Depression and illness Sun Yat-sen female professor jumped off the building and committed suicide

Depression and illness Sun Yat-sen female professor jumped off the building and committed suicide

Yang Jing is a very cheerful person. As a professor, she has money, a house, and a car. She is tall and has a good face.

In the eyes of her neighbor, she is a strong woman and a successful person.

Unexpectedly, however, Yang Jing actually chose the suicide of jumping off a building.

  After Yang Jing’s colleague Professor Liu knew the news, he sighed “unbelievably”.

Professor Liu said that Yang Jing’s academic research results are quite fruitful, and he is a master’s tutor for business management majors, and he has more graduate students.

In addition, she works part-time in several companies.

“She’s so good, why should she choose to commit suicide?

“” One third of the causes of her suicide were due to her personality, one third was due to work pressure, and the other one was due to marital irregularities.

“Yang Jing’s suicide surprised her colleagues and students during her lifetime, and some people speculated why she was dead.

The lower believe that “depression” is the culprit who killed Yang Jing.

  Experts remind that successful middle-aged female white-collar workers are prone to psychological crisis and depression.

Understanding and concern from relatives is the most direct and effective way to save patients with depression.

  Tear the Besieged City and leave the sad place Yang Jing was born in Changsha, Hunan in November 1962.

After graduating from Xiangtan University in 1983, she was admitted to the graduate school of Beijing Economics University.

Three years later, 24-year-old Li Jing obtained an economics expert and was assigned to a famous military academy in Changsha.

  ”Yang Jing is very strong in learning, but love starts late.

“Ms. Li told reporters,” She only fell in love after working at the age of 24.

It turned out that Yang Jing, who had an outstanding appearance and specialty, had just arrived at the unit, which caused the pursuit of Lin Qi (pseudonym), a young teacher at the same school.

In 1989, Yang Jing and Lynch got married.

  ”Soon after the marriage, Yang Jing became a lecturer.

After two years, she gave birth to a big fat boy and soon moved to a house of more than 100 square meters.

“In the eyes of Ms. Li, Yang Jing has a happy and happy home.” Both of them are university teachers, and her husband has knowledge and culture.

However, Yang Jing once revealed to me that she had the idea of divorce, and she said that life was delicious (Changsha dialect: meaning boring).

Ms. Li said that at the time, Yang Jing hoped that life would be more romantic, but Lin Qi devoted herself to learning.

Yang Jing often coquettishly with Lin Qi, hoping that her husband would give her a small gift or a bouquet of flowers on her wedding anniversary and birthday. However, her husband always poured cold water.

“This makes Yang Jing, who values spiritual life, very upset and increasingly depressed.

  In 1994, Yang Jing met Xu Feng (a pseudonym) who worked in a government department while teaching outside, and the relationship between them quickly heated up.

Soon after, Xu Feng drove Yang Jing’s family to Shaoshan for a tour. He guided the tour guide and driver.

However, careful Lynch felt the ambiguity between this “driver” and his wife.

In October 1995, Lynch divorced Yang Jing and took away his son.

At this time, Xu Feng also severed his connection with Yang Jing because he had remarried with his ex-wife.

  ”Yang Jing was sad for a long time, and people soon lost weight.

Ms. Li was very distressed by Yang Jing. She thought, “You can’t blame Yang Jing for divorce.

She and her husband are under a lot of work pressure, but the two have little communication. It is rare to say a few words a week, which is also an important reason.

In July 1996, the sad Yang Jing decided to leave Changsha, and she soon received a letter of consultation from Guangdong University of Technology.

  Depression became disease and overdraft life work came to Guangzhou to work, the teacher of Guangdong University of Technology knew that Yang Jing was still single and scrambled to introduce her.

However, Yang Jing has been evading. She once told Liu Ming (a pseudonym), a suitor who is a leader in a unit in Guangdong, that she has a fear of marriage.

“She said that I like to be with you, but since you said you would marry me, I started to be afraid.”I was hurt so deeply that there was nothing to join, and I would rather go alone.

Liu Ming told reporters.

Since then, Yang Jing has always avoided Liu Ming, and this love relationship ended without a problem.

  Yang Jing, who lost confidence in love, devoted herself to work and career.

In 1999, at the age of 37, she was ranked as a professor and was the youngest professor of Guangdong University of Technology at that time.

In 2002, Yang Jing was transferred to the School of Management of Sun Yat-sen University as a prominent talent.

In order to do this better, she stays up late in the office and works overnight.

Overworked work seriously overwhelmed Yang Jing’s body and efficiency.

  On New Year’s Day in 2007, the college organized teachers to visit Huizhou.

Along the way, Yang Jing leaned against the seat of the car, her eyes closed, and she said nothing.

The colleague felt something wrong and pushed her quickly.

  ”She opened her eyes, looked very scary, and said something like,” I’m not alive, I’m dead “.

The leader hurriedly sent her to Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital for hospitalization, but her tutorial task was very heavy and she returned to work within a week.

“A female teacher at the School of Management of Sun Yat-sen University told reporters.

  On January 19, the afternoon before the accident, a teaching seminar was held at the School of Management of Sun Yat-sen University. Yang Jing attended the meeting and it happened without exception.

At the dinner with the teachers in the evening, Yang Jing didn’t stay and hurried home.

  At 4 am on January 20, Yang Jing leapt from her home on the 5th floor and ended her life by suicide, leaving her loved ones with eternal pain and nostalgia.

  Teachers and students mourn the absence of depression in heaven After Yang Jing died, the students she taught before came to her parents’ home in Changsha to visit and condolences.

In their eyes, Teacher Yang is a good teacher who takes good care of students.

A student’s eyes circled red and said, “She was as beautiful and pure as in the photo.

I did not expect that she would live so painfully later!

