and damp water.

  [方二]  鲜乌贼鱼肉250克,桃仁15,克,黄酒、酱油、白糖各适量。Rinse the cuttlefish and cut into strips.

Wash the peaches and peel them for later use.

Put the squid fish into the pot, add peach kernel, water, boil over high heat, add rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, and cook over low heat until cooked.

  This side has the effect of nourishing and regulating menstruation.

For blood deficiency and amenorrhea.

  This recipe is from Luchuan Materia Medica. The original recipe is used for “women’s amenorrhea”. It is a representative party for treating blood deficiency and amenorrhea.

The main ingredients in the recipe are cuttlefish and flesh. The flesh and blood are sentimental products, which can nourish blood and regulate menstruation; supplemented by peach kernels, promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation.

The two are combined, one is to nourish menstruation, the other is to nourish menstruation, and the main is to nourish menstruation, so it is suitable for amenorrhea with blood stagnation and blood stasis.

  ”Tang Yao Experience Fang” uses squid fish to cook on its own side and cook with lotus root. The power of activating blood circulation and regulating menstruation is enhanced. The original recipe is “postpartum blood closure”.

  Pregnant women should not eat.

  [方三]  鲜桑椹1000克,糯米500克。Wash the fresh mulberry juice (or use 300 grams of dried juice to remove the residue), cook the medicinal juice with glutinous rice, put it into glutinous rice and dry the rice, wait for the cold, add the right amount of koji, mix well, and ferment into a wine.

  Serve daily with meals.

Applicable to liver and kidney yin deficiency and thirst, constipation, tinnitus, dark eyes, sickness, joint discomfort and other symptoms.

Mulberry has strong yin and nourishing blood, supplemented with glutinous rice to replenish qi and improve efficacies.

  [方四]  羊乳250克,羊脂60克。Goat milk and goat fat are put in a pot and cooked for grazing.

  This side has tonic effect, Yijing blood effect.

Suitable for sloppy and tired.

  This recipe is from “Therapeutic Materia Medica”. The original recipe is used to “tonify kidney deficiency and also lead to stroke”.

For a long time, the body is debilitated, the internal organs are worn out, and the essence and blood are deficient.

In the formula, goat milk is mainly used to supplement the deficiency of labor and benefit the essence of blood; supplemented with sheep fat, tonic and moisturize to help the goat’s milk nourish, and used together to make the deficiency of deficiency and benefit the essence of blood.The power of this crystal tonic and moisturizing is allowed, especially suitable for those who are tired and thin and withered skin.

  This crystal is warm and tonic, and it is not suitable for those with unclear external sensation and those with phlegm and fire inside.

  [方五]  猪里脊、粳米各50克,花椒、食盐、茴香、香油皆适量。Wash the tenderloin, chop into minced meat, mix with salt, pepper, fennel, sesame oil, and set aside; before cooking rice porridge, add the above ingredients when the porridge is ready, and cook until the meat is rotten; twice a day.

  The pork loin is the lean meat on the back of the pig’s spine, which is replaced by connective tissue. It is thin, tender, soft, and has no fishy smell.

Contains about 20% protein, and can add B vitamins and iron, a small amount of about 8%.

  According to ancient Chinese medicine records, pork is sweet and salty, and has the effects of nourishing yin and moisturizing.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Pork has a long-lasting taste, freshness of the stomach and intestines, refreshing fluid, abundant body, and smooth skin.

“” Suishuiju diet spectrum “said:” Bushen fluid, stomach juice, nourish liver and kidney, emollient.

“In the formula, pork loin nourishes yin and blood, and moisturizes the skin. Previously, rice was used to strengthen the spleen and qi, and pepper and fennel were both seasoned and tonic.

The whole side nourishes yin and blood, replenishes qi and boosts qi.

  People with phlegm-dampness should not take it.

  [方六]  鲜牡蛎250克。Wash it, marinate it with rice wine, salt, onion and ginger for half an hour, then take it out and cook it on the fire.

Serve with a meal.
  The health benefits of oysters have long been inscribed.

A book on Compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming Dynasty of China stated that oysters “have a sweet, warm and non-toxic smell.

Cooking, treating deficiencies, and adjusting . It is said that food is beautiful, shocking skin, beautiful.

