How do newlyweds deal with sex?

How do newlyweds deal with sex?

Many newlyweds deal with disharmony on sexual issues and even mentally torture each other.

  What is the reason?

The key is that they violated some taboos in the family sex activities in family life, and violated the three taboos of new marriage sex.

  Sexual suspicion Liu Jun is a business executive of a company. He is young and handsome, and has strong ability to handle matters. The company often sends him on a business trip.

This made his newlywed wife very troubled, for fear of being handsome and he was seduce by other women.

  Therefore, the wife took the following positive “preventions” against him: reduction, whenever Liu Jun is going on a business trip, his wife always takes the initiative to show love, one is to express true love, to bind Liu Jun with love; the second is to go outBefore feeding Liu Jun “feeding”, in case he was derailed in a whim.

At the same time, whenever Liu Jun came back on a business trip, his wife was waiting for it with enthusiasm. He often couldn’t wait to have a good time with Liu Jun. The meaning was that he would win a new marriage, “sexual interest”; second, he couldChecking whether the husband has lost to her outside, even this method is not scientific but just a feeling of oneself.

If Liu Jun’s return is not good, her heart will be guilty: Does the husband have an affair outside?

  Once, because of the mistaken time, Liu Jun returned to the middle of the night, and the journey of the day was too tired. After a simple wash, he wanted to sleep.

But the wife also needs to supplement her sex-checking procedure. Liu Jun has no intention of sweeping his wife’s interest, and he will fight hard to make love.

Failure due to oxidant failure.

Liu’s wife is not happy, and the suspicion that has long been hidden in her heart suddenly becomes a bonfire.

Seeing his wife is not considerate at all, he suspects that he has an affair, and thinks that he has been working hard outside the home is not for this family, Liu Jun suddenly angered.

For a moment, the two men quarreled.

  After the event, the two surrounded the Cold War and the family’s warmth was gone.

Liu Jun’s difference still has to come out, but everything has changed, and the marriage building is in jeopardy.

  Opinion: As a wife, you should trust your husband and believe in the husband’s sexual ethics.

This is also the embodiment of self-confidence.

If there is no suspicion, it will only cause irritation and injury, resulting in a gap between husband and wife.

Moreover, mutual trust between husband and wife is the minimum requirement for an increasingly marital relationship and the basis of love.

If the foundation is shaken, everything else becomes meaningless and marriage will also face disintegration.

  Sexual drama has passed the head Ayan is cheerful and likes to make jokes.

On the wedding night, she and her groom, A Xiang, went to bed, her eyes closed slightly, and the face was flushed, welcoming the arrival of the lost moment of happiness.

I didn’t think that the thing of the husband was really disappointing. At the touch of a hair, the first time I made love, I failed.

Her first expectation suddenly fell through, and she was naturally somewhat dissatisfied.

I can watch my husband, A Xiang, panting and screaming like a wrong thing. I feel funny: “I didn’t expect you to be such a man.”

“A slogan made Axiang shy and difficult, and he felt that his hero was short-lived.”

Later, when I have sex, poor Axiang always thinks of her words unconsciously. The spirit is always tense, and often it is impossible to defeat the army.

After a long time, I suffered from severe premature ejaculation.

  In fact, Ayan understands that her husband’s premature ejaculation is too nervous. However, such a joke has caused such great mental pressure and serious consequences for her husband that she did not expect it, and it also left a shadow on her marriage life. She regretted it.

Later, after the counseling and treatment of the psychiatrist and Ayan’s warm and considerate, her husband Axiang finally revived the glory.

  Opinion: The wife has the right to maintain her husband’s sexual self-esteem. Sexual jokes cannot be overdone.

Although it is unintentional, it sometimes hurts the other’s sexual self-esteem.

People’s sexual psychology is so fragile, especially men’s sexual self-esteem, and small injuries can cause unimaginable fatal injuries.

  Sexual tolerance is too far-fetched Xiaoqiang has made a fortune in recent years.

Wife Xiaomei is trying to prevent “the man is bad when he has money” and thinks that it is taken care of, especially in the sexual life of the couple. She does not want to leave an excuse for “sexual smuggling” because she can’t satisfy her husband in her sexual life.

Therefore, for Xiaoqiang’s demand for sex, Xiaomei is a bit unbearable, but she is also strong, and sometimes she tries to show a very easy look for Bo Xiaoqiang.

When Xiaoqiang reached orgasm, she was physically and mentally exhausted and smiled.  Once, Xiao Qiang was drunk to make love, and she gently cooperated with him as usual.

Perhaps the wine is booming, Xiaoqiang has been going on for a long time, but still feels unhappy, and has been tossing endlessly.

After so many rounds, Xiaomei couldn’t stand it.

She was a little reluctant, not much sexual desire, the strong discomfort and mental pain of the genitals finally made her intolerable, and she pushed her husband away.

From then on, Xiaomei remembered that when she had sex, she was relieved, and she was no longer willing to cooperate as before. The mutual harmony between husband and wife no longer existed.