“He also told reporters that his family was relatively poor, and Yang Jing used to invite him to dinner often.” I hope she can sleep peacefully in heaven, and hope that there is no depression in heaven.

“Many teachers and students have posted online to sacrifice Yang Jing.

One student said: “Mr. Yang’s lectures to the MBA were very exciting, and we really enjoyed listening to her lectures, because she would have many cases when she was in the classroom, and she would pick them up.

Once she took time off to see a doctor, we only knew she had a psychological problem. At that time, we all hoped that she could recover and live happily.

But she never expected that she would follow this path.

“If she can give her a little tolerance and sympathy, she may not take this step,” said Yang Jing, a relative who asked not to be named, to repeat this sentence to the reporter. “Yang Jing’s mother cried and saidThere is the next life, and such an excellent and sensible daughter, she must protect and take good care of her so as not to make her so tired.

“Yang Jing can be said to have died of depression.

For a long time, she has overdrawn her life, treating her work as chronic suicide.

Wang Wang, a male teacher in the School of Management of Sun Yat-Sen University, often encountered Yang Jing staying up all night to work overtime. He analyzed, “One of the reasons for her suicide was due to her personality. One third was due to work pressure.It is the impact of marital irregularities.
“Wang told reporters,” Yang Jing was admitted to the school’s doctorate in management in 2004.

In the next two to three years, she had to teach undergraduate students, MBA students and graduate students. She also had to do a doctoral dissertation, and was conducting a Ph.D.

He also revealed that shortly after being transferred to Sun Yat-sen University, Yang Jing was once trapped by a depression and even entered Fangcun Psychiatric Hospital for treatment several times, but later it seemed that his condition had improved a lot.

Reform, Yang Jing still insisted on teaching, research and other work without rest.

According to him, “When the college organized a teacher to visit Huizhou, Yang Jing got sick because he didn’t take antidepressant medicine.”

  Experts comment on vigilant depression “killer” more than half of depression patients have suicidal thoughts, 15%?
20% end their lives with suicide.

“On March 5, 2007, Zhang Qi, chief counselor of the Hunan Psychological Counseling Center, said in an interview with reporters.

  Zhang Qi believes that the biggest regret of Yang Jing’s suicide incident is that “to the extent that she is about to commit suicide, it should be the accumulation of long-term psychological pressure.

However, including college teachers and doctoral supervisors around her, none of her morbidities were found, which shows that everyone lacks awareness and common sense of mental health.
“” Psychologists have discovered that the psychological crisis of middle-aged white-collar workers is by no means uncommon.
Some accomplished people often have higher and more complete standards of themselves than the average person, while they are in a fiercely competitive environment.

当她们一旦遇到某种挫折,就意味着对自己那种‘高标准、严要求‘目标的否定,而此时所处的高位,又使她们往往难以找到可以倾诉和求援的知心朋友,使Obvious emotions are difficult to resolve, so middle-aged female white-collar workers who have achieved career success are more prone to psychological crisis.

“Zhang Qi told reporters,” Prevention is the most important thing, don’t think that the pressure is over.

If you accumulate more stress, you will have depression, so you must talk, be good at releasing, and good at transferring stress.

“Zhang Qi said that research shows that during the journey of life, some people will suffer from depression at least once, but most of the people who suffer from depression” are not aware of the disease “, only 25% of patients know.

“People with depression need to understand and listen. When people don’t have a way to talk, stress can crush them.

Therefore, Zhang Qi repeatedly emphasized that listening is the most direct and effective way to care for loved ones.

Winter disease and summer disease

Winter disease and summer disease

On July 7, Xiaoshu.

  Continuous high temperatures are painful for many people.

However, for Chinese medicine, now is the best time to treat winter diseases and summer diseases.

  Winter tonic Sanjiu tonic is prosperous, and Xia Zhi Sanfuxing is busy.

  Due to the hot summer, the human body has loosened meridians, hemodynamics, easy absorption of phlegm, and dampness drugs. Therefore, many diseases caused by coldness and phlegm will be treated with less effort at this time.

  What kind of diseases can “the winter disease and the summer cure” cure?

What kind of person is suitable?

How is the effect?

Although the unique remedy of this ancestor has been passed down for thousands of years, many people still know little about it.

  Therefore, we specially interviewed a number of famous Chinese medicine practitioners who have been working in the clinical front-line in the provincial capital, drawing on their solid theoretical knowledge and rich clinical experience, and collating such a “Practical Manual for the Treatment of Winter and Summer Diseases”, I hope it can helpBusy you add more purpose when choosing medical medicine, relieve pain, and restore your health.

  Although the hottest three-volt days of the year have not yet entered, the treatment of winter and summer diseases has already begun in full swing.

On the 8th, the reporter learned from some large hospitals in Jinan that the number of patients who came to use the traditional Chinese medicine method for “winter disease and summer treatment” is increasing.

  On the morning of the 8th, the reporter saw at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shandong Province that many patients were reading around in front of the signs indicating winter and summer treatment.

“I have an old problem with high blood pressure. I heard that summer treatment works well, so I will make an appointment today.

Said citizen Aunt Li.

Later, the reporter came to Jinan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and many citizens also consulted about winter diseases and summer treatment.

“After the weather is getting hotter and hotter, there have been too many consultations in winter and summer to deal with it.

“A doctor at Jinan Chinese Medicine Hospital said.

According to reports, in order to meet the needs of citizens, Jinan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is about to launch a special service activity on acupoint application of “Winter Disease and Summer Treatment” from July 19th to August 8th.

  ”The treatment of winter disease and summer disease is one of the characteristic therapies of Chinese medicine and has a long history.

Professor Tao Kai, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Shandong Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an expert in treating winter diseases and summer diseases, told reporters that according to traditional Chinese medicine, the three lunar days of the lunar calendar have the most vigorous yang, and the human body’s meridian system has the most smooth state in the yearWith open skin pores, smooth meridian qi and blood, and sensitive points, it is the best time to treat chronic diseases.