“Ancient Japanese books also record oysters” Gan Wen, non-toxic, remove heat from the spleen and stomach, perspiration, quench thirst, hangover, nourish yin and nourish blood, and have a long-term skin tenderness.

“The beauty of oysters comes from the nutrients it contains, including protein, sugars, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements zinc, copper, iodine, and selenium. They can not only strengthen and strengthen the body, but also have a health-care effect on the skin.

  Although oysters are nutritious, it is difficult for people far from the sea to eat oysters.

In order to benefit more people, Chinese and Japanese scientists jointly developed “oyster extract”.

“Oyster extract” is extracted from the active ingredients in oysters through advanced technology. It retains the nutrition of oysters and makes them more easily absorbed by the body.

  [方七]  猪皮500克,黄酒、大蒜、生姜、酱油、食盐皆适量。Remove the pig skin, wash it, cut it into long strips, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, green onions, ginger, rice wine, stew the pork skin with a small fire and add salt and soy sauce when it is cooked.You can cease the fire at any time, pour it into a bowl, and refrigerate for later use.

For serving.

  Pig skin is sweet and cold, nourishing yin and clearing heat, and is traditionally used to relieve dumbness caused by the evil heat of Shaoyin and kidney.

Primarily used for moisturizing and beauty.

  The collagen tissue of pig skin is refined, and gelatin is added. It is an animal protein similar to the collagen structure of human skin. Its molecular weight varies and is easily absorbed by the human body. This glial protein can increase skin elasticity and delay relaxation.The role of skin aging.

Pig skin needs to be used continuously for a long time to produce better emollient effect.

  Relevant units extracted degraded proteins from pig skin and developed a series of skin care crystals.

Skin tests show that they have no irritation or replacement, are easily absorbed by the skin, moisturize the skin, and have a significant antipruritic effect; can repair and promote wound healing, reduce pigmentation, and make the skin smooth, white, delicate and elastic, Wrinkles become lighter.

What is conditioning

What is conditioning

Anyone who has eaten plums will know that the taste of plums is sour and sweet. As soon as you hear “plums”, you will have a spitting psychological feeling and drain water.

Why does it happen?

Pavlov conducted a typical experiment. Each time a dog was fed food with a certain ringing bell, it happened. When the food was not before the dog, the bell rang, and then the dog ran out of water.

This is because ringtones have become a signal for dogs to eat, and ringtones have been transformed into conditioned stimuli, and this reflection is conditioned reflection.

  There are two types of reflection, unconditional reflection and conditional reflection.

  Unconditional reflexes are inherent in animals and human beings. They are formed during the development of the system and are genetically reduced. They have a stable and unique response to external living conditions, and their neural connections are fixed.

In the early stages of psychological development, this inherited simple behavioral stereotype prevails, that is, instinct.

Instinct is a behavioral action associated with meeting biological needs.

For example, newborn babies will automatically suck their nipples and sneeze because of the intrusion of small things into their noses, which are all unconditional reflexes, which is instinct.

  Conditional reflection is acquired by animals and humans. It is a reflection that adapts to changes in the environment during the life of an individual and is learned after learning.

Its neural connections are temporary.

  Conditional reflection is both a physiological phenomenon and a psychological phenomenon, so Pavlov sometimes calls it a psychological reflection or a signal reflection.

According to Pavlov, the human brain has two signaling system activities.

The first signal system is a conditional reflection system caused by a specific stimulus.

The conditional reflection system caused by word signals is called the second signal system.

The second signal system is an essential characteristic of human advanced neural activity.

Therefore, language stimulation plays an important role in regulating people’s psychology and behavior.

