Drive away professional psychological pressure

Drive away professional psychological pressure

The stress disorder in modern social life is the root cause of people’s physical illness.

When people encounter “stress,” the initial reaction is “attacking” or “escape.”

This is determined by people’s mental energy and the body’s “stress” immunity, that is, people with high mental energy and strong immune system function to adopt the “war” method, and vice versa, use “avoid” tactics to avoid damage.A health defense system in the body.

  However, recent psychiatric research has found that adopting a completely unresponsive and disregarded attitude toward “stress” also helps to maintain human health.

European and American sports, business psychologists put forward the “stress management theory”, which is called effective through humor, control emotions, motivation, attitude, relaxation nerve training, food therapy, breathing training, imagination, visual training, etc.Deal with “stress syndrome.”

  In the workplace, people deal with “stress syndrome” and it is necessary to master some psychological strategies and scientific methods.

First of all, when it comes to “stress”, it is necessary to carefully distinguish whether it is “long-term pressure” or “short-term pressure”, whether it is “sudden or acute stress” or “slowness, progressive pressure”.To achieve “medicine” under the “symptoms”, there is a targeted.

  The release of “pressure” can be roughly divided into two major methods: First, the root cause.

That is to say, the cause of the pressure is eliminated, so it is also called “prevention”.

  The second is to cure the table.

Looking for “leafing the mouth”, the “stress” accumulated in the body can be effectively “salted out” so that it does not endanger the health of the body, so it is also called “excretion” therapy (purification therapy).

  Here are 11 mental strategies and treatments to relieve “stress”.


Write down your stress in family, occupation, and social life on paper. For each “stress”, please consider three different treatment methods and consult with a psychiatrist if necessary.


Write letters to friends and family, and let your stress and troubles spit.


Sometimes you have to “self-profess” and self-praise yourself to keep yourself feeling good.


Don’t take responsibility for yourself, but get involved in learning to work with others and share responsibility with others.


In interpersonal relationships, it is necessary to maintain a clear communication of meaning.

Less criticism, more expectations.

Don’t say: “You can’t do this.

“And say: “Can you do it in another way?


Be brave in making decisions.

The wrong decision is more than undecided, hesitating is better.

Decision error can be corrected.

Undecided, hesitant to delay, resulting in “stress” expansion, which is detrimental to health.


Look up and down, do not stick to the trivial little things.

Every little thing, the details are too much worry, and in the long run, it will be crushed by “pressure.”


Don’t be too rigid about success.

Failure is the mother of success, and “accumulation, experienced failure” can be increased than “simple success”.


Early prevention, early elimination of the cause of stress.
Sleep time should be sufficient to make up.


Use humor, smile, hypnosis and respiratory relaxation to protect your brain’s nerve health.