Good clothing doesn’t work, domestic movie and TV dramas need to improve American merchants

Good clothing doesn’t work, domestic movie and TV dramas need to improve “American merchants”
Since ancient times, the relationship between people and clothing can be described as “intimate”, which carries various physical attributes, functional attributes and social attributes. The principle of “people rely on clothing” can be put all over the world.Similarly, film and television dramas are also practitioners of this principle.In the recently completed Korean drama “The World of Couples”, it is almost the “same brand” where characters will appear on social media after an episode.Take the heroine “Doctor Chi Shanyu” played by Jin Ai as an example-the occupation is a high-income group, and it cannot be exaggerated, so the clothes are mostly the same color system or asymptotic colors, and positive cashmere coats can appear.The bags used are mostly the classics of the top big names in the luxury circle, reflecting the character characteristics of the heroine’s “low-key and tasteful”.The heroine (right) and Lv Duojing (left) of “The World of Couples” are contrasted from clothing to accessories.In the corner of “Luo Duojing” played by Han Suxi, clothing and accessories tend to be young and energetic, and the price is twisted compared to the female host. However, because of the setting of the rich family, the clothing is also quite capable.Even the two are Bulgari crossbody bags of the same style. The “Lu Duojing” is red, which is younger and more vivid, and the “Doctor Chi Shanyu” is a classic conservative black.At this point, we can polish, how subtle clothing and accessories can be in shaping the difference in roles.Apparel / stylists who have won the best recognition in the industry in the history of history-who won the Academy Award for Best Fashion Design, have dedicated their lives to creating countless moving screen images.A good costume stylist can make a superstar. The friendship between some famous French clothing brands Givenchy founder Hubert Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn after the film, the two became attached to the 1957 color musical “Sweet Sister”At that time, Givenchy was responsible for creating Hepburn ‘s image after the “transformation and soaring” in the film. This film also gave Givenchy a return to the Oscars, and he took the costumes of all the movies that Hepburn appeared in the future, including “TiffanyThe classic little black dress in “Breakfast”, also known as “Hepburn Dress”.Hepburn skirt in “Tiffany’s Breakfast”.The character’s costume must be related to the character’s age, preferences, occupation, city, and even some personality habits, such as the American TV series “Sex and the City”. When I think of it, I think of four female characters with different personalities but different characteristics.: Emotional columnist Kelly is a freelance writer who loves fashion. Most of her clothes are brand catwalk styles. She is fashionable and takes a mix and match route. Samantha’s fashion and fashion clothing has a color scheme that highlights her body. Upper East SideCharlotte, born in Bai Fumei, appeared in elegant dresses with mostly low-key and restrained colors; although the elite female lawyer Miranda has multiple professional suits, the tailoring or accessories can reflect the “fashion” of the play in details.Where.”Sex and the City” stills, can you guess who is who from the above description?”The City of Desire” has an insurmountable part in the hearts of fashion-conscious audiences, all because of the costume director Ms. Patricia Field, as an authentic “New Yorker”, has existed in the film and television industry for many years.Her professional experience and good relationship with various brands make her the perfect choice for creating a fashion image of “contemporary women living in New York”.She first read the original novel first, and then entered the crew to help the producer and director cast a role. After discussing the role image with the actor and screenwriter repeatedly, she settled on the costume to shape the role.Even through the continuous advancement of the plot, according to the change of the role’s identity, it will be reflected in the dress in the play.On the other hand, domestically, let’s not talk about ordinary urban dramas, and even all kinds of film and television dramas describing the fashion industry, clothing is very difficult to say, and it is even easy for ordinary audiences to “misread” the industry.Maybe professional characters like “Fashion Editor” or “Fashion Designer”, in the American movie “The Devil Wears Prada” (the costume is also from Patricia Field in “Sex and the City”), MerylThe female editors in action by Streep are basically fashionable and smart suits; and in some domestic fashion dramas, the TV series “Happiness, which is about to be available!In the movie, the heroine Qin Qing, a custom designer of cutting-edge jewelry, wore a white organza skirt on the poster, as if she was going to a Christmas show or her own wedding-very illogical.New designer Qin Qing (left) and fashion editor in The Queen of Prada.But this does not mean that the domestic film and television industry is missing in clothing modeling.Most of the domestic first-line fronts now have fixed cooperative fashion editors. They come from fashion publications or from independent fashion studios. With careful investment, producers and directors will also work hard on the “image” of the character.There is no doubt that excellent works include “My First Half” and “Both Are Good”. In the play, the heroine is created by a special well-known stylist, and the feedback from the audience is also very positive.In 2019, the TV series “Returning the World to You”, which is closely related to the fashion industry, has conducted in-depth customization cooperation with the clothing group. From the shooting venue to the plot, the clothing group is used as a reference for shooting., Relatively less “thunder” (the plot is illogical and the quality of the episode is weaker than the scope of the discussion).The protagonist wears after the counterattack in “My First Half Life” (right) and the protagonist wears in “Both Are Very Good” (right).On the whole, the current film and television industry still regards “clothing style” as an “excessive and excessive” contempt, lacking the “artisan spirit” of overseas entrepreneurs, and lacking related resources.At least two TV series are about to be broadcast this season, focusing on the fashion industry. Judging from the currently announced posters and stills, the quality is still not optimistic.For the superficial understanding of the fashion industry, let “role” and “professional” become puppets and empty talk.Capital is still blindly chasing the “flow” actors, ignoring the role of polishing and shaping, and even completely aerial plot.This will always be a gain or loss, and it is a disregard and waste of excellent resources.It is hoped that the audience can experience the pleasure brought by a series with logic, plot, acting and “American Business Online” as soon as possible.□ Flea ZHANG (Senior Fashion Man) Sauna Night Net Editor Wu Longzhen proofreads Wei Zhuo