  According to Tao Kai, the so-called treatment of winter disease in summer is the treatment of diseases that are easy to recur in winter during the recovery period of summer diseases, resulting in less or no disease in winter.

The “winter diseases” suitable for “summer treatment” mainly include three categories, namely: chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchial rupture, chronic bronchitis, chronic complication emphysema; chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic colonChronic chronic diseases such as inflammation and stubborn joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  Experts remind that the common characteristics of “winter disease” are “cold syndrome” and “deficiency syndrome”.

In other words, as long as it is a disease that is easy to occur or worsen when the weather is cold or the temperature difference changes greatly, it can be treated in winter and summer.

During the treatment, it is best to pay attention to diet and exercise, so as to fundamentally strengthen the resistance, and only activate the body’s ability to resist disease, so that the disease has no chance.

  However, the treatment of winter and summer diseases does not cover all diseases. Some people and diseases are not suitable for winter and summer treatments, such as pregnant women, people who are allergic to drugs, patients with severe skin diseases and disease onset, such as acuteFever, hemoptysis, and acute exacerbations of chronic cough and asthma should not be treated with winter disease or summer disease.

In addition, although gastritis is also a chronic gastrointestinal disease, it is not suitable for “summer treatment” because it does not only occur in the cold season.

Marriage inevitably fades like clothes

Marriage inevitably fades like clothes

Contradictions in opinions, disagreements in temperament, differences in habits, differences in mood, all these things that are covered by impulse and agitation during love, once they become partners, in a dull day, the contradictions are revealed.

So I chose patience and tolerance.

In this way, while restraining myself, I also tortured and tortured myself. One day, the anger was really irresistible, and the conflict between the husband and wife or the cold war made the two men restless.

  I have a friend who was a college classmate, who was free to fall in love and share similar interests. After the marriage, the two of them respected each other as guests, but my friend was secretly in love with a newly arrived female college student in the unit and started to be the girl tenderlyLooking at him, one day later, the unit sent them both on a business trip, and the girl flew into his arms.

My friend also forgot about love and lost his way. The two had a night stand unconsciously. When he woke up from his sleep the next day, he realized that he had made a big mistake.

  On the way back from a business trip, he apologized to the girl honestly and regretfully, repeatedly showing that they were not doing well, but the girl’s attitude was very determined that he was the prince of white horse she had dreamed of, in order toLoving her can be reckless.

My friend was very distressed when he returned home, and was deeply sorry for his wife, but he could n’t tell his wife about it. He just used his love for his wife to make up for his fault. He avoided the unit for half a year.The girl in here, and wholeheartedly cared about his wife.

  Finally, one day, his wife suddenly set up a house banquet, and he realized that the girl had found his wife 3 months ago, showing her deep love for my friend, and also saying the love six months ago.Rhyme, but the friend’s wife only said one sentence: “Then let him choose.

“After three months of observation and feeling, she accepted her husband’s silent remorse.

So she said at the banquet at home: “I forgive you, we are still good couples.”

The husband burst into tears.

  The two worked hard together and gently mixed the ripped opening from the “marriage clothes”. Outsiders may not even know that after a setback, they still loved each other.

  ”Marriage clothes” is sometimes a problem that arises because the husband and wife are not tolerating each other.

The dull days will inevitably amplify each person’s personality and shortcomings. The publicity of the two people and the frankness of the shortcomings will surely produce some collision and disharmony.

This is a harm to marriage and a test.

Marriage is dull because of its long age. The contradictions and injuries between the two are unavoidable, but as long as the two still have things that attract each other, it is pragmatic and clever to patch up their marriage with generosity.

  Marriage with a patch is not as beautiful as it was in the first place, but as long as we look squarely at it, and therefore have a sense of understanding, it is also a great progress in life. A person’s face can grow old, but love can be as tender as ever.

The “clothing” of marriage may also fade and get old, but it is even fit, durable and comfortable.

Applying a patch to the “clothing” of a marriage will not destroy its own value, but the patch must be accurate, artistic and beautiful.

Of course, the “marriage clothes” that have been damaged and can no longer be repaired must be discarded and replaced with new ones.

11-style yoga that instantly rejuvenates


11-style yoga that instantly rejuvenates

Tired body to work every day?

Lost and focused?

can not work?

Please try the following fitness yoga exercises that will refresh you, so that you can beat pajamas and tiredness, and shake your mind every day.

  1. Stand in a mountain position, put your hands together and put your chest in front, relax your hips, widen the front of your chest, merge your legs or open your feet to the same width as the back, open your ten toes, and press your feet firmly on the mat.

  2. Extending inhaling in a mountain style, looking up with your hands folded up.

  3, stand forward and slowly exhale, bend and align, keep a long spine, open your hands on the floor, if your hands can not touch the floor, you can open your legs or keep bent, relax slightly and hang down naturally.

  4. Put your hands next to the soles of your feet, step your right foot backwards, hold your toes on the ground, hold your hands slightly, inhale, step on your left foot firmly, and then push the back of your right thigh hard into the sky and step on your left slowlyMove slowly just above the heel.

  5, flat-type right foot, left leg close to the right leg, legs straight to the sky, arms straight up to support the body, the distance between the two hands to maintain the same width with the shoulder, ten fingers should be fully open,Hold the mat firmly, the fold line in front of the wrist is parallel to the ground, try to lengthen the cervical spine, keep the head and body in a straight line, and pull the tail inward.

  6, relax at eight o’clock, look at the front, stare under your knees, and extend your body forward. With your hands and toes at the same time, slowly put the top and chin on the floor, keep it raised and avoid keeping it open.

