How to exercise shoulder muscles

How to exercise shoulder muscles

The front of the deltoid muscle is lifted in the front and the legs are erect, and the chest is abdomen.

Both hands are holding a dumb or barbell, and the arms are hanging down in front of the legs.

  During the movement, the straight arm holds the bell up and is raised slightly above the shoulder.

Rest for a second, then straighten the arm and let it down to the front of the leg.

If you use a dumbbell, you can do it once and for all, and alternately.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that the main body is kept upright when lifting and placing, the arms are kept straight, and the mind is concentrated on the deltoid muscle.

  The middle part of the deltoid muscle is flat and the two feet are naturally open. The dumbbells are held in both hands and hang down the body.

  During the movement, the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the straight arm is lifted up to the side until it is slightly above the shoulder, and it is still for one second, and then the arms are slowly lowered to the drooping position.

  Breathing method is inhaling when lifting, and exhaling when standing still.

Inhale when descending and exhale when you fall completely.

  Note that when lifting and tilting, keep your whole body upright, do not rock and bend, and keep your arms straight.

  The initial posture of the one-arm side flat pull of the middle part of the deltoid muscle is erect, and one foot is placed on one end of a grip rubber strip of the tension device.

The other hand is inserted at the waist.

During the movement process, the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the tension or the rubber strip is pulled to the side above the shoulder.

The other hand pushes the waist firmly to maintain balance.

After pulling up to the highest point, stand still for one second, then, under the control of the deltoid muscle, let the tension spring or rubber strip slowly retract to the starting position.

Repeatedly practicing one shoulder has been unable to pull up and change to another shoulder.

  Breathing method Inhale when pulling up, exhale after reaching the top.

Inhale as expected, exhale after falling to the end.

Note that when you pull up, your body should not sway.

This action can also be done with dumbbells and sideways.

  The posterior side of the deltoid muscle is flattened and the two legs are opened. The forward flexion is 90 degrees, the dumbbells are held in both hands, and the two arms are straight down the shoulder.

  During the movement process, the posterior part of the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the straight arm lifts the dumbbell from both sides until it is parallel to the ground.

Stand still for a second, then let the arms slowly fall down.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that when lifting and lowering the dumbbell, the whole body remains stable and does not swing.

The mind is concentrated in the back of the deltoid muscle.

Before lifting, you should completely relax. When you reach the highest point, you should completely shrink.

This action can also be done on the bench.

  The posterior erectus of the deltoid muscle begins to pull the barbell from the ground to the chest and stands upright.

  During the movement, the arms are pushed straight up until they are completely straight, and they are still for one second, so that the barbell slowly steps on the chest.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that when lifting and lowering the barbell, the body should not swing.

This action also has an interventional effect on the upper arm triceps.

If the barbell is tilted to the back of the neck, there is a size exercise on the back of the deltoid muscle, called the posterior neck press.

The press on the chest and back of the neck can also be done on the bench.

Dumbbells can also be used, with the left and right arms alternately pushing up and aligning at the same time. In doing so, you can inhale when pushing up and aligning, and exhale when you are still.

5 benefits of soaking feet in winter vinegar

5 benefits of soaking feet in winter vinegar

In “Ten Ren Ji”: “All kinds of fruits, cough and health” said the effect of vinegar.

Drinking vinegar often in daily life can soften blood vessels and eliminate fatigue.

Many MMs will experience cold hands and feet, dull skin, and inelasticity in winter. So, how should MM skin care in winter?

We can wash the skin with vinegar and water to improve the absorption of nutrients into the skin, thereby enhancing the vitality and softening of the skin; and we can also soak the feet with vinegar, which can compress and strengthen the body and moisturize the skin.

Here we will introduce the five major benefits of vinegar soaking feet: TCM believes that the foot is the root of human beings, and there are enough 75 reflection areas with important therapeutic value. Frequent vinegar soaking feet can be used to adjust the meridians to promote Qi.Blood runs to help balance yin and yang.

Sticking to soak your feet with vinegar for a long time can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also improve the strength of the body and the enhancement of resistance.

  Decompression often uses vinegar to soak the feet, which can coordinate the excitement of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, thereby regulating and relaxing the originally nervous nerves.

Especially white-collar workers who work hard during the day often use vinegar to soak their feet. In addition to alleviating the muscles of the feet wearing high heels, they can also exert decompression on the body.

  Promote blood circulation In the winter, the cold hands and feet are often caused by the impaired blood circulation of the body. Using vinegar to soak the feet can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve hypoxia caused by long-term immobility or fatigue in various parts of the body, enhance metabolism, and improveCold hands and feet.

  Improving beriberi Many people have beriberi, which means that friends in Hong Kong’s feet will be upset. The feet will always itch, peel, and smell, which are the consequence of dust infection.

So using vinegar to soak your feet can sterilize your feet, but try to ensure that your feet are not hurt, so you can improve your athlete’s foot.

  Moisturizing the skin Many MMs will have dry and cracked skin in winter. At this time, it does not prevent trying to soak the feet with vinegar for 1 week. You will notice that the skin on the alternating feet becomes smooth, and the skin on the body and the face also becomes smooth.Increasingly shiny and moisturizing.

  The above are the 5 benefits of using vinegar to soak your feet in winter. Vinegar is a very good skin care food. We can also mix vinegar with glycerin at a ratio of 5: 1, and then apply it on the face. Keep using it. The skin can be smooth and smooth., Reduce the growth of wrinkles!

So you who love beauty, act quickly and try it!