Six defenses in health care at the turn of spring and summer

“Six defenses” in health care at the turn of spring and summer

Health care at the turn of spring and summer requires “six preventions” to maintain health. It is necessary to talk about solar terms. The weather changes during spring and summer, the temperature difference between day and night is large, there is more rainfall in various places, and the air humidity is greater.
The old Chinese medicine reminded that in the adjustment of health care, we must not be separated from the trajectory of natural environment changes. We must conform to the change of solar terms and achieve the “six defenses”.
The first prevention: prevent the cold at the turn of spring and summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, it is recommended that those who leave early and return late should pay attention to adding and removing clothes in time to avoid cold.
At this time, the humidity is high, and rheumatism is prone to recurrence. Therefore, do not stay in a humid place for a long time. Pay attention to the joints to keep warm. Wear clothing to protect the joints. Wear seven-quarter sleeves or seven-quarter pants.
The second prevention: anti-allergic spring flowers, peach apricots blooming, willows floating, people’s outdoor activities increased, at this time the most likely to induce allergic diseases such as allergic hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma.
Experts point out that the fundamental way to prevent allergies is to adjust the physique, and it is recommended to expose the sun.
There are various important acupoints on the back, so it is better to bask the back of the sun, which can strengthen the yang and warm the meridians.
The third prevention: epidemic prevention in late spring and early summer, the climate is warm and humid, mosquitoes, flies, and bacteria quickly multiply and grow, which is easy to spread diseases.
To prevent mosquitoes at home, you must thoroughly clean up dead corners and sundries. If necessary, you can use mosquito coils, drugs, and light sources to repel mosquitoes and kill mosquitoes.
Ventilation and ventilation should be kept indoors every day. Clothes should be exposed to the sun as much as possible, and daily articles and toys should be washed and dried regularly.
For the prevention of epidemic diseases, moxa can be smoked indoors, and homemade sachets such as Atractylodes, Artemisia, Mandrill, White Aster, Acorus, Chuanxiong, Xiangfu, Nutmeg, Ageratum, etc. can be hung on the bed or worn on the bed to playAromatizing wet, expelling wind and dispel blast.
The fourth prevention: prevent spleen injury. The air humidity is relatively large, and the spleen is dirty with wet soil. Wet evil is most likely to spleen, which can cause spleen loss of health, spleen and stomach discomfort, poor appetite, vomiting, abdominal distension, stool.Symptoms such as lack of shape or stickiness.
Old Chinese medicine reminds that while following the “less acid and sweeter”, you should eat more spleen and dampness products, such as yam, red beans, barley kernels, lentils and so on.
Don’t wait to drink cold drinks, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach.
Recommended spleen strengthening tea: stir-fried indica rice and barley tea together with boiling water, soaked, can strengthen the spleen and dampness.
Fifth Prevention: Preventing liver hyperactivity in the natural world, the yang qi rises easily, which can easily lead to hyperactivity of liver yang, and then induce nasal cavity, gums, respiratory tract, skin and other bleeding, toothache, headache, dizziness, red eyes and other diseases that are common in late spring. This is the so-called”Spring Fire”, commonly known as “Fire”.
In order to prevent “spring fire”, in addition to avoiding staying up late, pay attention to adjust your mood, and you should quantify your diet regularly.
Recommend a mulberry tea as a tea drink: 30 grams of fresh mulberry fruit, put it into a casserole, add decoction, remove the residue to get juice, substitute tea, can nourish yin and promote fluid, nourish blood and soften liver.
In addition, pressing Taichong (on the dorsal side of the foot, the depression in the back of the first metatarsal space), daily pressing for 1-3 minutes, rubbing 100-300 times, can also help prevent liver hyperthyroidism.
The sixth prevention: preventing excessive sweating and sweating will affect the health of Qi and blood in summer.
Therefore, keeping in mind the health of “lazy skeletons, do not sweat, to maintain the qi”, you can choose to go green, jogging, kite flying, Baduanjin and so on.
Sweat is transformed by body fluids. Only by paying attention to the orderly rise of yang qi and solid body protection in spring can we maintain the vitality and vitality in summer.
In order to maintain the rise of yang qi and protect the body fluid, moxibustion at Zusanli (4 horizontal fingers down the outer knee and 1 horizontal finger next to the tibia) can be used for 15 minutes per point.

Chinese wife has 10 bad mentalities

Chinese wife has 10 bad mentalities

The core tip: The person who “controls the desire of the husband” is too strong, and the stabbing is not entirely her husband, but also herself-at any time, she may worry about the tension and cannot control herself.

“Control” and “anti-control” will not stop, so why not be a smart “manipulator” and let your husband become a “free man” happily.

  The person who “controls the desire” is not only the husband, but also the stabbing-she is in a state of worry and tension at any time and cannot control herself.

There is a saying: “The Tao is one foot high, and the magic is one foot high.”

