When does your baby start adding sugar and salt oil

When does your baby start adding sugar and salt oil

When the child starts to add supplementary food for 6 to 12 months, we recommend to parents that the principle is to reduce sugar, no salt, try not to add seasonings, and add a small amount of cooking oil.

  Less sugar is because polysaccharides can cause your child to jagged.

Why is it salt-free?

Everyone has general knowledge. Eating more salt is related to high blood pressure. The Chinese eat more salt. In many cases, children follow the family’s first bite and take a bite. After the mouth is heavy, it is not easy to change it.

Sodium only needs 1 gram per day. From his formula, the amount in the supplement is sufficient, so no additional salt is needed.

Therefore, the mother should not try the baby’s complementary food after she finishes it, it is too light, add a little salt, and do not eat without salt.

  It is an old custom to add supplementary food to your child in three or four months, so you need to add salt to your child to make him strong.

Children under the age of one do not need to add salt, and children can add less salt to their complementary food after the age of one.

We recommend adding salt after preparing the complementary food, because salt is just the surface taste, you will feel salty taste when you eat it, so you can add it later.

  The other is to add less seasoning, because seasoning is prepared by a variety of food additives. If it is more natural, children will not like the light taste after getting used to it, and the pigment is not good for children.

High quality is needed. It is possible to add sesame oil to the steamed custard.

Therefore, we need experts to follow the principle of less sugar, no salt, no condiments, and edible oil.