  7, eyes snake-like instep on the ground, hands and palms moved to both sides, look naturally up, inhale while using the power of both hands to roll up the upper body, take advantage of the chest to open back, stretch the spine, pay attention to the tail spineClose up, don’t lift your butt up, reduce the pressure on the lower back.

  8. The lower dog-type heel slowly stepped on the ground, using both hands to support the body and lift it upwards, keeping the legs as wide as the pelvis. If you straighten your legs, it will be hard and you can bend. The most important thing isTo stretch the back thigh muscles, step forward to the highest position and stay for 3-5 breaths.

  9. In the starting style, lift the heel off the ground, straighten and bend, pull upwards, step forward with your right foot between the hands, bend your knees, and stretch it directly above the pedals.Close to the front, use your toes to dig, and use your fingertips to keep your shoulders wide.

  10. Stand forward and slowly exhale while standing. Bend your left foot forward and merge with your right foot. Bend and bend. Put your palms on the floor. Keep your feet apart or keep them bent. Relax and hang down naturally.

  11, the mountain-like extension of the feet merge or separate, ten toes toe open forcefully, inhale, hands raised up, the body lifted up, both hands extended upwards to close the palms, eyes looked at the hands, stretched the spine.

Perfect moisturizing tips and tender skin

Perfect moisturizing tips and tender skin

In the alternate seasons of late spring and early summer, the skin began to become metabolically imbalanced, the water and oil were unbalanced, and acne was constantly emerging and dull, and the root cause of all problems was “water shortage”.

Maybe you have been moisturizing and hydrating, but it has exceeded the expected effect. What is the problem?

 In the face of skin problems in this awkward season, the solution is simple: moisturizing.

Don’t exhaust your brain to find a new way. Use your brain on your current cosmetics. The new usage will allow the skin to absorb more water, and the transparency will return naturally.

  1, heating cleansing products to clean the skin thoroughly squeeze out the face wash, warm water and reuse, can reduce irritation, maintain skin acidic protective film, for skin with poor water retention, this small action is very practical.

  2. Applying essential oils on wet towels for better soothing effect This method comes from a dermatologist. After washing your face, use a very moist towel to cover your face.

After drying, dry and warm the skin with a cold towel for 2 minutes and remove it to achieve moisturizing and soothing effects. If you add a few drops of essential oil, it will have unexpected results!

  3, with water as water is the source of beauty, after washing your face, moisturizing spray, lotion, essence, moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream . choose 2-3 of them.

Leave 30 minutes between each product for skin absorption, and the interval between dry skin should be longer.

  4. Apply a self-made lotion mask. This mask is suitable for trying to soak the paper film with lotion for 3 minutes, and the skin will become soft and plump immediately.

You can apply a moisturizing cream immediately afterwards to maintain moisturizing results.

  5. Commonly used essences can inject more nutrition into the skin. Insensitive skin should develop the habit of using moisturizing essences every day, especially during the season change.

  6. Use water-in-oil wonderfully to choose moisturizing products according to the skin state. If you dry quickly after hydrating, it means that the lock is not enough.

Glycerin, petroleum jelly, and urea starch have good moisturizing properties, but they are more greasy in summer; sugars, amino acids, collagens, placenta and refined plant essence oils have obvious moisturizing effects, as well as assisting in repairing cells and supplementing nutrients, May wish to identify these ingredients when buying.

  7. Paste masks are more moisturizing. Paste masks have better water replenishment effect than sheet masks.

Because it is highly moisturized, the skin becomes extra soft and moisturized after use.

  8. Plant oil emollient DIY is more suitable for you to directly mix the essence oil in the emulsion: first squeeze the amount of the emulsion less than 1/4 of the usual amount, add the plant essence oil, mix and knead, and apply on the face and body, moisturizing and comfortable.The fragrance is pleasant.

But don’t reconcile the whole bottle in advance, because it will easily deteriorate.

  9. Touch, cover, and apply pressure to the skin. Appropriate massage from the Japanese beauty expert Saiki Chitsu. Apply moisturizers. Gentle contact will relax the skin. The warmth of the entire palm will accelerate the absorption of the ingredients. The voltage will stimulate the facial acupoints and start.Moisturizing ingredients penetrate the skin through nerve endings.

  10. The drinking water treaty guarantees eight glasses of water a day. Many people know the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and boiled water is the best, and tea and juice are best to drink less.

In addition, drinking a glass of warm honey water before going to bed will be especially helpful for dry skin.

Whispers of men to single women

Whispers of men to single women

The idea of a good man is the highest frequency of broken women.

For these people, the man they meet is either not charming enough or too charming; if a good man does not exist on the planet at all, it is unlucky or he is completely dead.

Even if I happened to run into a few, I was either married or looked down on.

The first thing this woman has to treat is her own mentality: what is a good man?

Before the 30-year-old figured it out, the problem was with himself.

  Do you want to marry the man you love, or is it a good man?

Moreover, there is no label on the face of a good man, nor is there a uniform standard. Is there money?



Or something else?

The problem is that no matter how good the man is, if he is not suitable for you, what good is it?

  Choosing a husband can never use the concept of “tailor-made”, but rather like picking a mobile phone in the market.

Your task is to choose one from the top Vertu to the cheapest domestic mobile phone, which is relatively suitable.

You must abandon the stereotyped idea of a good man, because the good man in the mind of a woman is like a cyber bubble, and it does n’t exist at all. Even if you catch it, it will eventually burst.

  Rotten men’s drug addiction and the previous category are exactly at the two extremes. Some women are dedicated to rotting men (more married men who seem to be unhappy in marriage) to stir up and waste their youth, but their awareness of reality and strategic means are farInferior to the mistress.

Their mantra is: “You guys don’t know him. He is really good to me.

“It is true that men who have the ability to set up wives and coping lover are by no means idle. Most of them have the money and leisure to give you the whole world, except for marriage.