Spring baby eczema is high, what can be done to ease

Spring baby eczema is high, what can be done to ease

Reduce friction and external stimuli: The milk remaining after the baby is eating is easy to irritate the baby’s skin, so be sure to scrub it after feeding.

It is best to reduce the minimum friction during scrubbing. Parents can attach the wet wipes and then remove them directly.

The weather is hot, the baby sweats more, need to use some talcum powder, often change clothes and scarves.

Baby clothes should be made of cotton. The choice of clothes is better, loose cotton, soft cotton clothing, even bedding, furniture decoration, etc. should try to avoid skin irritation, skin should not directly contact wool, nylon, cowboyArtificial or rough fibers such as cloth to reduce the occurrence of eczema.

Pay attention to the hygiene of the baby: use soap as little as possible, and do not use alkaline soap.

Except for the baby’s face oil, do not use any cosmetics; do not wear chemical fiber, wool clothes, soft cotton cloth is appropriate, clothes should be loose, do not wear too much cover; to avoid scratching the skin infection, softBuxong wrapped his hands, but you should observe it carefully to prevent the thread from wrap around the fingers; the suede formed in the scalp and eyebrows can be coated with poisonous cooking oil, and then scrubbed the next day; in the case of eczema, do notVaccination to avoid adverse reactions.

Using Aiye soaking water to clean the affected area or the whole body of Ai is a common Chinese herbal medicine in China. It is green and non-toxic, and has obvious effects on infant eczema.

Spring and summer are the seasons of infant eczema, and it is also the season when wormwood is grown. The countryside can be wormwood everywhere.

If there is no condition to pick Ai Ye, you can also buy Ai Yu baby blister bag made by Ai Ye, which is quite good for the treatment and prevention of infant eczema.

If the baby’s eczema is severely severe, it is necessary to go to the Children’s Hospital in a timely manner to avoid the delay of the disease and bring more threats to the health of the baby.

Drug supplements should conform to seasonal characteristics

Drug supplements should conform to seasonal characteristics

People are always used to tonic in the winter, but they need to be tonic all year round.

The human body is undergoing metabolism at all times, and it absorbs, consumes and stores nutrients. Only when it reaches the balance of absorption, consumption and storage can it be healthy and longevity.

Humans and nature are closely related organisms. Different seasons, the body’s metabolism level is also different. Therefore, drug supplementation should adopt different methods according to the different seasons of yin and yang.

In the selection of tonic drugs for nourishment, according to the characteristics of the four seasons climate, grasp the intrinsic relationship between the four seasons climate and the human organs and tissues, and rationally choose the tonic and tonic methods.

  1, spring medicine tonic in the “liter” spring is the beginning of all things, the natural yang rises, a variety of biological growth and development, health people should follow the characteristics of spring to supplement, protect the body’s yang, make yangFill up.

When supplementing with drugs, you should follow the changes in nature, take some medicines that are suitable for sputum, and try not to take drugs that converge on acid and sputum.

Especially in the early spring season when the spring is cold and steep, although the yang is not moving, the tonic should be warmer.

  In the spring, the function of the organs of the organs is active, and it is necessary to supplement a large amount of nutrients, so that the body’s activities and the needs of human growth and development.

Spring tonic should focus on nourishing the liver and protecting the liver. The purpose is to help the yang to rise and the liver to vent.

Sour human liver, and has astringent, is not conducive to the rise of yang and liver gas evacuation, will affect the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

  Commonly used tonic in the spring are yam, scutellaria, American ginseng, medlar, wind, and citron.

For those who have hyperthermia in spring, people with enough body fluid need to take cold medicine to nourish yin and fluid.

In addition, the south is rainy and rainy in the spring, alternating cold and warm weather, moisture and spleen, suitable for supplementing spleen and dampness tonic, such as Codonopsis, Coix seed (glutinous rice), 茯苓 (cloud).

  2, summer medicine tonic in the “clear” summer weather is hot, yang transpiration, the body’s metabolism is in a strong period, difficult to apply.

Coupled with the fact that there are more perspirations in the summer, it is easier to consume qi and yin. If it encounters rainy days, the human body is easily attacked by wind, cold and dampness.

Due to the characteristics of heat and dampness, the spleen and stomach are easily trapped during the summer season, often causing people’s loss of appetite.

Therefore, the purpose of summer tonic is to clarify the air, clear the heat, focus on raising the heart and spleen, tonic medicine should be Ganping, Ganliang, replenishing Qi and qi and gas, and then add some functions of heat and dampness.

  Commonly used drugs in summer include chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, lotus seed, mint, yam, medlar, atractylodes, coix seed, and medlar.

  Some patients with chronic diseases, such as bronchitis, only occur in the winter or suddenly in the winter, but do not attack or cause lighter in the summer, you can take the “winter disease summer treatment” method, that is, in the summer tonic, optionalThe medicine for tonifying kidney qi, such as Shenqi tablets, Guben pills, placenta tablets, Ganoderma lucidum solution, Shenqi Baizhu Powder and other proprietary Chinese medicines.

  Because of the hot climate, people like to eat cold and cold things, but various substances can easily hurt the stomach.

Moreover, in the summer, there is a characteristic of an anode in the shade, the yang is shallow and exposed, and it is easy to be injured by the evil spirits, so there is a statement of raising the sun in spring and summer.

If the yang is insufficient, it will easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, in the summer when qi and fluid, you should also pay attention to the health of the spleen and stomach, more suitable drugs are chrysanthemum, musk, Perrin, mung bean and so on.

  People with qi deficiency can choose Buzhong Yiqi Pills, Ginseng Jianpi Pills, Yupingfeng Powder and other proprietary Chinese medicines. People with qi and yin deficiency should choose American ginseng, royal jelly, Shengmai drink and so on.

