Zhou Xun’s short film Daughter also values Spring Festival

Zhou Xun’s short film “Daughter” also values “Spring Festival”
The mobile phone shoots the promotional video, and the two people said that after “What is Peggy”, the marketing method of the Spring Festival is more important to family relationship. On January 11, the 2020 Chinese New Year short film “Daughter” launched by Apple was launched. 11 Pro phone shooting, depicting the story of a single mother played by Zhou Xun carrying her daughter in a taxi.After the short film went online, the mother and daughter’s affection in the story instantly poked the audience’s heart, which caused heated discussion.  This is the third year in a row that Apple has launched a short film shot with the latest Apple phone before the Spring Festival.In the recent Spring Festival, both the film company and various businesses have made every effort to publicize.Last year ‘s Spring Festival film “Little Pig Page ‘s New Year” short film “What a Prelude to Humor and Tenderness”, this year ‘s Spring Festival ‘s “Jung Mom” released several family-themed themed posters in advance.The core, comedy as the carrier, precisely hit the traditional emotional theme of the Chinese New Year in the “family celebration”.The moving and affectionate short film of Apple ‘s story is a lesson for traditional marketing companies who only send materials and run road shows.Sauna, Yewang interviewed some marketing people in the movie and talked about the marketing methods of Apple and other companies playing warm cards before the Spring Festival.  Story: Adapted from a real prototype, set in Chongqing, this is Apple ‘s filming of Chinese New Year short films in Chongqing for three consecutive years. The daughter Theodore Melfi said that he chose Chongqing because he thinks Chongqing is a story.The city is not bright and beautiful, there are many places where there are ordinary grounds, and there are many energetic manpower.The director himself grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and Chongqing reminded him of his hometown of Brooklyn.The short film is based on a true story. A single mother in Wuhan took her daughter Yiyi to drive a taxi when she was six months old. The daughter is now five and a half years old.Yiyi has already seen the short film on her mobile phone, saying that the story of her mother and daughter is the true experience of her and her mother.  The entire short film was filmed for about 5 days. There are 10 Apple filming devices fixed by the crew. However, because many staff members have their own Apple mobile phones, there are about 20 Apple devices actually involved in the filming.The final editing took three weeks.  Spreading: The short film suitable for playing the warmth card before the Spring Festival describes the stories of three generations. The taxi driver played by Zhou Xun encountered little understanding when driving a young daughter in a taxi.It was stiff, but in the end, the mother and daughter chose to forgive each other. The film ended with the warmth of the three generations meeting in the car to eat dumplings during the Spring Festival.  Ye, manager of traditional military film marketing, said that Apple ‘s hand is extremely accurate in terms of timing and marketing point of short film marketing, and it is particularly suitable for the situation. And the short film is also particularly suitable for mobile phone transmission, which is easy to sink to three.Fourth-tier cities.This kind of propaganda strategy that is friendly to the people is very suitable for the time routine before the Spring Festival.”Last year’s Chinese New Year stalls animated film” Piglet Paige New Year “made a promotional video of” What is Paige “before it was released, and it burst into a circle of friends for a time, triggering a very large-scale discussion.In the view of Manager Ye, although the final word-of-mouth of the animated film suffered bad reviews, “What is Page” also has suspects of over-marketing, but it is undeniable that this is a successful marketing case.而将在今年大年初一上映的喜剧影片《囧妈》,早在2019年12月下旬放出‘你还记得上次拥抱妈妈是什么时候’的预告片,还公布‘妈妈觉得你……’主题的系列海报,令观众在收获满满的笑料之外,还能对‘亲情关系’产生更深刻的理解。”Apple’s marketing has also taken this path of closeness to the people. From the” Three Minutes “filmed by Director Chen Kexin with iPhone X in 2018, to the” A Bucket “filmed by Director Jia Zhangke with iPhone XS in 2019, to Apple this year”The Daughter” filmed by Theodore Melfi, the director who was nominated for the Academy Awards, invited these three short films from different angles. Through the story of the heart, sincere emotions, every time before the Spring FestivalSuch a special time routine, with a strong family theme, accurately hits our understanding of “home”.At the same time, the theme movie “Warmhearted” is used to emotionally shift the “not close to people” at the price of the latest mobile phone release each time, which can be regarded as an excellent publicity for the integration of the Apple brand corporate culture.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Teng Chao