  There is also a typical case of “rotten man” and “ex-boyfriend” cross-infection. Women with soft hearts or soft ears are particularly weak against this bacterium.

Generally speaking, it is the ex-boyfriend who has been breaking up for a long time (even has been married) will suddenly call you “I want to see if you have done well recently”, met, before and after mealsThe standard line must be “Don’t tell you, you are the one who knows me best in the world.”

If you are confused and can’t bear the loneliness for a while, continue to maintain this troublesome relationship of “occasionally eating meals + going to bed occasionally” with him, then don’t blame you and look down on you.

Maybe you should run your brain occasionally: If you are really good at the universe, why didn’t he just divorce and marry you?

Believe me, good men with a little ambition will respect you.

  For this rotten man, wait forever?

Think about it!

  The ex-boyfriend is right. The fish that escaped from the hook is always the biggest.

No matter how hard you broke up at the time, it’s as if only your ex-boyfriend has a good personality, is handsome, considerate and gentle, and has an ecstatic sex life.

But remember: these are history.

If you correct the breakup at the time, please don’t consider the face problem, pick up the phone and dial him now (according to experience, the chance of recovery may still be 5% -10%).

But if he dumped you, then please forgive me, Saddam ‘s chances of giving up terrorism is definitely much greater than your compound.

  Life should continue, please don’t let a memory affect your happiness future.

  The dog wolf hesitant man has a set of ancient logic, that is, he hopes that his future wife will look like a lady outside, and his bed will look like a slut.

In fact, women also have the same idea, hoping that the man she loves is a wolf full of mysterious temperament, but looks like a faithful and upright dog to herself.

The difference between the two is that at least the man will soberly realize the truth that can’t be obtained there some morning, and then quickly marry a lady.

) But the woman was in such a state of indecision, she waited until she passed the preservation period.

  The other woman bounced between the two men. When she was with the wolf, she felt insecure. She wanted to go and think about it, and it was more practical to find a dog.

But it doesn’t take long, and I feel that although the dog is upright, it is too bland. This kind of life lacks freshness and excitement. Forget it, go to a wolf.

In this way, she jumped up and down, never being able to figure out which one she wanted.

Men can think clearly of the truth instantly, but women have a lifetime.  Waiting aimlessly for a mad girlfriend who is 35 years old and still single, we are all anxious for her. She is actually more anxious than anyone else, but she would rather be absent. She would rather wait than want to find one casually. Most of the men who admired her were because of this.Or for some reason, she denied it. She firmly believed that the man who belonged to her must also be waiting for her somewhere, but the two had never met because of her fate. The next one might be.

  Sometimes we joke a little bit, you are in such good condition that you can just grab it while sitting and waiting.

Regardless of whether he has a wife or girlfriend, as long as you like it, take the initiative.

  Girlfriend is not an active person, and he doesn’t like to grab others.

  So we told her such a story: Some individuals waited for the bus at the bus station at night.

The first bus came and felt too crowded, the second bus looked too old, and the third bus didn’t want air conditioning without air conditioning.

After a few cars passed, I thought that it would be better to take a taxi home, but I had no money in my pocket, and finally had to walk home.

  The lesson from this story: “The next one will be better” is definitely an unrealistic idea.

It is more suitable for you who are just in love seeking comfort, rather than you who want to get married.

  Never discount Sales has a golden rule: there are no products that cannot be sold, only shopping guides that do not sell products.

Every woman used to be a new product of the season, but if you have become an out-of-season stock, then the problem is not necessarily the product itself, but you are not looking for the right sales method or the main consumer group.

It is a respectable spirit to insist on not discounting, but if you have no market, then you need more flexible and smart means.

  Pre-sale housing contractionism You should always pay attention to those who only buy existing homes. This is the most challenging logic for you.

Generally speaking, women are about 5 years older than men. If you do not take advantage of this advantage, then you can only blame your own short-term vision.

When you are lucky enough to meet a good man of good quality, if you are sure to buy it while he is still a potential stock, then it must be relatively low.

You must know that a mature, interesting and successful man is like a mature high-quality asset. Not only will the price rise, but yours will also make you feel tricky.

  Rhythm dysfunction “If you haven’t met a true emperor by the age of 25, it is actually a lucky thing.

“This sentence means: If the real life emperor appears early, the immature girl who has not been trained in” Good Man Hunting Action “will often spoil this beautiful marriage.

To understand that the communication process between two people will have the same ups and downs, and it is impossible to be as sweet as gum from beginning to end.

Usually give the other party a little breathing room, when there is a sense of quarrel, don’t be overbearing when the other party makes mistakes, just remember to leave some room for maneuver.

When the opportunity to get married appears, it is necessary to grasp the timing “accurate, ruthless, fast” to start.

According to those who came, marriage was by no means a rational act, and it required more impulsiveness.

So the point is, if you can’t keep up with the other party’s rhythm, then a long sigh will become your personal emotion.

  Old virgins worry that many people who can’t get married occasionally get infected with it, just wondering if they can’t get married because of their weird personality.

This is really a weird alternative, but what I want to say seriously is that the answer is exactly the opposite.

If you think about it, a house is not “haunted” because it is called a “haunted house”, but rather it is called a haunted house because it is haunted.

So you just need to make a turn. Don’t be angry because you can’t get married, and don’t really doubt yourself because you hear other people’s opinions, otherwise it will be a matter of time.

  Far away from your ears, have you overlooked a very serious fact that you think you like a kind heart, but the truth is just listening to rhetoric?

Please ask yourself in the middle of the night: Are you a member of the Appearance Association?

Indeed, men who are too handsome are insecure, and most men who speak sweetly are unreliable, but the relationship that violates their true thoughts will not last long, and worse, they may make life-long choices.

So be honest with yourself.