  3, autumn medicine tonic in the “flat” Chinese medicine believes that, “autumn is the level of the season”, the yang of the natural world gradually converges, the yin gradually increases, the weather gradually changes from the heat, from Yangsheng to YinshengTransition period.

At this time, the yin and yang in the human body also showed a change of “yin and yang”.

Because the climate is cool and dryness is prevalent, people feel dry lips, dry throat, and dry skin, indicating that dryness can consume body fluid.

In the autumn, the weight of the tonic is to raise the lungs, so as to facilitate the accumulation of yin and yang, and the purpose of lung qisu.


“Hidden Gas Law” said: “The lungs fall in the autumn. The lungs are intended to be harvested, and the acid is used to receive it. It is not suitable to use acid to raise the health. When it is tonic, it is mainly Gan Runping. This is the autumn”Make up.”

  In the autumn, the lung-raising drugs include Codonopsis, Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Pseudostellariae, Dendrobium, Polygonatum, and Fritillaria.

  Because the dryness of autumn is easy to damage the body’s body fluid, the dry population, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat, Shaojin on the tongue, dry stool, dry skin, and even chapped.

Therefore, avoid excessively pungent or spicy when tonic.

In addition to appropriate consumption of some vitamins, you can take Xuanfei Huatan, Ziyin Yiqi Chinese medicine, such as American ginseng, ginseng, almond, sand ginseng, lily, Sichuan Fritillaria, etc., have a good effect on relieving autumn dryness.

  4, winter medicine tonic in the “Zi” winter yang stagnation, strong yin, all things closed, the body’s metabolism is slow, physiological functions are inhibited, contraction, reduce state.

If the drug is used to supplement the human body, then the replenishing effect of the drug often has a tendency to boost, which will greatly enhance the activity of the human body and enhance the vitality of the function of the viscera.

Therefore, winter has been the tonic season that people are best at.

The folks have the custom of “winter supplements three or nine”, “three nine supplements one winter, no pain in the coming year”, winter is the best season for medicine.The winter medicine supplement is in the kidney, the purpose is to accumulate yin, hidden yang, and close the kidney.

  The most suitable time for winter tonic is the winter solstice.

Because the winter solstice is the dividing line of climate change in winter and March, from then on, the yin begins to recede, and the yang begins to rise. At this time, the tonic can help to strengthen the foundation and cultivate vitality, so that there is a lively life in the closed.

  The medicines for winter medicine are antler, cinnamon, longan, Polygonum, ginseng, Cordyceps, Zihe, Bashutian and so on.

  In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, there is a principle of “autumn and nourish yin” in health care. Therefore, people should pay attention to the supplement of Yinjin and eat more warm supplements, which can reach Wenyang and Yin.

However, the winter yin is outside and imaginary, and it is not necessary to warmly add yang. It is also necessary to combine nourishing yin and make yin and yang interact with each other to avoid too much injury.

  In the south, there is less rain in winter and the climate is widely dry. It is suitable for tonic and moisturizing tonic, such as mulberry parasitic, dodder, rehmannia.

  For people with yin deficiency, it is suitable for supplementing nourishing Yin fluid. The medicines that can be supplemented include Rehmannia glutinosa, Ejiao, Polygonatum, Polygonatum, Tortoiseshell, Ligustrum lucidum, Asparagus and so on.

People with yin deficiency can make up for nourishing yin in the “summer solstice-yin life”; people with yang deficiency can make up the impotence in the “winter solstice-yangsheng”.

  ”Qianjinyifang” advocates “taking two or three doses of medicinal liquor in winter and stopping when it is spring.”

The types of tonic medicinal liquors include tiger bone wine, ten full-bodied wine, yam wine, alcoholism, barley wine, ginseng medicinal liquor, ginseng medicinal liquor, and cordyceps liqueur.

Take 1 per day?
2 times, about 25 grams each time.

This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Health password in fruits and vegetables

Health password in fruits and vegetables

White-collar workers go to work with a lunch, a box of rice only a few vegetables; 67% of the children picky eaters, few like to eat vegetables; urban people often eat outside, eat too much, easy to ignore the vegetables . “Chinese population guide” recommended,Each person eats at least 300-500 grams of vegetables per day (half of dark color) and 200-400 grams of fruit.

According to the China Preventive Medicine Association and the Nutrilite Nutrition and Health Research Center conducted a questionnaire survey on the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables of 5,000 netizens nationwide in March and April. The results released recently showed that more than half of the surveyed population had the most ingestible fruits and vegetables.Required; nearly 60% of the surveyed population of fruits and vegetables absorbed a very simple color, only 1-2.

  Looking at the white-collar workers around us, their recipes are roughly like this: in the morning, bread + milk or soy milk, or porridge fried noodles.

Lunch, or fast food, or bring your own food.

The combination of the two kinds of meals, the vegetables that can be eaten are actually only a few. Even some white-collar workers are afraid that the fast-food restaurants will not wash the dishes and not eat them.

So, unless they can make up 300 grams of this daily minimum recommended amount at dinner, their vegetable intake is not enough.

According to the above survey, 96% of the people surveyed “yesterday” had edible vegetables. Among them, nearly half of the vegetables were consumed in the minimum daily recommended amount of 300 grams.

  He Zhiqian, a professor of nutrition at Sun Yat-Sen University, said that the public does not recognize vegetables because they do not understand the role of phytonutrients in the body.

