The elderly must be vigilant when they breathe thicker.

The elderly must be vigilant when they breathe thicker.

One breath, but a few seconds, it is crucial.

If the old man’s breathing sounds wrong, it is likely to mean that the body has a problem.

Careful observation, often found that many elderly people’s breathing will become thicker, breathing sound will also become larger.

Normal aging, or a symptom of the disease?

  Guo Yuheng, director of the Sleep Respiratory Clinic of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, said the answer is: Be alert.

  Guo Yuheng said that in most cases, changes in the respiratory system due to aging will not cause the breathing sound to become thicker and larger. These features are more common in patients with respiratory diseases.

In fact, the old man’s breathing is weaker than that of the younger, but sometimes there will be irregular breathing during sleep.

Therefore, once the elderly are found to have shortness of breath and the breathing sound becomes thicker and larger, they should be given sufficient knowledge and go to the hospital for appropriate examinations, such as heart function, lung function, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and then determine the condition.

  Compared with breathing becomes thicker, in fact, it should be noted that it is shortness of breath and difficulty.

It is usually caused by a weakened heart and lung function, which occurs most after the event and is prone to apnea during sleep.

  Physiological changes caused by aging can be delayed, and cardiopulmonary function is no exception.

Exercise in a fresh air environment, especially with deep breathing exercises.

You can also choose to do some abdominal breathing exercises, with Tai Chi, Qigong, etc., and even improve the function of the respiratory system, but also adjust and improve the functional level of the whole body.