If you like pretty men or sweet mouth guys from the bottom of your heart, you should learn how to adjust your mindset to face a “high risk” life.

  To sum up the 10 symptoms mentioned above, it is already bad enough to meet one of them; but the worst thing is that clinical trials show that people who can’t get married often get several infections at the same time.

Please note: Never give up because of complex symptoms. Always remember: follow the fate, but you can’t help but hold your teeth together!

Never crash before the revolution begins.

  Psychologists say that women of different personalities will like different colors, but they forget that if this woman is rich enough or bold enough, she will say: I like all the beautiful colors in the world!

Therefore, when they face different colored beloved things, it is more difficult to choose a color than to choose a husband.

Often after thinking about it for a long time, I finally bought one, but ran back quickly within ten minutes of going out, and changed another color with regret.

Cancer treatment medication experience, very rare, take notes down

Cancer treatment medication experience, very rare, take notes down

1, Prunella: contraction lymphoma or other cancer caused by lymphadenopathy, the usual amount of 30–100 grams.

Take its detoxification effect.

2, smallpox: In general, the cancer tumor block is broken, and the disease is slightly thicker and smelly.

Such as breast cancer, skin cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and so on.

The dosage is generally 15-60 grams, taking the work of reducing swelling and draining pus.

In addition, it is used in various types of cancer to cause dry throat, thirst, sore throat effect, taking its heat and fluid effect.

3, saponin thorn: for the cancer lumps are not broken or have been ruptured, the unbroken people lead to dissipate, the pus is introduced.

The usual amount is 30–60 grams, and the amount is small.

4, Spatholobus suberectus and Shi Wei: These two flavors are the opposite drugs, used for chemotherapeutic chemotherapy to treat blood cells caused by cancer.

This is the experience of Shen Shaogong’s family, verified in clinical, and can withstand repetition.

Whether it is white blood cells or red blood cells, etc. reduce the uniformity.

The commonly used amount of 15 grams of Spatholobus suberectus, 10 grams of Shi Wei, Shi Wei can not be used in large quantities, it is irritating to the kidney.

Because it is a family biography, the mechanism of drug use cannot be explained.

5, Shichangpu and Yujin: used to improve the depression of cancer patients, is the medicine passed by Shen, I added to the treatment of cancer prescriptions, the depression of the face, pessimistic cancer patients did play a relief role.

The usual amount is 10 grams per dose.

6, Shanci mushroom: Modern medicine confirmed that Shanshen mushroom is a rare and effective drug for the treatment of cancer.

Can treat a variety of cancers, such as esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pregnancy, and adenocarcinoma. It has a small toxicity, the dosage should not be too large, and general powder application, about 6–15 grams, I often use it as a basic treatment for cancer, basically everyFang will add.

7, oysters, Zhejiang Fritillaria, Scrophulariaceae: This three-flavored drug is not only Cheng Zhongling’s Xiaoyan Pill, and most of the cancers that have not been ulcerated are used, the effect is extraordinary.

General dosage: 30 grams of raw oysters, 15 grams of Scrophulariaceae, 6–12 grams of Fritillaria, and the best application of raw oysters and Fritillaria.

Fritillaria can also be used to replace Fritillaria, Fritillaria and Fritillaria, but Chuanbei is expensive.

The effect of the large shellfish is better.

I am trying to apply now, and the price is cheaper.

8, raw jaundice: raw jaundice has the effect of toxins and muscles, indeed the cancer of the real cold and hot can be applied.

The general dosage is 30-200g. The dosage of ulceration should be larger. For example, the treatment of diabetes has been ulcerated and ulcerated. The application amount is more than 100g. At the same time, the infusion of Astragalus injection is 30ml, which is equivalent to 60g of crude drug.

We generally use it as a basis for treating various cancers as a driving force for various anticancer drugs.

9, Agrimony: Modern medical research has its anti-cancer effect, I use it as the basis for the treatment of various cancers.

The dosage ranges from 15 to 100 grams. The crane grass is not only a medicine for stopping bleeding and collecting blood. Its tonic effect is also macro, and it has a hormone-like effect. The ancestors hope that the crane grass is a hormone in Chinese herbal medicine.

, 10, raw coix seed: modern research can treat a variety of cancer, I basically use each side to treat cancer, the usual amount of 30 grams.

Sometimes cancer patients are treated with hazelnut porridge every morning instead of breakfast.

It can both increase nutrition and fight cancer, killing two birds with one stone.

11, Hedyotis diffusa and Scutellaria barbata: two drugs are recognized as one of the effective drugs for the treatment of cancer in the medical world, and can treat a variety of cancers.

However, the amount must be increased, the minimum of 30 grams of base, the maximum can be applied to 200 grams.

When combined with other drugs, it generally does not exceed 100 grams. The two drugs are light and occupy space.

I use this medicine, usually I grab it with a big hand, I don’t have to weigh it at all, and I often exceed the actual weight.

12, armor: take the nature of its dispersal, mostly used to treat diabetes and liver cancer, the effect is quite good.

Because of its soft and hard, more powder application, generally 6–15 grams.

13, dandelion: take it to clear away heat and detoxification without hurting the stomach, often used for breast cancer, gastric cancer, adjuvant treatment of esophageal cancer, the dosage is mostly 15-100 grams, and the effect of cancer with infection is better.

In particular, cancer patients use chemotherapy, stomach injury diet is difficult to enter, and at this time with infection, dandelion without hurting the stomach just came in handy.14, defeated grass, raw earthworms, Sophora flavescens: This three flavors are mainly used for patients with intestinal cancer, the amount of succulent grass is generally 30–60 grams, the amount of Sophora flavescens is reduced, generally 10 grams can be, the amount is large.

The raw earthworm is generally used in an amount of 15-30 g, especially for intestinal cancer with bleeding.

15, Wulingzhi.