In addition to rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, fruits and vegetables also contain phytonutrients. Due to the variety, content or proportion of phytonutrients, in some cases, fruits and vegetables can be rendered in different colors.It has different nutritional value. For example, lycopene contained in most red fruits and vegetables can promote cardiovascular and prostate health, help fight radiation and protect cells, while green fruits and vegetables can use lutein, chlorophyll and polyphenols.Such as phytonutrients, promote the health of the liver, lungs and retina, and so on.

  In daily life, some children do not eat vegetables when they eat dinner. Parents take out the fruits for them to eat, thinking that eating fruits can replace eating vegetables.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding point of view. Eating fruit is not a substitute for eating vegetables.

He Zhiqian said that as a whole, the nutrition of fruits exceeds that of vegetables, and the ratio of supplemental fiber content to vegetables is also very small.

Each 100 grams of vegetables contains an average of 20 mg of vitamin C, while apples, pears, peaches, bananas, pineapples and other fruits contain only a few milligrams, and some even less than 1 milligram.

  He Zhiqian believes that most people nowadays eat vegetables in multiple colors instead. In fact, vegetables of different colors have different health effects.

According to the survey, only 3% of the people who can eat “more than 5 colors” of fruits and vegetables, the respondents eat more fruit in a single color, mainly green fruits and vegetables, and they can eat purple black.

“Because of the psychological psychology, I instinctively think that the green leafy vegetables are more nutritious and the dishes are more fresh, but not interested in purple and black fruits and vegetables.

In fact, the deeper the color of fruits and vegetables, the stronger the antioxidant effect, and it is very effective for the body anti-aging.

Professor He Zhiqian said that common purple-black fruits such as blueberries, eggplant, purple broccoli, seaweed and blackcurrant have natural antioxidant and nutrient characteristics.

  - Healthy color of the five major fruits and vegetables of the mainstream color health code ● If you are born with a weak constitution, often caught a cold, cold invasion, then you need to take red food.

  Including tomatoes, red peppers, watermelon, hawthorn, strawberries, red grapes, mandarin orange, red dates and so on.

Red food may be lycopene.

Studies have shown that lycopene can protect cell membranes and reduce free radical damage, which has a certain anti-aging effect.

Red food usually helps blood circulation, boosts mood and reduces fatigue.

  ● If your blood pressure is dysfunctional or your skin is dry, try orange-yellow food.

  Orange-based foods such as citrus, pineapple, carrot, apricot, mango, lemon, pumpkin, sweet potato, corn, large yellow beans, millet, etc.

The most common natural orange pigment is beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the damage caused by air pollution and has anti-aging effects.

  ● If you have poor eyesight, you can eat more green food and relieve symptoms.

  Including spinach, celery, green pepper, broccoli, bitter gourd, cucumber, olive, kiwi, green beans and other green food.

Green food contains cellulose that clears the stomach and prevents constipation, while its alternative lutein maintains retinal health.

In addition, eating green vegetables often helps our body maintain a state of acid-base balance.

  ● If you have chronic high blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc., don’t forget to eat white food.

  Including garlic, onions, cauliflower, cabbage, white radish, lotus root, white mushrooms, white kidney beans, tofu and other soy products, pears, white sesame seeds, lilies, white peony, yam and milk, etc., these foods are all white food.

It helps to calm the mood, and there are many plasmas in patients with high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

And white food has a certain control effect on people’s appetite, which is very helpful for dieters.

  ● If your body has arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, then you need purple and black food.

  Purple black food is black or purple, dark brown food: such as purple grapes, blueberries, purple broccoli, eggplant, black beans, blackcurrant, mulberry, prunes, seaweed, fungi, black sesame, black rice, blackFungus, kelp, seaweed, etc.

The purple-black food comes from nature, contains less harmful ingredients, and the second is complete nutrition, high quality and quantity.

How do old people want to live longer? How to make nine kinds of food for the elderly to prolong life

How do old people want to live longer? How to make nine kinds of food for the elderly to prolong life

Blueberry has good antioxidant effect, while supplementing vitamins and minerals, can prevent inflammation, and promote the release of free radicals from cells, which is beneficial to reduce the incidence of cancer, morbidity, cognitive impairment or Parkinson’s syndrome.

Omega 3 contained in salmon is a source of many fatty acids that strengthen the brain and heart function and prevent cognitive impairment.

Yogurt is a good source of probiotics. Probiotics protect the immune system, enhance disease resistance, and help the body absorb nutrients from food.

Developing the habit of drinking yogurt can help maintain good health, prevent certain cancers, relieve diarrhea, and urinary tract infections.

Sweet potato starch, fiber and vitamin A, are good for vision, bones, growth ability, growth and development of children, and also help to maintain blood pressure and normal blood sugar.

Green tea has high levels of antioxidants, is anti-aging, and helps balance cholesterol levels.

Spinach calories are low, but rich in vitamins A and E, minerals, calcium, and guide the body cells.

The amount of calcium in a cup of spinach juice is equivalent to the amount of milk in a cup of milk.

There are also many benefits to the cardiovascular system.

Tomato red tomato, which can slow down the body’s aging, help the body resist prostate cancer and coronary heart disease, and contains a lot of trace elements such as potassium and iron, as well as vitamins A, C, E, etc.

Dark chocolate contains a lot of flavonoids that help protect your heart.

Oatmeal is the main source of soluble fiber, which lowers plasma levels, controls blood sugar, and reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Scientists reveal how long-lived secret personality affects life?

Scientists reveal how long-lived secret personality affects life?

Azerbaijan has a “longevity village” located in the southern part of Azerbaijan and Iran’s small Lerik village is a “longevity village” that was discovered only recently by the world.