“Control” and “anti-control” will not stop, so why not be a smart “manipulator” and let your husband become a “free man” happily.
  The 10 bad mentalities that Chinese wives often use to force husbands into “dragons” are easy to notice. Women with this idea often have strong vanity, the so-called “married wives are expensive.”Strong attachment psychology, the so-called “only vine-wrapped trees, how can there be tree-wrapped vines”.

In order to satisfy their vanity and inclusion, they did not hesitate to put pressure on their husbands.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with encouraging your husband to work hard, but if you do not create pressure according to the actual situation, it may be counterproductive.

Bottom line: The woman who forced Jackie Chan into a dragon was too stupid.

  Obvious sex Due to the influence of feudal thoughts for thousands of years, most people in China talk about sexual discoloration, especially women’s sexual desire is suppressed, and their proactive sexual demands are regarded as “irregular” and “kinky women.

Relatively, they only regard sexuality in marriage as a kind of thing they have to do in order to carry on the line and have children.

  This deviation in sexual conception keeps them away from sexual pleasure and enjoyment, resulting in the actual separation of sex and love.

Modern marriage should be the harmonious unity of sex and love.

Harmonious sex life not only helps deepen the love of the couple, but also helps the couple’s physical health.

  Such women are not in the minority in China, especially after giving birth to children and gradually entering middle age.

Such women often have the following psychology: First, the “renewal” psychology, thinking that the “revolution” is over, they can put Nanshan on the horse, so they dress casually and no longer pay attention to grooming.

The second is slackness.

It is no longer “strictly demanding yourself”, everything is careless, and it is worth it.

  Heart of beauty in everyone.

Can you say that such a woman would not let her husband down?

The husband may not say it, but he understands it.

This is the real danger.

Bottom line: A woman who is unwilling to be a yellow-faced woman is too careless.

  Suspicious, arrogant and suspicious women often come out of their unconfidence in marriage and their unconfidence in themselves.

Because of her unconfidence in marriage, she was always worried about her husband’s emotional transfer or derailment. Because of her unconfidence, she was afraid that she might be abandoned by her husband someday.

The root cause of unconfidence is a lack of independence and a lack of understanding of the nature of marriage.

Even an arrogant wife often plunges her husband into words, which is difficult to say, and directly affects the harmony of husband and wife.

In a word: Suspicious woman is too poor.

  Regardless of your husband’s dignity, you can ridicule a man’s appearance, but you can never laugh at a man’s incompetence.

Ability-the ability to make money and sexual ability are the two major aspects of a man’s dignity.

Men who do not feel dignity often arrogantly abandon themselves and humble themselves.

Therefore, a smart wife always tries her best to protect her husband’s dignity, and encourages her husband to sail through the waves and revive her glory through various “speech” and “technical means.

Bottom line: A woman who doesn’t know how to protect her husband’s dignity is too ignorant.

  Someone describes women as a landscape of the city. Therefore, if there is no comparison between women and the fight for beauty, how can the scenery be “beautiful”?

However, if you don’t blindly compare according to your own economic conditions, you will be too vain.

Such excessive vanity often causes mental tension and even overwhelmingness for those men who are not “rich”.

Bottom line: Women who like to compare themselves to vanity are too “horrible”.

  Being considerate and indifferent This is a common problem among those who consider themselves “good wives”.Some wives are rejecting their husbands: they care about him, take good care of them, why he is still not satisfied.

But she may not know that she intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously, neglected or lowered her husband’s relatives and friends, which led to her husband’s antipathy.

  Men and women combine the interaction between two people, and also involve the interaction of different social relationships (such as relatives and friends) between the two people.

Ignoring this kind of social relationship will often deepen the feeling of “besieging a siege” in marriage and breed the desire to break out of “besieging a siege”.

In a word: the thoughtful woman is too sad.

  Suspected family is the most private place, and marriage is the most private relationship.

Some women do not understand this, and like to “secret” in the middle of the home of the female companion, and even some incidents between husband and wife, and compare and evaluate each other, to some extent satisfying the psychological.

Actually this is very undesirable.

  It “betrayed” both her husband and “betrayed” herself, “betrayed” the entire family.

It is often said that family is a warm harbor.

If personal privacy is not guaranteed, can marriage and family life still be warm?

