Multicolored food therapeutic effect

Multicolored food therapeutic effect

The colors of life are colorful, and even the daily diet is “colorful.”

Did you know that chronic ancient medicine has a homologous view of medicine and food, that different colors of food are beneficial to different organs?Operation.

As modern people, let the wisdom of the ancients help us discover the joys of life.

  The so-called cyan is a color between blue and green.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “blue” corresponds to the liver part of the human body, and the five elements in the liver are wood, so cyan is also “wood” in the five elements. Green (green) benefits liver gas circulation, metabolism, beneficial to eliminate fatigue, relieve liver depression, preventLiver disease can brighten eyes, protect the optic nerve, and improve immune function.

  The liver has the function of concealing blood. Once the blood of the human body is insufficient, the liver blood is also insufficient, and it cannot provide the nutrients required by the liver, and the liver function is impaired. At this time, the eyes will feel uncomfortable symptoms such as astringency and dazzling. At the same time,The physiological period of women also becomes abnormal, so when we eat green vegetables every day, according to the theory of five internal organs and five colors of traditional Chinese medicine, they are also considered as blood-supply diet.

Cyan foods include mung beans, small and large cucumbers, broccoli, edamame, celery, spinach, bamboo shoots, guava, kelp, etc., which are helpful to the liver, gall and eyes of the human body.

  Celery Celery has its special fragrance, which has the functions of calming the liver and clearing heat, sweating and antipyretics, lowering blood pressure and blood circulation. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records celery: “Hepatic yang dizziness, red face, red eyes, light-headedness, walking and other symptoms.
“Can improve liver problems; in addition to rich in vitamins C, D, B1, B2 and folic acid, celery also contains minerals such as sodium and potassium. Each celery contains 35mg of sodium. Western medicine points out that such high sodium is very likelyTo increase blood pressure in patients with hypertension, celery is best used for health care, but can not control blood pressure.

  Oyster Oyster is a kind of sweet, salty and cold food. It mainly enters the liver and kidney, and has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and eliminating the symptoms of irritability and insomnia.

However, be careful when eating oyster meat, it is best to add appropriate amounts of spices such as ginger and vinegar to sterilize.

Oyster fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids, which also contain EPA and DHA, is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that can reduce excessive plasma in the blood and prevent minor liver and cardiovascular diseases.

  Spinach Spinach has the name of “King of Vegetables”, can relax liver and nourish blood, cool and sweet, can benefit the five internal organs, activate blood circulation, relieve irritability and assist digestion; it has the functions of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, soothing liver and nourishing blood, and has the effects of liverAdjuvant treatment of uncomfortable gastric complications is often effective.

  Red Yangxin Red belongs to the “fire” in the five elements, giving people a kind of sensory stimulation like a flame, corresponding to summer in the season.

Inserting the heart on the five internal organs can enhance the vitality of the heart and increase the activity of cells in human tissues.

Eating more red food can prevent colds, and has the effects of nourishing blood, generating blood, and nourishing the sun, so it is more suitable for “deficiency syndrome” and “empirical evidence”, such as thin body, dull complexion, anemia, palpitations, cold limbs, weak hands and feet, etc.Red food health method is generally common with red or partial red food, or warm medicinal materials, including safflower, hawthorn, mulberry, red dates, roselle and wolfberry, carrot, tomato, apple, beef, mutton, cherry, lychee, longanMeat; but red beans, watermelons, and purslane are cooler, almost all can be a lot of iron, can add iron, blood, and good health.

  Luoshenhua Luoshenhua is produced in the tropics and is a refreshing drink in summer. Traditional Chinese medicine uses Luoshenhua to clear heat, quench thirst, relieve cough, lower blood pressure, and treat heat stroke, cough, drunkenness, and hypertension.

Studies have shown that Roselle has strong anti-oxidant functions, anti-tumor, cardiovascular protection, liver protection and blood pressure reduction.

Research indicates that after taking Roselle Tea for 21 days, blood pressure will be 5%?
The 11% drop really helps blood pressure control; however, currently Luoshenhua is made into candied fruit in large quantities, which contains high salt and high sweetness, which is a burden on the cardiovascular and kidneys. If you want to protect your heart, it is best to replace the rawRoselle flower.

  Red dates and red dates are also called jujubes, which nourish the spleen and stomach, and raise the nerves.

Modern pharmacology has found that red dates contain rich nutrients such as vitamins C and A, proteins, aunts, sugars, etc., which have the effect of protecting the liver and enhancing physical strength. It has a deficiency in appetite, weak spleen function, arrhythmia, etc.Proved helpful.

  Safflower Safflower is spicy, warm, enters the liver, and is a classic meridian.

The main effects are promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting blood circulation, rupturing and regenerating, swelling and pain relief, sweating and antipyretic effects; it is beneficial for women’s menstrual abdominal pain, as well as bruises, blood stasis and other symptoms.

  White Yangfei “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic?

The Truth chapter of Jin Su lacks the record: “Western whites enter the lungs and open their noses, and their taste is spicy and the disease is in the fur .” Eating more white foods has the effect of nourishing the lungs.

People who have a weak stomach but are easy to gain weight, and people with poor skin color, should eat more white foods, such as white radish, cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, white fungus, sugar cane, almonds, yam, and Poria, White sesame, lily, white lotus, etc., but those with allergies are not.

  Almond and almond taste bitter and warm, enter the lungs, large intestine meridian, have asthma, cough, sputum, intestinal moisturizing and other effects, moderate consumption can prevent sore throat, cough, dry bowel, constipation.