Some British journalists have traveled far and wide to visit Lelique.

On the road outside the village, they saw the first birthday of Lerik Village – a road repairer with a silver thread.

The reporters said to him through the translation: “Can you tell us your age?

The old man smiled and showed a gleaming gold tooth: “My age is not big, only 102 years old!”

“After picking up the toolbox and going to repair his way.”

  British reporters interviewed a number of super-shouxing stars in Changshou Village, but what is interesting is that journalists have reported that the information they have obtained seems to be “contradictory” – the 21-year-old Churyeva’s cheekWrinkles and walking can not be separated from the cane, but this can not stop the old man from getting up early every morning to feed the chicken.

She said that since the 1880s, she has developed this habit, so she can’t change it.

When asked about the secret of her longevity, the old man who had been a primary school teacher responded as if he was giving a child a geography class. “Lerrick is the Caspian Sea to the east and the Tarish Mountains to the west.

The abundant rainfall in winter provides good conditions for the growth of crops, but the villages in our village have lush orchards, and fresh fruit can not be eaten all year round.

The 108-year-old Ridi old man said that the Lerike recipe recipe: in addition to fresh fruit, there are fresh vegetables, bread made of miscellaneous grains, and yogurt.

He is also outstanding. The Leriks are mainly Muslims who don’t drink alcohol. Not alcoholism is another important reason for the longevity of the Leriks.

  However, the 123-year-old shepherd Mink insisted that it was just a cup of vodka that made him stay young.

He proved that even though a major earthquake struck in 1998, many people’s homes were greatly damaged, and “the wonderful vodka” enabled him and his many folks to repair the wound in the shortest possible time with extraordinary courage and confidence.Natural disasters.

As a result, Mink and many of his friends called the vodka made from the local clear spring water “longevity sap.”

  The village chief Zoff, who has just passed his 100th birthday, recalls that the village of Lerike is located at the “edge of the world” and can be said to be “a corner forgotten by the world” – actually since the 19th centurySince then, Lerick has been calm and calm, and even the second battle of the raging fire has not left any mark here.

The relatively unique “self-satisfied” mentality of the Lerike people is also “longevity.”

  Relatively speaking, the Leriks can be said to be quite poor.

For example, the 123-year-old Bendyev can only receive a pension equivalent to $15 a month – just enough to make his stomach “half full”.

According to a new discovery by Western scientists, long-term survival of “half-full” can prolong life.

So, in this regard, can it be said that the lack of material life has promoted their health and longevity?

  In the longevity research institute in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, the famous Gaysonov has been studying the lifestyle of the Leriks for the past 30 years.

He said that although some people doubt the age of some “super birthday stars” here, it is believed that after every child here, the family must make a true and correct record on the Koran.Therefore, it should be said that their old age is not false, and the locals have no habit of lying.

  Tajikistan was originally a “super longevity country” Tajikistan is a small country with an underdeveloped economy.

However, in a country where per capita income is low and health care facilities are scarce, life expectancy is surprisingly high.

What is even more surprising is that according to a population report just released by the country, there are currently 518 Shouxing stars over the age of 100 in Tajikistan (of which 421 are women).

Of course, in terms of the absolute number of people, Tajikistan cannot compare with the “long-lived country” such as Japan. However, considering that the total population of the country is only the mantissa of the total population of Japan, it is not an exaggeration to call it “super longevity country”.
  It is reported that among the 100-year-old birthday stars, the oldest person in the first place lives in the remote Fanihong Mountain area, named Ibrajimova, who is 123 years old this year. The second place is her neighbor Pami.La Sierra Lieva, 113 years old.

109-year-old A. Karimf ranked third.

According to reports, there are three Russian elderly people in Tajikistan over 100 years old, and a 104-year-old Chinese-American old lady.

  Some long-lived researchers in the West have conducted a review in the country and analyzed that, except for the industrial underdevelopment, most of the country’s areas have not yet suffered industrial pollution, and the Tajik people generally believe in “plain”.The concept of life that is just music may have a positive effect on promoting longevity.

As the country’s “first birthday star” Ibrahimova said: “In fact, I always look forward to living forever, but I will live longer. I don’t want to, but I may live a hundred years in ‘unconsciously’.

“Italian Longevity Island”: Sardinia, which has more male life than female birthday stars, is called “Longevity Island”.

According to a survey of 317 villages on the island, there are now 222 people who are over 100 years old, with an average of 13 per 100,000 people.

5 people are older than 100 years old, and this ratio is about 10 times higher than the world average.

  Contrary to the rest of the world, the number of female life stars is much larger than that of male birthday stars. The proportion of males and females in the island is 2:1, but researchers have been able to successfully find the key reasons.

  The peasant living in Shanxiang, 112-year-old Todd died only a few days before his 113th birthday. Among the guests who came to attend the Todd funeral, 24 people were over 100 years old, so the funeral becameA gathering of centenarians.

  “Angya” is the most commonly used congratulatory language for Sardinians, meaning “I wish you a long life”.The scientific research project of the University of Sanary on the island to study the mystery of longevity was also designated as the “Angia Project”.

The researchers are happy with the landforms. Although the centenarians of Sardinia are not highly educated, they are mostly willing to cooperate with strange scientists.

For example, a 90% old man is willing to be pumped for testing purposes, and even half of the centenarians are willing to donate their own creatures for scientists to study after their death.

  The researchers were also surprised to find that most of the elderly in the 80s and 90s on the island are still working hard, and they are similar in appearance and mental state to those in the 50s and 60s in other regions.