Silkworm, Asarum, Xu Changqing: These four drugs are mainly used for pain relief in cancer.

Wulingzhi and silkworm can apply the pain of various cancers.

The dosage is generally not more than 10 grams.

This is also derived from Shen Shao’s experience in treating cancer. It is indeed effective and used repeatedly.

Asarum is good at treating headaches caused by brain tumors, or other cancers that cause headaches.

The dosage is generally between 10 and 30 grams.

When it exceeds 10 grams, it should be fried for more than 40 minutes.

The toxin of Asarum is mainly contained in volatile oil, and generally does not cause toxic side effects after long-term decoction.

Xu Changqing has the effects of calming and relieving pain. The general dosage is about 15 grams.

16, Yuan Hu Yuchuan Scorpion: This two drug phase and Jin Lingzi San, mainly used for pain caused by various cancers.

The pain relief effect is well recognized.

General application Yuanhu 10-20 grams of Chuanxiong 10 grams; Yuan Hu style is hard, it is more difficult to find the active ingredients, should be powdered and washed, Chuanxiongzi has a small amount of poison should not be too large.

17, Shandougen and 蚤休: mainly used for the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, parotid gland cancer, etc., the root of the bean is small, the amount is more than 15 grams, the squat is also known as the heavy building, the seven leaves and one branchFlowers, expensive in recent years, hard texture, more powder application, generally about 6-10 grams.

Fle can also be used to treat other cancers, especially with the effect of infection. 18, seaweed and licorice: This drug is used for various cancers to show a hard mass and better effect.

Seaweed 15-30 grams; raw licorice 5-10 grams.

“Materia Medica” eighteen anti-words: “seaweed anti-grass.

However, the doctors of the past generations started from the clinic and proved that the two drugs are applied at the same time. Not only have no side effects, but the treatment effect is particularly good.

For example, treatment of breast hyperplasia, diabetes, thyroid cancer, thyroid tumors, and the like.

19, Danshen: a blind Danshen, Gongtong four things, blood stasis, soothe the nerves.

It is an ideal auxiliary anticancer drug.

A typical dosage of 30 grams is used as a basic treatment for various cancers, and it is essential for each side of cancer treatment.

20, generation of meteorite: This drug does not seem to have anti-cancer work, but can treat nausea caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, rejection of vomiting and iron deficiency anemia.

Can also be used with other drugs for the treatment of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, the general dosage of about 30 grams, I usually only take 5-10 grams of anemia, take the iron to iron effect.

Because the meteorite is iron ore.

21, Sanqi: In modern times, it has anti-cancer properties, and various cancers can be used.

But we use it more for hemostasis and pain relief.

Use 6-10 grams, divide into two servings.

22, Solanum: Modern research on its treatment of bladder cancer and intestinal cancer and other effects are better, I am mostly used for intestinal cancer, the amount of 15–30 grams, there is a small poison, can not suddenly apply large doses, should be gradual.

23, Money Grass: Modern medicine proves that it treats liver cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer have good effects, the dosage should be large, and the small is invalid.

More than 50 grams more, the thickness of this drug is gentle, and the drug takes up space.

24, Houttuynia and Reed Root: I use this two drugs to treat ulcers, but also beneficial to the effect of water, used to prevent pleural effusion caused by prevention.

The dosage is more than 30 grams.

Transition of seven common fruits

Transition of seven common fruits

1. Apple 100g / 50 calories Apple is the most weight-reducing fruit because it has rich pectin, which can help gastrointestinal peristalsis and eliminate toxins from the body. The best thing is that it can reduce the absorption rate.A lot of potassium can prevent leg edema.

Of course, apples are not high in calories, so only apple diet meals dedicated to apples are produced.

  2. Bananas 100g / 125 calories Bananas are indispensable for many fruit weight loss meals, because bananas are rich in fiber, vitamin A, potassium and pectin, so they can effectively regulate the intestines, which can help defecation.

Bananas also have the effect of removing moisture. Not only is it the best weight-reducing fruit, but it is also a beauty sacred product that will cause skin to be dull when eaten. However, if you eat more bananas, you will become fatter.

  3. Grapefruit 100g / 28 calories Europeans and Americans like to eat acidic fruits such as grapefruit to shape their body, because sour fruits can promote the conversion of digestive function, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, which can eliminate fatigue and bring skin.It’s beautiful!

Coupled with grapefruit’s degeneration and low sugar content, it is the best star weight loss fruit.

  4, pineapple 100 grams / 32 calories pineapple is also an acidic fruit, which can intestine and digestion, plus pineapple intake of enzymes can help toxins break down and promote drainage, so it is also a fruit that people who want to lose weight can eat in moderation, but eat pineappleIt is best not to eat it before meals, because it will hurt the stomach, so you must eat something to pad the stomach before you can eat it. So, although it is delicious, you ca n’t eat too much.

  5, Kiwi 100 grams / 50 calories Kiwi is sweet and juicy, but also rich in vitamin C characteristics, becoming a beauty and body sculpting fruit.

The kiwi with sweet and sour taste can prevent constipation, help digestion and beautify the skin. Even if it is used as a weight loss meal, it will make people eat deliciously, and it is also a high-quality fruit with low content and high nutrition content.

  6, lemon 100g / 24 calories whitening skin to eat lemon, don’t forget to lose weight and shape your body.

Lemon is mainly based on citric acid, which can promote metabolism. In addition, its content of vitamin C is the first in fruits, and the conversion is the lowest. All people who want to lose weight must fall in love with the sour taste of lemonRemember, eat less, or it will hurt your stomach, and you ca n’t eat it on an empty stomach. 7, 100g of tomato / 35 calories thanks to the weight-loss trend, the price of tomatoes soared overnight and became a star product.
In addition to being rich in vitamins C, E, and K, tomatoes also contain lycopene, folic acid, carotenoids, phenolic acids, and fiber. It is the most popular health fruit recently and is also used as a good food ingredient for fruit diet.
  In addition to the fruits above, large, water-rich watermelons, low-instant guava, star fruit, can also be used to lose weight.