  Lily and Lily have a flat taste and sweetness, enter the heart and lungs, and have the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, relieving cough, calming the mind, calming the nerves, and so on. It is most suitable for people with insomnia and dreams, nervous breakdown and saneness.

In addition, the lily contains special ingredients such as colchicine and narcissus, which can inhibit the proliferation of polymers and is a natural food supplement for preventing cancer.

  Radish radish is cool and spicy, and enters the lung and stomach two meridians. It has the effects of urination, digestion, phlegm and heat.

In addition, radish is rich in vitamins A and C, which can promote the synthesis of heme and increase the blood concentration.

Modern medical research confirms that radish contains special lignin, which can activate macrophages in the body and inhibit polymer proliferation, and is also a good anti-cancer food.

  Pear Pear has been revered as the “Zong of Fruits” since ancient times. It has the functions of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough, reducing phlegm, and reducing fire.

In the autumn, if the climate is too dry, and then thirst, constipation, dry cough, etc .; or internal heat caused by thirst, cough and yellow phlegm, you can eat more pears.

If you want to use pears for health, you must consider whether it is suitable for your physique. Those with a cold constitution should not eat pears raw. They must be steamed, boiled, or stewed with herbs. If you have long-term diarrhea, you should notDripping pear, due to the cold nature of the pear, eating more diarrhea.

  Yellow spleen and stomach yellow food corresponds to the five lines of soil. When it enters the spleen, it can strengthen the spleen gas and promote and regulate metabolism. Therefore, yellow foods such as sweet potatoes and soy beans can protect the health of the spleen and stomach, maintain the main function of the spleen, and promote clearThe functions of the spleen and blood; these functions are mainly to convert the food you eat into nutrients, then transfer these nutrients to the whole body, and metabolize the metabolism of the body. It is the source of the body’s blood, essence, and power when the body is operating. The five internal organsThe six uncles all rely on the nourishment of the spleen and stomach. In fact, whether the human body is healthy or not depends on whether the spleen and stomach function is good. It also confirms that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

  Lotus seed is a strong astringent medicine, which can remedy and relieve diarrhea. Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica said: “The lotus seed can thicken the stomach and cure vaginal discharge.
“Lianzi has astringent effect, regular food can treat spleen deficiency and diarrhea; children with gastrointestinal indigestion, restlessness all day, or the diet is decreasing, you can use lotus seeds.
The elderly suffer from insomnia and dreams, and their minds are disturbed. Lotus seeds can be used to help them sleep peacefully.

  Sweet taste, Wen Ping, non-toxic, enter the stomach, large intestine meridian, Chinese medicine can warm the body, moisturize the lungs, nourish the spleen, increase appetite, cure stomach pain, analgesic, tocolysis, etc., usually cold hands and feet, easily tired, poor physical strength, Anemia can eat more.

Pumpkin is rich in nutrients. Its starch and sugars are easily broken down and absorbed by the body. The content of carotene is the highest in melons. Carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body, which has the effect of protecting the skin and mucous membranes.Deficiency, stomach ulcers, prevention of colds, beauty, etc. are quite effective.

  Soy bean flavor is sweet, flat, enters the spleen, stomach meridian, clears heat and urinates, and detoxifies; it is made of soy milk cold, easy digestion and absorption in the stomach, clears urine, relieves heat and lungs, widens middle and lower qi;Heat, swelling and poisonous, unfavorable urination.

Soy beans are rich in nutrition, known as “Chinese milk”, easily digested and digested by the stomach and intestines, and convert protein. It is the main source of protein for vegetarians. Drinking soy milk and eating legumes can not only nourish the spleen and stomach, but also improve your beauty.

  Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition and contain mucin, which is a mixture of double and protein, which can maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall of the human body and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

It is also rich in precipitated fibers. The precipitated fibers are not absorbed in the body and have good water absorption, which can prevent constipation and some potential diseases.

  Black nourishing kidney black food corresponds to five-way water, enters the kidney, can enhance the vitality of the kidney, can be healthy and nourishing, anti-aging, anti-cancer, etc., is great for the reproductive and excretory systems. Black vegetables include buckwheat, black fungus, hair vegetables,Straw mushrooms, seaweed, kelp, burdock, black beans, tempeh, black soybean milk, purple rice, black sesame, black fruits with dried longan, purple grapes.

  Black sesame can be combined with snacks, add a variety of cuisines, and can be ground and salted after frying. It is also delicious in breakfast porridge.

  Black sesame is a well-known nourishing product. It contains a variety of sugars, lecithin, sesamin, sesaminol, calcium and magnesium, protein, etc. “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” says that it can “benefit the atmosphere, grow muscle, and moisturize the skin.

“Black beans and black beans stimulate blood and moisturize.

Black beans are cooked with salt water and can be used as a snack to replenish kidneys and nourish hair.

Modern medicine has proven that the nutritional hormones that can be supplemented in black beans can make human skin elastic, reduce pigmentation, and long-term consumption can improve hair quality, make hair black and dense, and fair skin.

The ancients believed that beans are the valley of kidneys. They are shaped like kidneys, but their color is the same as that of kidneys.

  Black fungus fungus can relieve phlegm, nourish qi and benefit, nourish dryness and nourish, nourish hair, nourish blood and nourish the stomach, and more importantly, clear all kinds of toxic waste in your body!

  Sea cucumber contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, cellulose sulfate, protein, trace, iodine, etc., taste dry and salty, can make you beauty UFA, nourishing and nourishing, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing kidney and solid essence.