When they meet strangers in Tiantou, they will say hello enthusiastically: “Agia!

“The air in Sardinia is clean and the water quality is good, but this alone does not guarantee the longevity of so many residents.

What the researchers have learned is that most of the island’s residents carry certain “longevity genes.”

Seven small ways to improve living room air

Seven small ways to improve living room air

According to experts, indoor air pollution in the family mainly includes two categories: one is gas impurities.

For example, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and strong carcinogens produced by cooking and cooking in the kitchen.

Indoor decorative materials, cosmetics, new furniture and other toxic and harmful substances, mainly formaldehyde, benzene, ether esters, trichloroethylene, toluene and other volatile organic compounds.

People themselves are also one of the sources of air pollution. According to relevant data, about 500 liters of carbon dioxide gas is exhaled per person per day, and 271 kinds of organic substances such as lactic acid are emitted from human skin.

According to the measurement, the pollution of a cigarette in the living room is more harmful to the human body than the pollution of the car on the road.

  The other type is microbial contaminants.

Such as bacteria, viruses, pollen and dust.

At the front of the room, it is easy to breed fungi and cause microbes to pollute indoor air.

In the process of mass reproduction, flour will emit annoying special odor.

These biological contaminations may cause health damage to allergic diseases and respiratory diseases of home users.

Therefore, it can be said that the focus of “family environmental protection” is to eliminate these sources of pollution, which in turn provides a guarantee for the health of family members and also reduces pollution to the external environment.

  Here are some ways to improve indoor air quality: 1.

First of all, when you decorate your house, choose a green decorative material with an eco-label.

You can consult the China Building Decoration Association and other units for details in this regard, or you can ask the personnel of the indoor monitoring center to check the indoor air quality.


First of all, we must give full play to the function of the range hood.

Whether it is cooking or boiling water, as long as the cooker is turned on, the cooker hood should be opened, and the kitchen door should be closed and the window opened, which is conducive to air circulation and eliminates replacement.


Put down the filler when the toilet is flushed, and try not to open it when you are not using it.


It is best to use a solid slow release disinfectant in the water tank and choose a safe and effective air disinfection product to purify the air.


In addition, when cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner, or use a mop and a wet rag.

If you use a broom, the action should be light. Do not raise the dust to increase the air pollution.

Try not to use carpets, “chicken feathers”.


For households that use air conditioning, it is best to activate a ventilator.

Among them, the heat exchanger efficiency is higher, and some heat exchange efficiency can reach about 70%. The discharged cold air can be effectively replaced by the pumped hot fresh air cooling to keep the indoor air fresh.

Another effective way is to use an air purifier.


Of course, the most effective and economical way to keep the air in the living room fresh and clean is to ventilate frequently.

Men drink alcohol, pay attention to your heart and liver

Men drink alcohol, pay attention to your “heart and liver”

Health experts have suggested several tips on drinking that can help drinkers reduce drunkenness and alcoholism.
  Tip 1: Drink at the ideal speed The ideal speed, that is, the speed of drinking that does not exceed the liver’s ability to handle.
The rate at which the liver breaks down alcohol is about 10 ml per hour. The amount of pure alcohol (ethanol) contained in the wine can be calculated from the number indicated on the label of the bottle.
For example, 250 ml of alcohol with a degree of alcohol of 160 ml × 0.
16 = 40 ml, then the amount of alcohol is 40 ml.
  If a person spends 4 hours drinking, the average amount of alcohol per hour is 10 milliliters, which is just in line with the liver’s processing speed.
Drinking at this rate minimizes the burden of alcohol on the liver.
  Spring is the season of recovery.
The Chinese medicine of the motherland believes that the liver is similar to the vegetation, the vegetation sprouts and grows in the spring, and the liver functions more actively in the spring.
Therefore, in the early spring, we should protect the liver and protect the liver first. Tip 2: Drink clear water and restore the body’s water balance. Alcohol has the effect of changing the water balance inside and outside the body.
Usually, 2/3 of the body’s water is in the cells, but after the alcohol is increased, the water in the cells will move into the blood vessels, so although the water in the whole body does not change, it will feel dry because the water in the cells is reduced.thirsty.
  Whatever the reason, it is right to get enough water.
“Wake up the water” has been one of the ways to alleviate discomfort after drinking since ancient times.
Mixing three small oysters in a full glass of water and drinking it in one can stimulate the stomach to make food easy to vomit.
  Tip 3: Drinking sports drinks and juices are also effective. When you wake up the next morning, the scorpion often feels very thirsty. At this time, the residual alcohol and harmful substance acetaldehyde should be removed from the body as soon as possible.
  In addition to the water replenishing effect, the beverage containing inorganic salts and sugars also has the effect of eliminating alcohol in the body.
Sports drinks and juices work well, especially sports drinks, whose ingredients are close to human body fluids and are easily absorbed by the body. They are not only effective for hangovers, but also prevent drunk when drinking together.
  In addition, tea with tea polyphenols and vitamin C, or lemonade made with lemon and honey, is also very effective for hangovers.
  It should be noted that no matter which kind of beverage, if it is too cold, the active ingredients are not easily absorbed, so drink normal temperature or warm.
  Tip 4: Eat protein-rich foods and reduce liver burden Protein and fat stay in the stomach for the longest time, so it is best for serving as an appetizer.
  In order to avoid getting too much protein food to cause weight gain, it is best to choose fish, lean meat, chicken, soy products, eggs, cheese and so on.
Dairy products such as milk and cheese containing high-quality protein, eggs, tofu, scallops, and soups made from these foods are good for liver function and do not burden the stomach.
  Some people like to eat heavy foods after drinking, such as ramen noodles, these foods will burden the gastrointestinal tract, prolong the discomfort of drunkenness.
Therefore, you should choose fruits, honey, milk, yogurt, eggs and other foods that are easy to digest and improve liver function.

