Are you really washing your face after so many years?


Are you really washing your face after so many years?

Washing your face is something we do every day. After washing your face for so many years, are you really doing it right?

  Why bubbles are important Why do I have to have bubbles when I wash my face?

Because most cleansing products contain dielectric surfactants, they need to be fully foamed to evaporate. If there are no bubbles, they are equivalent to applying concentrated cleansing residue on it, which will cause skin irritation and no integrityAfter rubbing out bubbles, I started washing my face, which is tantamount to destroying my skin!

  The benefits of bubbles are that if you wash your face without foaming, the more the hands will rub against the skin, a sufficient amount of bubbles and dense and fine bubbles are very important for cleaning the face. The more detailed the bubbles are,It is to penetrate deep into the skin texture and pores through tiny air bubbles, and thoroughly clean the deep dirt.

The gesture of washing your face must be gentle. Gently drawing circles with fingers across the bubble is the gentlest way to wash your face!

  The more bubbles, the better. The amount of bubbles is not necessarily related to cleanliness. Some mild surfactants are really difficult to have bubbles, so it is still necessary to judge whether it is based on your skin texture and product composition.Suitable cleaning products, sometimes excessive foaming, may be due to the relationship between soapiness or surfactant, which may cause adverse effects on the skin.

  The first point of the correct foaming step: the amount of facial cleansing product should be enough, about 10 yuan coin size; the second point: the palm of the hand is slightly bent at 45 degrees, let the air come in, there can be a lot of bubbles; the third point: whenWhen your bubbles are not sticky, they are the most complete!

In addition to washing your face, the maintenance after washing ca n’t be ignored. If you do n’t care after washing your face, it will hurt your skin!