  Lack of Housewife Consciousness Housewife awareness is closely related to housewife abilities, which in the final analysis involves how women play a good family role-mainly referring to the role of wife and mother.

There is a saying: “To grasp the husband’s heart, first grasp the husband’s stomach.”

Of course, this statement is too traditional, but it reveals some truth.

The effect of women with poor housekeeping or domestic management skills on their marriage and family life is self-evident.

“Getting out of the hall, entering the kitchen” should become a pursuit of modern women.

  ”Controlling your husband’s desire” is too strong. “Controlling your husband’s desire” is really a “common disease” in modern marriage.

There are many reasons for this “cause”: the wife is suspicious because of lack of self-confidence, worrying about “caring” her husband, defending from time to time because she is afraid of her “becoming bad”, etc.

  The person who “controls the desire” is not only the husband, but also the stabbing-she is in a state of worry and tension at any time and cannot control herself.

There is a saying: “The Tao is one foot high, and the magic is one foot high.”
“Control” and “anti-control” will not cease. Why not be a wise master, and let your husband become a “free man” happily and willingly in your field of vision?

The little action that a woman touches a man’s heart

The little action that a woman touches a man’s heart

When a woman touches a man’s heart the most, it must be her most inadvertent time. Maybe it ‘s a flicking motion or a fragile when standing and wearing shoes. In short, women have too many movements that can attract men ‘s attention and even make them affectionate.Hard to restrain yourself!

  1. Flick your hair and shake your hair, giving out a charming hair fragrance, as if you smell the fascination, which can make all men’s souls fly, many women will naturally have this little action, and the unintentional loss will cause the man’s heart to bloom.

  Men’s Quotations: Fiddle with hair feels natural, elegant, and gives people unlimited imagination.

  In the Korean drama “City Hunter”, Jin Nana finished her hair and plucked Li Runcheng into a fool, so the girls must make good use of your hair.

  2, legs crossed sitting position to see women’s legs crossed is most susceptible to imagination, especially when wearing short skirts, everyone sitting in the seat is looking forward to seeing the moment of crossing legs.

I still remember that in the “Instinct”, Sharon Stone’s female No. 1 faced the police interrogation and made her legs crossed. This action made the lecherous policeman’s heart beat.

  Men’s Quotations: The sitting posture of girls is very important. This sitting posture is the most elegant and therefore the most sexy.

  3, standing on shoes and standing on one foot when wearing shoes, naturally standing unstable, shaky, men will want to help.

  Men’s Quotations: Girls standing and wearing shoes can show beautiful lines.

  4, fruit-eating woman eats the natural form of the fruit tongue, which is extremely sexy.

  Especially when eating cherries, the tip of the tongue lightly contradicts, which definitely makes the blood veins swell.

Want to please the man, next time the whole food is properly put into the mouth, the man must kneel on the spot.

  Men’s quote: When eating fruit, the mouth shape is very sexy, which makes people want to kiss.

  Intersperse a gossip: Fruit leaks Sexual orientation: Women who eat strawberries often become sexy If a woman likes to eat apples, it means that this woman lacks romanticism.

Usually, like apple seeds, women who like to eat apples have a strong personality, but they are reliable and reliable.

  Strawberry is different, it is gorgeous and soft.

A woman who likes to eat strawberries will never forget to show her beauty to others. Some women usually have both charm and temptation.

  Oranges are closed and focused on content.

Women who like to eat oranges always humble men with humility, indifference and mystery.

Women who like to eat oranges also belong to the creative group. They are smart but fun.

  Women who like to eat grapes are afraid of Arcan, and their pursuit of happiness is their eternal goal.

  Women who like to eat pears have irresistible temptations, and there are no shortage of suitors around them.

They are charming, because when you hold her hand, you will take care of her.

  5. Everyone will do the massage of the calf. If a female colleague massages the calf in the office is the sexiest, the jade hand keeps touching the calf, making the man’s blood boil.

  Men’s Quotations: When a woman massages her legs, her attention is focused on beautiful legs, which is very sexy.

  6. Lazy waist A woman stretches her waist. Laziness feels like a kitten, making people want to hug, and stretching her waist can naturally show the lines of a woman’s body. A little protruding, a man is dead.

  After all, the sexiness of women is not defined by men.

Women may think that these movements are normal and bland, how can they be sexy?

But men’s brains are not something women can control!