Magical Qigong and amateur combat

Magical Qigong and amateur combat

First, relaxation work is a kind of static work.

It is a step-by-step, rhythmic attention to all parts of the body from top to bottom, combined with the meditation of the word “loose”, gradually adjust the whole body to be natural, relaxed, comfortable, to relieve some tension, while making “ideas”Initial concentration, eliminate distracting thoughts, to clear the meridians, reconcile the blood, so that the brain is in a state of conscious and quiet inhibition.

  The specific exercises are as follows.


Preparation work is generally 5 before the practice?
Preparing for 10 minutes can reduce some of the distractions in the practice, help improve the quality of the exercises, and make the exercises go smoothly.

  (1) First stabilize the mood and stop some activities, such as work, study, housework, etc.

  (2) The place of practice should choose the place where the air is more circulated, but care should be taken to avoid direct blowing, and the light should not be too strong.

  (3) The surrounding environment should be relatively quiet. Generally, care should be taken to avoid the ups and downs of the practice.

  (4) Arrange for a practice bed or chair to strive for comfort.

  (5) If necessary, excrete the urine and urine first, so as not to affect the progress of the practice.

  (6) Loosen the collar, belt and other things bound to the body.


Posture (adjustment) exercises must take a certain posture, in order to be able to practice the body when the body is in a state of natural physiology, easy to smooth blood, quiet practice, while constantly proprioceptive nerve impulses to the brain, maintain good nerve stimulation.

Commonly used postures are as follows.

  (1) Sitting type: sitting on the stool, the legs are separated by the same shoulder width, the lower limbs knees, the alignment part is flexed 90 degrees, the two hands are placed on the thighs, the chest is pulled back, the shoulders are thick and elbow, the head is straight,Don’t lean on, the tip of the nose is aimed at Dantian, the eyes are slightly closed, the face is smiling, and the mouth is gently closed.

If you don’t have enough physical strength when you start sitting, you can sit on the chair.

  (2) supine position: lying on the bed, the head is natural and straight, the pillow is suitable for high and low, the mouth and eyes are gently closed, the limbs are naturally straightened, and the hands are placed next to each other.

  (3) Flat-station type: contraction, the two feet are separated into parallel or figure-eight (mild eight-character), the distance is the same as the shoulder width, the knee is slightly yielded, not exceeding the toe, loose, abdomen, liftingAnal, with chest pull back, upper limbs flat like a tree-like shape, shoulders and elbows, palms and palms opposite the palace, such as holding a ball.

The head is straight, the eyes are flat or slightly sewed, looking at the target in front, and the eyes are lightly closed.

  You can also put your right hand on the top, the left hand on the bottom (and vice versa), stack it in front of the lower Dantian, and the palms are inward; or both hands naturally hang down on the body.

  Various postures are suitable for application, and their selection and application can be considered according to the following situations.

1 The beginner or the physical strength is weak, and the elderly are first to adopt the supine type, and it is generally appropriate to sit flat.

2 If you feel that the posture of the pendulum is not very comfortable, you can move to adjust the limb or change a posture.

3 stops for each workout 5?
After about 10 minutes, the improvement in physical strength will gradually increase.

Station type can be done alone or in combination with sitting type.


Breathing (adjustment of interest) should be properly adjusted during the practice.

  The adjustment of breathing, first of all to understand their breathing situation, can only carry out various breathing methods based on understanding the changes in their breathing.

When training and relaxing, it is generally based on natural breathing. On the basis of relaxation, you can cooperate with meditation “loose” when exhaling.

  The natural breathing method, which is based on the original natural respiratory rate and natural habits, is suitable for beginners and general practitioners.

As the practice Qigong deepens, the number of breaths will gradually slow down, the breathing depth will gradually increase, gradually reach symmetry, slow, thin, and long, but be careful not to suffocate, barely stretch the breath, must achieve deep breathing requirements on the basis of natural breathing.
If you want to lose weight by qigong, firstly, on the basis of mastering the relaxation function, master the abdominal breathing method, first practice breathing, and then practice breathing.

For example, when the inhalation, the diaphragm is lowered, the abdomen is raised; when the breath is exhaled, the diaphragm is raised, and the abdomen is invaginated.

Such as contraction of the abdominal muscles during inhalation, abdominal invagination, lower abdomen bulge; exhaled small abdominal contraction, abdominal relaxation, called reverse breathing.

In the abdominal breathing process of qigong weight loss, when the abdomen is invaded, it is necessary to pay attention to the abdomen, trying to contract the abdominal muscles in the direction of the spine.

This method is generally suitable for sitting and horizontal exercises.
The body is better. When practicing the standing type, the person who usually breathes in the abdominal breathing should practice the abdominal breathing method. Usually, the person who is breathing in the chest should practice the abdominal breathing method and then practice the reverse breathing method later.

Practice 10 each time?
After 20 minutes, you can change your natural breathing to avoid respiratory muscle fatigue.
The reverse breathing method is more difficult to practice, so pay attention to the softness of exhalation, naturally, do not pay attention to inhalation, it can make breathing smooth.


During the practice of thinking (aligning), we must gradually achieve spiritual peace, focus on concentration, and keep the spirit in the spirit is the most basic effort of Qigong. The better the calming, the better the effect, and vice versa.