How to exercise shoulder muscles

How to exercise shoulder muscles

The front of the deltoid muscle is lifted in the front and the legs are erect, and the chest is abdomen.

Both hands are holding a dumb or barbell, and the arms are hanging down in front of the legs.

  During the movement, the straight arm holds the bell up and is raised slightly above the shoulder.

Rest for a second, then straighten the arm and let it down to the front of the leg.

If you use a dumbbell, you can do it once and for all, and alternately.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that the main body is kept upright when lifting and placing, the arms are kept straight, and the mind is concentrated on the deltoid muscle.

  The middle part of the deltoid muscle is flat and the two feet are naturally open. The dumbbells are held in both hands and hang down the body.

  During the movement, the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the straight arm is lifted up to the side until it is slightly above the shoulder, and it is still for one second, and then the arms are slowly lowered to the drooping position.

  Breathing method is inhaling when lifting, and exhaling when standing still.

Inhale when descending and exhale when you fall completely.

  Note that when lifting and tilting, keep your whole body upright, do not rock and bend, and keep your arms straight.

  The initial posture of the one-arm side flat pull of the middle part of the deltoid muscle is erect, and one foot is placed on one end of a grip rubber strip of the tension device.

The other hand is inserted at the waist.

During the movement process, the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the tension or the rubber strip is pulled to the side above the shoulder.

The other hand pushes the waist firmly to maintain balance.

After pulling up to the highest point, stand still for one second, then, under the control of the deltoid muscle, let the tension spring or rubber strip slowly retract to the starting position.

Repeatedly practicing one shoulder has been unable to pull up and change to another shoulder.

  Breathing method Inhale when pulling up, exhale after reaching the top.

Inhale as expected, exhale after falling to the end.

Note that when you pull up, your body should not sway.

This action can also be done with dumbbells and sideways.

  The posterior side of the deltoid muscle is flattened and the two legs are opened. The forward flexion is 90 degrees, the dumbbells are held in both hands, and the two arms are straight down the shoulder.

  During the movement process, the posterior part of the deltoid muscle is contracted, and the straight arm lifts the dumbbell from both sides until it is parallel to the ground.

Stand still for a second, then let the arms slowly fall down.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that when lifting and lowering the dumbbell, the whole body remains stable and does not swing.

The mind is concentrated in the back of the deltoid muscle.

Before lifting, you should completely relax. When you reach the highest point, you should completely shrink.

This action can also be done on the bench.

  The posterior erectus of the deltoid muscle begins to pull the barbell from the ground to the chest and stands upright.

  During the movement, the arms are pushed straight up until they are completely straight, and they are still for one second, so that the barbell slowly steps on the chest.

  Breathing method inhale when lifting, exhale when intervening.

  Note that when lifting and lowering the barbell, the body should not swing.

This action also has an interventional effect on the upper arm triceps.

If the barbell is tilted to the back of the neck, there is a size exercise on the back of the deltoid muscle, called the posterior neck press.

The press on the chest and back of the neck can also be done on the bench.

Dumbbells can also be used, with the left and right arms alternately pushing up and aligning at the same time. In doing so, you can inhale when pushing up and aligning, and exhale when you are still.

5 benefits of soaking feet in winter vinegar

5 benefits of soaking feet in winter vinegar

In “Ten Ren Ji”: “All kinds of fruits, cough and health” said the effect of vinegar.

Drinking vinegar often in daily life can soften blood vessels and eliminate fatigue.

Many MMs will experience cold hands and feet, dull skin, and inelasticity in winter. So, how should MM skin care in winter?

We can wash the skin with vinegar and water to improve the absorption of nutrients into the skin, thereby enhancing the vitality and softening of the skin; and we can also soak the feet with vinegar, which can compress and strengthen the body and moisturize the skin.

Here we will introduce the five major benefits of vinegar soaking feet: TCM believes that the foot is the root of human beings, and there are enough 75 reflection areas with important therapeutic value. Frequent vinegar soaking feet can be used to adjust the meridians to promote Qi.Blood runs to help balance yin and yang.

Sticking to soak your feet with vinegar for a long time can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also improve the strength of the body and the enhancement of resistance.

  Decompression often uses vinegar to soak the feet, which can coordinate the excitement of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, thereby regulating and relaxing the originally nervous nerves.

Especially white-collar workers who work hard during the day often use vinegar to soak their feet. In addition to alleviating the muscles of the feet wearing high heels, they can also exert decompression on the body.

  Promote blood circulation In the winter, the cold hands and feet are often caused by the impaired blood circulation of the body. Using vinegar to soak the feet can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve hypoxia caused by long-term immobility or fatigue in various parts of the body, enhance metabolism, and improveCold hands and feet.

  Improving beriberi Many people have beriberi, which means that friends in Hong Kong’s feet will be upset. The feet will always itch, peel, and smell, which are the consequence of dust infection.

So using vinegar to soak your feet can sterilize your feet, but try to ensure that your feet are not hurt, so you can improve your athlete’s foot.

  Moisturizing the skin Many MMs will have dry and cracked skin in winter. At this time, it does not prevent trying to soak the feet with vinegar for 1 week. You will notice that the skin on the alternating feet becomes smooth, and the skin on the body and the face also becomes smooth.Increasingly shiny and moisturizing.

  The above are the 5 benefits of using vinegar to soak your feet in winter. Vinegar is a very good skin care food. We can also mix vinegar with glycerin at a ratio of 5: 1, and then apply it on the face. Keep using it. The skin can be smooth and smooth., Reduce the growth of wrinkles!

So you who love beauty, act quickly and try it!