The so-called static refers to a quiet state, no distracting thoughts, concentrated on one point, or intention to keep body parts, such as “Dan Tian”, “Jiangquan”; or meditation on certain words or numbers, such as meditation “song””Quiet”, so that the mind is not chaotic, the distracting thoughts are not born, the mood is comfortable, and the comfort is calm.

When the static is deep, the cerebral cortex enters a state of inhibition.

In the process of practicing relaxation, whenever you pay attention to relaxation step by step, it is time to concentrate your attention on the body.

Then gently pay attention to certain parts of the body on the basis of relaxation.

The usual part of attention is “Dan Tian” (referring to the lower Dantian Guanyuan point, 3 inches below the navel, the abdomen in the midline of the abdomen).


The relaxation method uses gradual relaxation to induce static, natural breathing to adjust the mood, from head to toe, and gradually relax from top to bottom.

The three-line relaxation method is generally adopted.

  First line: from both sides of the head → vertical sides → two shoulders → two upper arms → two forearms → two hands → two fingers.

  Second line: from the top of the head → skin → obesity → skin → abdomen → two front legs → two calves front → two foot back → two toes.

  The third line: the back of the head → neck item → hips → waist → legs → the back of the two thighs → the back of the two calves → the heel → the sole of the foot (Yongquan point).

  Relaxing the three-line method as described above and relaxing three times repeatedly can feel relaxed and quiet.

If you feel that a part of your body is not relaxing, don’t worry, relax in this area, or let it be natural, don’t mind.

Then on the basis of natural breathing, in every breath, I want to be quiet when inhaling, and want to loose when exhaling.

I practiced this practice for more than ten times, and then concentrated my thoughts on the Dantian (nurturing) for a while, and then practiced meditation on “quietness” and “song”.

This cycle is carried out, this method is called training.

  It can relax the body, calm down, and eliminate distractions to reach the realm of peace.

When you are able to reach a state of relaxation, you can practice abdominal breathing, first breathing, and then breathing backwards.

Practice according to the essentials, gradually achieve the effect of abdominal weight loss.


At the end of the practice (received), the Qigong should be slowly activated at the end of the qigong. First open your eyes, then lick your hand and do some exercises, which will make your mind clear and flexible.


Exercise time and frequency of general Qigong exercise daily 1?
2 times, 20 each time?
30 minutes.

Arrange when to start from the actual situation, usually in the morning, afternoon or evening before going to sleep, the key is to be serious and persistent.


Precautions in practicing Qigong (1) Put your posture first when you exercise, and check if the body parts are natural and relaxed.

If the posture is unnatural, it should be corrected.

  (2) For some parts that are not easy to relax, you can do some self-massage before you prepare for work.

  (3) Breathing should be natural, stable and soft when practicing.

Often, if you feel poor breathing during your initial training, you can breathe a few times.

  (4) Thoughts and quiets are a relative process. When practicing, be careful not to be overly hard, and to be guided by the situation and gradually.

  (5) There must be confidence, determination, patience and perseverance in practicing Qigong.

  (6) If there is a sudden loud noise in the practice, don’t be scared. You can calm down and continue to practice.
  (7) If you feel some local warmth, numbness, soreness or heavy feeling in the practice, this is a common reaction in practice, let it be natural, do not pay attention to these feelings and interrupt the practice.

  (8) After practicing, I feel that my mind is clear, my spirit is comfortable, my hands and feet are warm, my limbs are relaxed, etc. This is a phenomenon of practicing efficiency, indicating that Qigong has already played a role.

  (9) To learn qigong, you must have the guidance of a doctor or an expert to receive the results quickly.

  Second, one of the essentials of qigong practice is the combination of dynamic and static work.
Movement refers to the movement of the body (external movement) and the movement of the body (inner gas), and static is the static of the form (external static) and the static of the spirit (internal static).

The purpose of practicing Qigong is to stimulate and adjust the physiological functions of the human body, balance the balance of yin and yang, dredge the meridians, smooth the blood and cultivate the infuriating air. This is the internal action. This kind of dynamic action must be realized in a static state.
The movement of the body also requires internal static, dynamic and static to play a better effect.

Generally, you can do static work after doing static work, or you can do static work or dynamic work in each exercise separately. These should be mastered according to the specific situation.

  There are many movements for weight loss, each with its own merits.

Our outstanding Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xi and other methods are very effective.

  The fitness extension of Tai Chi has been proved by a large number of clinical practices.

Use the Tai Chi method to lose weight, exercise more, and with the reverse breathing method.

According to the selection of Tai Chi, it is appropriate to decide according to the physical condition of each individual.

Simplified Taijiquan is based on Yang style Taijiquan. It is easier to master. Although the number of sessions is small and the amount of exercise is small, it can be repeated several times to achieve a certain amount of exercise.

Tai Chi can be trained to seem to have nothing to do, the shadows are unpredictable, seemingly soft and weak, but in fact, it is the practice of refined gas, practicing gasification, practicing the realm of the gods, and even achieve the purpose of fitness, andAnd can achieve the physical body requirements of weight loss.

  Wu Qin Xi is a kind of physical health movement created by Hua Tuo based on ancient guiding techniques and imitating the movement characteristics of five kinds of animals.

There are four or five sets that have been handed down in ancient times, and the basics are the same.

Its action is to take the tiger’s strength and fierceness, the deer’s health and goodness, the bear’s steady and powerful, the sleek sleek and the bird’s balance lightly compiled.

The practitioners who practiced the five-pong drama, they have a beautiful face, a strong spirit, a dexterous movement, and a uniform posture, healthy and longevity.